the cure oven roasted chicken breast magic …say cheese! 7.5 white cheddar cheese i yellow...

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  • THE CURE 11.5grass-fed beef patty I bacon

    smoked gouda I braised tomatoessautéed onions I acre sauce I brioche bun

    EARLY RISER 11grass-fed beef patty I fried egg I bacon

    white cheddar cheese I bibb lettuceblack pepper aioli I sweet waffles

    DARE YA 9.5grass-fed beef patty I bacon

    yellow cheddar cheese I spring mix lettucetomato I pickles I red onion I acre sauce

    sourdough bun

    DOUBLE DARE YA 16.25double grass-fed beef patty I double bacon

    double yellow cheddar cheesespring mix lettuce I tomato I pickles

    red onion I acre sauce I sourdough bun

    PB&J 11.5grass-fed beef patty I pork bellypepper jack cheese I bibb lettuce

    jalapeño jam I sourdough bun

    SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN 10grass-fed beef patty I bacon

    roasted sweet potato I shredded lettucepickled greens I maple ketchup I wheat bun

    MELT IN YO MOUTH 8.75grass-fed beef patty I gri lled leeks

    swiss cheese I chipotle sauce I straun bread

    LA VACA 9.5grass-fed beef patty I pepper jack cheese

    spinach I guacamole I tomatillowheat bun

    VOODOO MOO-MOO 9.25grass-fed blackened patty

    blue cheese crumbles I arugulasautéed onions I sriracha aioli

    sourdough bun

    POW 8.5pork belly and grass-fed beef blended patty

    yellow cheddar cheese I spring mixbraised tomatoes I pickles I duke’s mayo

    brioche bun

    HOT POW 8.75chorizo and grass-fed beef blended patty

    pepper jack cheese I spinachcaramelized onions I sourdough bun

    OVEN ROASTED CHICKEN BREAST 9.75free range chicken I white cheddar cheese

    spinach I pickled onions I mayogrilled wheat bun

    HAND BREADED CHICKEN TENDERS*served with acre sauce*

    fried free range chicken tenders4ct 8.5 I 6ct 12.75 I 12ct 25

    CHICKEN & WAFFLES 9three fried free range chicken tenders

    shredded lettuce I tomatohouse-made maple honey mustard

    sweet waffles

    TURKEY 8.5ground turkey patty I yellow cheddar cheese

    spinach I red onion I acre saucewheat bun

    CAESAR 8.5romaine lettuce I parmesan cheese

    house-made croutons I caesar dressing

    THE ACRE 10spring mix lettuce I romaine leafs I feta cheesetomatoes I shaved red onions I roasted pecans

    house-made croutons I avocadochoice of dressing

    THAI STYLE 10romaine lettuce I shredded cabbage I edamame

    shaved carrots I curly sweet peppersThai peanut dressing

    SPIN, SPUN, ARUG 10.5spinach I arugula I feta cheese I datesroasted pecans I honey creole vinaigrette

    HOUSE-MADE DRESSINGS:caesar I creamy balsamic I Thai peanut

    honey creole vinaigrette I ranchspicy ranch I honey mustard

    YELLOW FIN TUNA 12.5seared 6 oz. tuna fi let

    soy cucumber and red onion saladwasabi mayo I wheat bun

    BUFF STUFF 11.5buffalo patty I white cheddar cheese

    spring mix lettuce I tomato I gri lled jalapeñosroasted garlic aioli I wheat bun

    BLACK & BLUE 11blackened buffalo patty I blue cheese

    arugula I sriracha aioli I sourdough bun

    MAGIC MUSHROOM 8.5portobella mushroom cap I melted goat cheesespinach I sautéed onions I balsamic reduction

    add a bun of your choice +1.5

    BLACK EYED PEA 8house-made pea patty

    oven roasted sweet potato I pickled collard greenssriracha aioli I wheat bun

    LENTIL & ONION 8lenti l and caramelized yellow onion patty

    yellow cheddar cheese I spinach I tomatosautéed mushrooms I roasted garlic aioli

    wheat bun

    All burgers are cooked medium, unless otherwisespecified. We proudly serve 100% grass-fed beef

    and free range chicken.

