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  • CRISP Technologies www.crisptech.com CRISP Technologies introduces InvoiceCheck Your Automated Invoice Processing Solution
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  • CRISP Technologies www.crisptech.com 2 The Invoice Processing Challenge High volume Multiple vendor invoices Varied rates Multiple billing cycles Tedious data entry Time-consuming approval cycle Late payment charges Discount management Hard-to-catch billing errors
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  • CRISP Technologies www.crisptech.com 3 Process Chart Manual vs. Automation
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  • CRISP Technologies www.crisptech.com 4 The InvoiceCheck Solution Import data from vendors Data Repository Export to Accounting System
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  • CRISP Technologies www.crisptech.com 5 InvoiceCheck Supported Vendors ENERGY UTILITIES TELECOMMUNICATIONS TRAVEL LEASING TRUCKING SUPPLY & SERVICES Continually adding new vendors
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  • CRISP Technologies www.crisptech.com 6 InvoiceCheck Financial System Interfaces Dunn & Bradstreet Envision Oracle PeopleSoft Platinum Q-byte SAP Continually adding new interfaces
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  • CRISP Technologies www.crisptech.com 7 InvoiceCheck Features Consolidated invoices Electronic file transfers Quick data load and processing Electronic invoice verification Exception and variance reporting Detailed data repository Management & financial reporting Simple export to accounting systems
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  • CRISP Technologies www.crisptech.com 8 InvoiceCheck Reporting Features Operations analysis Demand and consumption Billing detail analysis Financial analysis Audit reports Web-based Data selection filters Store custom criteria and parameters Flexible access Over 70 built-in reports
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  • CRISP Technologies www.crisptech.com 9 InvoiceCheck Benefits Reduced paper flow Stop payment errors Eliminate late payment charges Better charge verification Reduced payment processing Powerful reporting and analysis tools Time and billing cost savings
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  • CRISP Technologies www.crisptech.com 10 InvoiceCheck Annual Savings (Example: A midsize Oil & Gas company InvoiceCheck Annual Savings (Example: A midsize Oil & Gas company) Actual savings = $70,000 from one vendor module 405 335
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  • CRISP Technologies www.crisptech.com 11 InvoiceCheck Investment InvoiceCheck base system: One vendor module One accounting system interface Three concurrent users Additional options Installation and training Yearly maintenance
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  • CRISP Technologies www.crisptech.com 12 InvoiceCheck Return On Investment Savings start in the first month of processing one vendor file through InvoiceCheck Full cost recovery in less than 6 months ROI increases with each additional vendor module !
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  • CRISP Technologies www.crisptech.com 13 What Our Customers Are Saying With the implementation and utilization of the product, we have achieved significant time savings in data entry and processing of utility, vehicle leasing and gas chart invoices. The system also enables us to provide important data analysis to our Operations staff, resulting in substantial cost savings * Penn West Petroleum * Considerable time saved each month while enhancing the integrity of our accounting records * Devon Corporation *
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  • CRISP Technologies www.crisptech.com 14 System & Interface Features Windows (98, NT, 2000, XP and beyond) SQL Database of Choice: Oracle Sybase SQL Server Other Microsoft Web Server
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  • CRISP Technologies www.crisptech.com 15 InvoiceCheck Implementation Step-by-step installation Business process integration On-site assistance available Hands-on training Documentation and on-line help Ongoing maintenance and support
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  • CRISP Technologies www.crisptech.com 16 Easy Installation
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  • CRISP Technologies www.crisptech.com 17 InvoiceCheck Summary Unique Data-Warehouse, specifically designed for Accounts Payable Automates and streamlines Invoice Processing; supports all Vendor Invoices with direct feed into any Financial System Supports Sarbanes-Oxley business practices and requirements Produces powerful consolidated Management Reporting Eliminates redundant business processes, reducing the cost of handling complex invoices by up to 80%. Exponential Return on Investment from the first month of processing
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  • CRISP Technologies www.crisptech.com 18 InvoiceCheck Opportunity Flexible pricing based on: Base system Add-on options Affordable investment in Business to Business Automation Exponential Return On Investment from the first month of processing