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What is the topic of our lesson?

What does he/she like doing?

He likes reading.

She likes cooking.

He likes dancing.

He likes playing football.

CookingDoing sportPlaying computer gamesListening to musicWatching TVDancingReading booksSwimming

PRESENT SIMPLE+SI/you/we/theyHe/she/it++V1Vs/es

I like reading booksHe likes reading books

PRESENT SIMPLE-SI/you/we/theyHesheit++V1Do +not+Does +not+V1

I do not/dont like playing footballHe does not/ doesnt like Playing football

PRESENT SIMPLE?I/you/we/theyHe/she/it++V1DoDoes +not+V1+

Do you like listening to music?Does he like listening to music?

Time expressionsevery day / week / year / / on Mondays - Always - usually - often - sometimes - rarely / seldom -

Make a dialogue Ask your classmate about his/her hobbyExercise 58page 155

HomeworkExercise 62, 63page 156

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