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Greek & Latin Root Words

Greek & Latin Root WordsUnit 10{ART, ERTLatinART{Clever trickery; deceptionn.Little Sally thought she purchased a delicious chicken to eat; unfortunately, it was just a matter of artifice put on by the PETA- sponsored pug. S3tI~IARTIFICE

Without strategy or deceit; naveAdj.Little Susies artless cuteness snagged her a new family quickly.ARTLESS

Not having power to move; slow to actAdj.Every morning, Barney felt inert and slightly depressed about his plans for the day.INERT

ICONImageGreek{An image that best represents something; a symbolN.Sally wanted to show the world that she could be the icon for innocence and purity.ICON

A person who attacks or mocks things most people believe inN.Adolf the Pug is the iconoclast in his neighborhood; he continually mocks chicken nugget Tuesdays.ICONOCLAST

The study of a group of representative pictures or symbolsN.Skull and cross bone pictures develop the iconography of pirates.ICONOGRAPHY

IM, EMLatinTo mimic, to imitate{To seek to be like; to admiringly mimicV.Every year, Bobby Sue emulates her idol: Marilyn Monroe.


Impossible to imitate or copyAdj.Whoever thought he could rip off Lord of the Rings with pugs is ridiculous; the classic trilogy is inimitable.INIMITABLE

VIS, VEY, VIEWLatinTo see{One who supplies or sellsN.Jackson was a purveyor of party supplies.PURVEYOR

A clause or statement that gives instructions for a potential event or situationN.The Pug Guide gives owners provisos to help them when a pug eats Benadryl on accident.PROVISO

Range of skills or authority; capabilityN.Alexanders purview is impressive; not only can he wrestle, but he can also make his own costume.


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