“ double double toil and trouble fire burn, and cauldron bubble ”

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“ DOUBLE DOUBLE TOIL AND TROUBLE FIRE BURN, AND CAULDRON BUBBLE ”. Macbeth, Act 4, Scene 1. John A. Entenman 400 Renaissance Center Detroit, MI 48243. Three Scottish witches await Macbeth. They want to double Macbeth ’s troubles. Objects used: eye of newt, poisoned entrails, etc. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Three Scottish witches await Macbeth.They want to double Macbeths troubles.Objects used: eye of newt, poisoned entrails, etc.

  • Today: What doubles your troubles? A. The Public Sector Revolution B. The National Labor Relations Board

  • The Public Sector: Ferment/UnrestWisconsinIndianaOhioMichiganIdahoMassachusettsNew JerseyNew HampshireTennesseeNew York City

  • Spillover Effect on Private SectorEnergized unions (inflatable rats, anyone?)Energized Administration

  • The National Labor Relations BoardFive members (when fully staffed)Four members today3 pro-union3 members = quorumBest management can do:lose 2-1

  • Legal pendulum NOT swinging managements way Micro UnitsSocial MediaSecret RecordingsBargaining (Tab A)

  • The Boeing CaseIAM v Boeing v NLRB v Congress v IntervenorsDid Boeing unlawfully retaliate against IAM by opening new facility in South Carolina to assemble Dreamliners?

  • Claim: Because IAM has struck Boeing, in Washington State, five (5) times (1977, 1989, 1995, 2005, and 2008), and Boeing wanted a second source for that reason, Boeing has interfered with the unions right to strike.

  • Unfair Labor Practice Hearing started June 14, expected to last several months.Decision of ALJ = Spring, 2012?Decision of NLRB = Fall, 2012?Decision of Court of Appeals = ???