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0 Freedom Through Education Round Table India Slide 2 1 Community Service Internationa l Relations Self Development Fellowship We are an organization of young achievers driven by our aims and objects of community service, self development, fellowship, and fostering international relations. This unique movement works through Tables comprising 20-25 members. Round Table India is an active member of the world wide organization of World Council of Service Clubs and Round Table International. Member of Word Council of Service Clubs Key Objects of Round Table Slide 3 2 Round Table India- Service through Fellowship From a small beginning in 1957 at Chennai, Round Table India has grown to 180 Tables. Round Table India has a National & Regional leadership with a pan India reach in 75 cities and towns. The profile of the 2500 members include professionals & businessmen with diverse backgrounds and talents. Members commit their time and talent to community service in the spirit of fellowship. 180 Tables National Leadership 11 Regional Areas Reach in 75 Cities and Towns 2500 Members Age group 25 -40 Diverse backgrounds and talents Service through Fellowship Slide 4 3 Economic development Economic development Education: allows individuals to get jobs, support themselves financially and improve their standard of living Health Helps raise awareness of and achieve good health, helps protect children from disease Social progress Helps improve self esteem and status in society Improves the quality of public debate; enables people to recognise and assert their rights Helps reduce social and communal tensions Helps improve self esteem and status in society Improves the quality of public debate; enables people to recognise and assert their rights Helps reduce social and communal tensions Population Helps control population growth by raising awareness of need for and methods of family planning, and giving women a greater say in family planning decisions Universal primary education has both social and economic benefits THE GOAL IS UNIVERSAL PRIMARY EDUCATION IN INDIA Slide 5 4 GIVEN THE NEED AND OUR COMPETENCE, ROUND TABLE CONCENTRATES ON THE ELEMENTS IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Provision of Pucca Class rooms, so that the children are protected from the vagaries of the weather Proper play ground, play pen and playing equipment for all round development Provision of drinking water/ Bore well where required. Clean and pollution free environment. Emphasis on Hygiene by providing Toilets in all schools built. FireEarthWaterAir Slide 6 5 ROUND TABLE HAS SET ITSELF A NATION BUILDING TASK Our Target Create infrastructure for educating under privileged Children Our Approach Supplement existing initiatives working on Universalizing Primary Education (UPE) through partnerships with the Governments, NGOs and Corporates Slide 7 6 3800 classrooms in 1200 Schools built across the Country. Over 800,000 Children benefited. Rs 80 crores spent. Partnership with Donors, NGOs and State Governments. Increased enrollment and retention Ownership by the community Donors Government NGOs OUR SUCCESS SO FAR We have witnessed dramatic surges in enrollment and retention when a clean and cheerful environment is provided. We have also seen communities take ownership of the infrastructure created. Slide 8 7 Case Study - With Donors Round Table Netherlands & India Partnership with fellow International Tablers Dutch Twinning started in 2000. Matching contribution by RT India Tables. Leveraging of funds through other agencies like Cordiad, Novib Doubling contribution. Built around 100 schools till date at the cost of about Rs 6 crores Wipro Corporation Gujarat Earthquake in 2001 Round Table has been part of all relief activities from Lathur, Orissa, Kargil to Gujarat. Round Tables appeal raises over Rs. 2.7 crores. Wipro Corporation donates Rs. 80 lacs 14 schools built in the Earthquake regions at the cost of Rs. 2.7 crores Slide 9 8 Case Study - With other NGOs Pratham Partnership that blossomed with the Mumbai Tablers. Funding of Pratham projects Balwadis Bridge Courses, Balsakhi programs. Tables across the country helped Pratham to incubate in each city helping with Admn, banks, coordinations. Implemented projects in Mumbai, Surat, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Patna and Delhi. MV Foundation Built over 12 schools schools in Ranga Reddy District at a cost of Rs 25 lacs. Built 10 schools in Nalagonda District at a cost of Rs 35 lacs. Slide 10 9 Case Study - With State Governments Project Paathshala Govt. of Karnataka MOU with the Karnataka Govt. to build class rooms and schools in Govt. schools in Karnataka. SDMCs contribute 50% towards the construction of the schools Under project Paathshala 150 schools built. Round Table identify areas where schools