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Corey Johnson-BentleyIntersection Design with Roadway Designer 2009 Bentley Systems, Incorporated 2009 Bentley Systems, Incorporated# | WWW.BENTLEY.COM1Objectives 2009 Bentley Systems, Incorporated# | WWW.BENTLEY.COM2Starting InRoads/GeopakStart InRoads or GeopakLoad the files for this Lesson

2009 Bentley Systems, Incorporated# | WWW.BENTLEY.COM3Preliminary DesignTwo Corridors have been createdCL-278 (Main Roadway)Reloc-2 278 (Side Road)CL-278 has Style Constraint for WideningReloc-2 278 has Point Control for Right Turn Lane wideningBoth Corridors have Superelevation Defined

2009 Bentley Systems, Incorporated# | WWW.BENTLEY.COM4Create SurfacesAnalyze the PreliminaryCorridors

Create PreliminaryDesign Surfaces

2009 Bentley Systems, Incorporated# | WWW.BENTLEY.COM5Multi-Center Curve CommandCreates both Horizontal and Vertical Curves based on two alignmentsOne, Two or Three Center Curves can be createdVertical Curves are created that match the instantaneous longitudinal grade at PVC and PVTVertical Geometry OptionsVertical DistanceGradientSurface (Useful when the cross slope varies ie. Superelevation)Always Review the Results and make adjustments if necessary

2009 Bentley Systems, Incorporated# | WWW.BENTLEY.COM6Create Radius GeometryCreate Radius returns for NW and SW Quadrant of Intersection

Review the Results with the Geometry and Profile Commands

2009 Bentley Systems, Incorporated# | WWW.BENTLEY.COM7Point Controls and Secondary AlignmentsUsed to Modify the Behavior of Template PointsOverrides Existing Point ConstraintsPriority can be used to resolve conflicting point controlsSecondary Alignments control the direction of cross section processing

2009 Bentley Systems, Incorporated# | WWW.BENTLEY.COM8Modeling the Side RoadAssign Radius ReturnAlignments as Point Controls

Increase the template drop interval at PC

Generate Design Surface for Reloc-2 278Enable Add Transverse Features

2009 Bentley Systems, Incorporated# | WWW.BENTLEY.COM9Modeling the Main LineAssign Radius Return Alignments as Point Controls for the main lineIncrease the template drop intervalAdd/Edit template drop for intersection

2009 Bentley Systems, Incorporated# | WWW.BENTLEY.COM10Create the Finished SurfaceCreate One Surface from Multiple Corridors

Review the Results

2009 Bentley Systems, Incorporated# | WWW.BENTLEY.COM11Other Techniques for IntersectionsTargeting Design Surface FeaturesParent/Child ComponentsEnd Condition ExceptionsOther Possible tools to considerCorridor ClippingTarget Aliasing

2009 Bentley Systems, Incorporated# | WWW.BENTLEY.COM12Skewed IntersectionsChange the active corridorUse Parent/Child Components and End Condition Exceptions for another intersectionCreate Surface for Side RoadsUse transverse feature from Side Road surface as a point control for the main lineProcess and generate one surface from all three corridors

2009 Bentley Systems, Incorporated# | WWW.BENTLEY.COM13Summary and ReviewYou are now able to

Before continuing letsreinforce whatyou have learned! 2009 Bentley Systems, Incorporated# | WWW.BENTLEY.COM14


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