    GRAZINGS 2.5house-made potato chips I hand-cut fries

    sweet potato fries I onion rings I thick cut slawpotato salad I braised collard greens

    fresh cut fruit cup I local veggies

    FOR THE TABLE 4.75house-made potato chips I hand-cut fries

    sweet potato fries I onion ringsfried pickles with spicy ranch 5.75

    beer cheddar fries 6.75

    DRINKS 2.25coke I diet coke I sprite I dr. pepper

    lemonade I sweet tea I unsweetened teadraft abita root beer 3 (no refi lls)

    MILKSHAKES & FLOATSvanilla 4.5 I chocolate 4.5 I brownie 5.5

    cookies and cream 5.5 I peanut butter 5.5peaches and cream 5.5 I banana cream pie 5.5

    abita root beer float 6(made with Creamery Memphis’ root beer gelato)

    HOUSE-MADE ICE CREAM SANDWICHES 4ask your server about daily selections

    DRAFT BEER 5yuengling 4 I wiseacre tiny bomb

    wiseacre seasonal I memphis made seasonalghost river red I sweetwater blue

    new belgium fat tire I sierra nevada pale alefounders all day i.p.a.

    BOTTLED BEERbud 3.25 I bud light 3.25 I michelob ultra 3.25

    miller l ite 3.25 I coors l ight 3.25 I shiner bock 3.25corona 4 I heineken 4 I blue moon 4 I stella 4

    ghost river golden 4 I founders porter 4.5newcastle brown 4.5 I dogfish head namaste 4.5

    SAY CHEESE! 7.5white cheddar cheese I yellow cheddar cheese

    pepper jack cheese I provolone cheesegoat cheese I local beer cheese sauce

    sourdough bread

    FRENCH DIP 9.5herb roasted beef I melted provolone cheese

    au jus for dipping I French hoagie

    THE “BENNY” 7crisp bosc pears I melted brie cheese I honey

    marble rye bread

    “ROLL”IN’ ON THE RIVER 7.5ham I swiss cheese I brown sugar dijon soak

    sweet bun

    THE GB 10.75steak I portobella mushrooms I swiss cheese

    pesto I sourdough bread

    BUILD YOUR OWN BURGER - 7.5 base

    CHOOSE YOUR PATTYgrass-fed beef I chorizo blend

    pork and beef blend I turkey I portobellablack eyed pea I lenti l onion

    bison +2 I tuna +5.25

    CHOOSE YOUR BUNwheat I sweet I sourdough bun/bread I brioche

    struan bread I sweet waffles I gluten free +1.5

    CHOOSE YOUR CHEESEyellow cheddar I provolone I swiss +.75

    white cheddar +.75 I pepper jack +.75smoked gouda +1 I blue +1 I feta +1

    goat +1.5 I pimento cheese 1.5local beer cheddar +1.5

    CHOOSE YOUR VEGGIESspring mix lettuce I tomato I red onion I pickles

    jalapeños +1 I pickled jalapeños +1charred jalapeños +1 I sautéed onions +.75

    pickled red onions +.75 I onion ring +1sautéed mushrooms +.75

    grilled leeks +1 I spinach +1 I arugula +.75bibb lettuce +.75 I avocado +1

    braised tomatoes +.75

    CHOOSE YOUR SAUCEketchup I yellow mustard I duke’s mayo

    honey mustard +.50 I belly bbq sauce +.50acre sauce +.50 I dijon mustard +.75

    spicy ketchup +.75 I maple ketchup +.75roasted garlic aioli +.75 I black pepper aioli +.75

    sriracha aioli +.75 I wasabi mayo +.75chipotle sauce +.75 I “y'all come back!” sauce +.75jalapeño jelly +1 I cayenne jelly +1 I guacamole +1

    STILL WANT MORE?!pork belly +4 I bacon +1.5 I fried egg +1.5

    for kids 378,683,112 seconds and under*served with hand-cut fries*

    BELLY BURGER 7dressed your way


    two tenders

    BELLY PB&J 5.5

    2102 trimble pl.memphis, tn 38104


    HOURSsunday 11 - 9monday 11 - 10tuesday 11 - 10wednesday 11 - 10thursday 11 - 10friday 11 - 11saturday 11 - 11

    There is .50 charge for each to go item.

    SO, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? We bring farm-fresh gourmet burgers to the city! It is the quality brand the Belly Acres Team has developed using grass-fed beef with creative homemade toppings in a fun "farm" setting right here in the city! Great burgers in a unique atmosphere, Belly Acres provides a dining experience we like to call "Citified Farm Fresh!" And, we're not satisfied with the acres we already farm. Our goal is to become even more sustainable as we grow. We create smiles... hope we see yours soon!

    Join the team and ask your server about Belly Acres merchandise.

    Interested in booking a private party? Call and reserve the si lo room for your special occasion.