will be built with BOEs Complete execution by Round Table Janmabhoomi Govt. of Andhra Pradesh MOU with Andhra Pradesh Government under Janmabhoomi scheme. Build class rooms and schools in Govt. schools in Andhra Pradesh. Upto 70% funding from the Govt. Over 75 schools built. Schools built and handed over to the Govt. Slide 11 10 SOME OF RTIS SCHOOLS Name of SchoolGovt. High School Sundakamuthur, Coimbatore Class Rooms Built11 Children Benefited600 Slide 12 11 SOME OF RTIS SCHOOLS Name of SchoolSchool Building at Hosur, Hubli Class Rooms Built4 Children Benefited240 Slide 13 12 SOME OF RTIS SCHOOLS Name of SchoolPresidency School, Chennai Class Rooms Built6 Children Benefited300 Slide 14 13 SOME OF RTIS SCHOOLS Name of SchoolSamata Vidyalaya, Pune Class Rooms Built6 Children Benefited300 Slide 15 14 SOME OF RTIS SCHOOLS Name of SchoolMandi Vidya Niketan, Delhi Class Rooms Built14 Children Benefited700 Slide 16 15 Inaugurating a Round Table School Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Slide 17 16 Our Brand Ambassadors Mr. R K Mishra at a press conference promoting Freedom Through Education Slide 18 17 Our Brand Ambassadors Actor Madhavan inaugurating a Round Table School Slide 19 18 Accountability of Round Table India Round Table India is a ZERO Overhead Organization Round Table India Trust is registered under Section 12 AA of Income Tax act Accounts of Round Table India are audited annually by reputed auditors. Round Table India conducted Road Shows in the US last year US$ 110,000 raised from various donors which resulted in 18 schools being built across the country at a total cost of US$ 350,000 Dutch World Tour for Children Group of 45 Dutch Nationals traveled across the country. 18 Schools were built with Euro 90,000 contribution leading to total spending of Euro 300,000 Regular Updates of schools built sent to Donors alongwith photographs Slide 20 19 Round Table Indias Initiatives Round Table India always helps in times of Natural Disasters: At the time of Orissa Cyclone, immediate relief work carried out and 14 school cum shelters were built under CYSD at an outlay of Rs. 16 Million (USD 327,000) At the time of Gujarat Earthquake, apart from immediate relief work, 14 schools were built at a total cost outlay of Rs. 26 Million (USD 531,000) During the current Tsunami crisis, immediate relief work being carried out in most affected areas in Tamil Nadu, Kerala & Andhra Pradesh. Long term plan of rebuilding large number of schools cum shelters together with the Government in the affected areas, besides rehabilitating fishermen with fishing boats and nets. Slide 21 20 Our Record WE HAVE BUILT 3800 CLASSROOM IN LAST 10 YEARS CLASSROOMS IN LAST 5 YEARS Year 2004299 ClassroomsUS $ 1.03 Million Year 2005391 ClassroomsUS $ 1.35 Million Year 2006878 ClassroomsUS $ 4.31 Million Year 2007596 ClassroomsUS $ 2.54 Million Year 2008342 ClassroomsUS $ 2.56 Million Slide 22 21 Round Table India seeks to bring about this transformation in partnership with Pravasi Bhartiyas, NGOs and the Government in their chosen Geographical and Infrastructure focus. Round Table India will contribute and ensure proper deployment of the funds and timely execution of the project. Partnership for Transformation Industry/NGO/Govt. Round Table Monitorin g by Area and the national Board Timely Execution by the Tables Contribution Proportiona te Contributio n 100% Funds to the project Transformation in the chosen Geographical and Infrastructure focus Infrastruc ture focus Geographi cal Focus Partnership for Transformation Slide 23 22 PROJECT EXECUTION Key activities involved in construction Round Tables Proposition Site identification Building blue-print development Material procurement Construction project managemen t Round Tables key proposition includes Significant involvement at all stages Project management skills and experience Obtain list of potential sites from Block Education officer and conduct independent need assessment Develop low cost and efficient plans for school based on standard modules already developed Efficient procurement of materials with direct involvement of local tablers Local tablers closely monitor project to ensure timely and quality completion at optimal costs Slide 24 23 Our invitation Identified by RTI Identified by the Donor Native State or Place Infrastructure We invite you to participate in our program Freedom through Education across the country. Across the Country Complete School Toilet Blocks Additional Class rooms Water Facilities Cost of one Class Room - US $ 7,500 Cost of 2 Class Room Block US $ 15,000 Cost of 3 Class Room Block US $ 22,500 Cost of Model School with 5 Class Rooms, Head Masters Room, Toilet, Play Area, Drinking Water facilities, etc US $ 37,000 Slide 25 24 WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO YOU JOINING US IN THIS NATION BUILDING TASK THANK YOU