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Spanish Filmography

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” Spanish Filmography ”. Spanish Films. “ Spanish cinema has achieved high marks of recognition as a result of its creative and technical excellence”. The first Spanish film exhibition : Barcelona 1895 “Salida de la misa de las doce de la iglesia de Zaragoza” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Spanish Filmography

Spanish Films

Spanish cinema has achieved high marks of recognition as a result of its creative and technical excellence The first Spanish film exhibition: Barcelona 1895

Salida de la misa de las doce de la iglesia de ZaragozaThen started a bunch of great movies projected till nowadays.

English Language in Spanish FilmsThe Others (Los otros, original name)Starring Nicole KidmanDirected by: Alejandro Almodovar.

Blockbusters Spanish FilmsLos Otros

Box office receipts: 209,947,037 USDVolver

Box office receipts: 85,585,147 USD

Blockousters Spanish FilmsEl Laberinto del Fauno

Box office receipts: 83,258,226 USDEl Orfanato

Box office receipts: 78,638,987USD

Best Spanish Authors /ActressPenlope CruzFernando ReyFrancisco RabalAntonio BanderasJavier BardemFernando Fernn GmezGuillermo Del Toro.

American Films

Hispanics roles in American MoviesIf art reflects life, then the American film reflected the prevailing images of Hispanic people within the context of the times, periodically racist and frequently stereotypicalStereotyped Latin ImageLazyUnintelligentGreasy WaitersGang membersDrug dealersPoor, ignorant & immigrant bandit.


Main characters: Richard and SusanWith Brad Pit.Latin role: Mexican housekeeper, Amelia


Fun with Dick & Jane

Main characters: Dick and Jane Harper Jim Carry.Latin Role: Mexican nanny named Blanca


Collateral DamageMain character: A ffirefighter named Gordon. Arnold Schwarzenegger.Latin Role: El Lobo a Colombian terrorist named Claudio Perrini . Cliff Curtis.

Paraguayan Films

Paraguayan CinematographyFirst Paraguayan films1925 Alma paraguaya1926 La catstrofe de Encarnacin1932 En el infierno del Chaco1956 El trueno entre las hojas1962 La burrerita de Ypakarai1998 Y usted que quiere?

Recent Premiers7. 2006 La hamaca Paraguaya

8. 2012 Libertad

Finally the outstanding one 9. 2012 7 cajas

AwardshjCine en construccin in San SebastianEuskaltel de la Juventud in the 60th Festival of San Sebastian