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  • Founded on 11th Sept. 1922 as Swallow Sidecar Company Sir William Lyons and William Walmsley Changed to Jaguar Cars Ltd., in 1945 Merged with British Motor corporation 1968 Acquired by Ford in 1989 Acquired by Tata Motors in 2008 Jaguar has numerous nos of Successful model Current car models are XJ, XF, XK
  • Automotive Previous owners 19481967 Rover Company 19671968 Leyland Motor Corporation 19681986 British Leyland Motor Corporation 19861988 Rover Group 19881994 British Aerospace 19942000 BMW 20002008 Ford Motor Company Current models - FL2, Disc 4, RRS & RR
  • Mission Statement to create and build beautiful fast cars. Cars that bring the enjoyment and exhilaration of driving to life Objective To produce the most innovative cars To develop the Super car that runs on electricity To continue to epitomize the Luxury segment
  • Size of luxury car market expected to grow by over 50% to 24,000 unit against 16,000 LY(above units comprising of BMW, Audi &Mercedes other premium luxury cars During last five years, the luxury segment here grew from 0.16% of total car market to 0.60% in 2010. And now it has grown to 0.70% in till February this year Number of HNIs in India to swell almost 3 times over the next 7 years (liquidity in 4.5 cr in above)
  • JAGUAR MERCEDES BENZ BMW AUDI XF / XFR E Class 5 Series / M 5 A 6 / A7 XKR Coupe & Convertible E Class Cabriolet 6 Series / Z4 R8 / RS5 XJ S Class 7 Series A 8 LAND ROVER MERCEDES BENZ BMW AUDI Freelander 2 M Class X 1 Q5 Discovery 4 GL Class X 3 Q7 Range Rover Sport R Class X 5 Q7 Competition for JLR
  • Segmentation Niche Segment: Elite class customer segment HNI customers Target Entrepreneurs and stars Status Symbol Positioning New luxury car
  • Product XK (Sportscar) XJ (Luxury executive Saloon) XF (Luxury Coupe saloon) FL2,Disc 4, RRS & RR Place Mumbai Delhi Ahmedabad Hyderabad Price Price range ranges from Rs. 35 Lakh to 1.5 Crore Promotion ATL 20% and BTL 80%
  • Political Governments regulations Industry highly unionized Economical Economic development Higher Standard of living Low Cost of Production Socio Cultural Move towards Environmental Friendly Cars - Highly innovative Technology Technology diversification, Increase in mass production
  • Potential entrants: German Manufacturers Threat of Substitutes Competitive luxury cars Power of Buyers & Suppliers: Buyers demanding excellence, quality & service Competitive Rivalry: Mercedes, BMW, Porche, Lexus, Audi Different cars appeal to different people
  • Strengths: Quality Culture Identity Luxury Innovative technology Weaknesses: Narrow range of vehicles Dealership network Unable to radically alter design No economies of scale
  • Opportunities: Economic growth in India New market opening up New technology readily available Threats: Competition from other luxury brands Potential economic slowdown due to recessionary trends in the US
  • To increase penetration Reduce dependency on foreign markets and enter new ones Focus on dealer network 360 deg promotion Increase range of cars produced Diversification and to spend more on R & D
  • National communications Press, Television, OOH Digital communications: Targeted websites to increase brand awareness and increase traffic on Jaguars website Experiential Track events Luxury drives PR & Social media Engage press and bloggers with new stories Brand Partnerships and Cross Promotion Work with companies with similar interests to leverage new business e.g. Barclays Wealth (investment bank) CRM Having robust data to target the correct people Dealer Marketing In a very competitive and saturated market, using all available marketing channels to communicate messages is vital (marketing mix), these include:
  • Results: 2009 2010 229 units 2010 2011 891 units 2011 2012 568 units (till date) Increased awareness of Jaguar & Land Rover in India Increased visibility of Jaguar & Land Rover in India
  • Increased Target Audience Increased presence in Metros Increased Semi-Urban presence Increased quality & dealer networks Increased range of models
  • BrochuresInteractive unit Business card drop In-Flight TVScreensavers Mega 96$ Digital Screens First class & Business Lounge Domination
  • 2011 2012 1200 units 2012 2013 1800 units 2013 2014 2700 units
  • Launch Events Press Conference Customer Events Outdoor Events Full Page Ads HELLO DELHI,HYDERABAD & AHMEDABAD LOI Letter of Intent given to Dealers for conducting business for JLR Brands
  • Jaguar XF (new shape) Jaguar XFR (new shape) Jaguar XKR Coupe & Convertible (new shape) Jaguar XJ (new added features) Range Rover Evoque
  • Business Awards UKTI / Filmfare Awards Football World Cup Finals Screening Event Fashion Shows by Leading Fashion Designers Boating Event Regatta Infilm Placements - ZNMD
  • 1% Marketing Support from Tata Motors Ltd from the total cost of vehicles procured from us Any thing additional will be borne by the dealers Outdoor Mall Displays Associate Events Promotional Offers
  • Dealer Network Expansion at Ludhiana Bangalore Chennai Cochin Pune
  • Range Rover Evoque launch in India MY12 Jaguar XF Diesel Launch Auto Expo 2012 Delhi Jaguar Boating Regatta
  • Sustenance Campaigns Outdoor/Mall Displays Associate Events Lifestyle / Fashion Magazines Infilm Placements Stand alone Product Launch
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