 healthy food discussions  eat a variety of foods  be a healthy role model  eat lunch...

Download  Healthy food discussions  Eat a variety of foods  Be a healthy role model  Eat lunch with students

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  • Healthy food discussions Eat a variety of foods Be a healthy role model Eat lunch with students
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  • Tour the school kitchen and cafeteria New food taste tests Breakfast and lunch lines Vending machines Salad bars Give students a voice Healthy meal and snack preparation
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  • Its lunchtime! Whats on the menu? Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce Garden Salad Sliced Peaches Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk What food groups are represented? What are the healthy benefits of these foods? Is everyone going to try everything on their plate? Why is it important to try one bite of all your foods?
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  • Its lunchtime! Whats on the menu? Spaghetti Grains w/Meat Sauce- Protein Garden Salad- Vegetables Sliced Peaches- Fruits Chocolate Chip Cookie- Grains group, but cookies should be eaten in moderation Milk- Dairy How are these foods good for your body? Grains are carbohydrates that give you energy, meat provides protein for strong muscles and growth, vegetables & fruits contribute many nutrients (like Vitamins A, E, and C) to keep you healthy, and milk provides calcium for strong teeth & bones. Why is it important to try one bite of all your foods? You may discover you like it! It is important to eat many different foods so your body can get the many different nutrients it needs to stay healthy.
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  • Offer new foods first Do a taste test Aim for at least one bite Prepare foods in different ways Try multiple times
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  • What does it look like? Color? Shape? What does it feel like? Smooth? Rough? What does it smell like? Is the smell familiar? Does it smell sweet? Does it make a sound? Crunch?
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  • Compare and contrast Color Shape Size (measure) Food group Smell Texture TASTE! Avoid words like good or bad
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  • Tackle short nutrition topics while standing in line OR have students answer questions in order to line up: Can you name an orange vegetable? What important nutrient in the milk group gives us strong bones? Talk about one of the MyPlate food groups, then quiz students about it. Discuss how breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day because it gives you energy in the morning. Talk about good drink choices (water, milk, 100% juice) and not-so-good drink choices (soda pop and juice drinks with lots of added sugar).
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  • Use non-food rewards. Encourage parents to bring healthy option for class parties and events. Talk about the foods being eaten at class parties.
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  • Pretzels Low-fat popcorn Grapes and whole grain crackers Peanut butter and celery Baby carrots and low-fat ranch Hummus on a whole wheat tortilla Low-fat yogurt with fruit String cheese Peppers and bean dip Hard boiled egg Tuna salad and whole grain crackers Fruit smoothie High fiber cereal and low-fat milk Sugar-free pudding and graham crackers Trail mix Fruit salad Nuts
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  • Fruit smoothies Fruit and low-fat cheese kabobs Ham or cheese sandwiches or wraps (with low-fat condiments) Vegetable tray with hummus Low-fat pudding or yogurt parfaits with fruit and nuts Low-fat tortilla chips with salsa or bean dip Trail mix with low-sugar, whole grain cereal, dried fruit, and nuts Nuts and seeds **always check for food allergies before serving food
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  • Standing in line Getting into line Walking to chairs or tables Moving from activity to activity Moving from room to room Moving from outside to inside
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  • Use time between subjects and before/after assemblies Instruct students to bring something related to their favorite game for show-and-tell. When answering a yes or no question, instead have students stand up or sit down. Make test review games active.
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  • Allow adequate time for recess. Do not withhold recess as a punishment. Consider Recess Before Lunch Organize games where everyone participates
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  • Include physical activity in class parties. Teach kids that healthy can be fun! Ideas: Dance party Field day Extra recess