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    Acid Open Hearth Research Association, Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa.

    *J. G. Bassett, Research Engineer R. C. McCoy, Research Engineer

    Acme-Newport Steel Co., Newport, Ky. *J. P. Fitzsininions, Metallurgist *Charles Hesselman, Masonry Superintendent R. K. Thornberry, Superintendent Steel

    Production Aetna Standard Engineering Co., Pittsburgh,

    Pa. *E. W. Hill, Consultant

    The Air Preheater Corp., Wellsville, N. Y. J. A. Cunningham, Project Engineer

    Air Products Inc., Allentown, Pa. *E. F. Kurzinski, Manager, Sales Develop-

    ment J. K. Stewart, Manager, Steel Mill Sales

    Division Air Reduction Co., Inc., New York, N. Y.

    *.4. Muller, Assistant to President Air Reduction Co., Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa.

    *G. Y. Boal, Metallurgist AU Reduction Sales Co., Division of Air Reduc-

    tion Co., Inc., Chicago, Ill. *B. G. Gray, Metallurgist

    Air Reduction Sales Co., Division of Air Reduc- tion Co., Inc., New York, N. Y.

    *W. R. Lysobey, Manager, Technical Serv- ices, Gases

    Alan Wood Steel Co., Conshohocken, Pa. ' Michael Cotteta, Melter

    *J. A. Glunt, Chief Metallurgist R. C. Huttinger, Metallurgist

    *D. R. Mathews, General Superintendent T . E . Roberts, Chief Observer

    Alco Products, Inc., Latrobe, Pa. *R. M. Barnhart, Open Hearth Superintendent

    Algoma Steel Corp., Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., Canada

    * Member AIME.

    Terence Crosta, Process Control Metallurgist *R. C. Madden, Chief Metallurgist A. H. McAuley, Assistant Superintendent

    *Bert Mutti t t , Assistant Superintendent, Masonry

    Alken Murray Corp., New York, N. Y. *E. J. Rogers, District Supervisor S. S. Smith, General Sales Manager

    Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corp., Watervliet, N. Y.

    *G. L. Meeter, Melt Shop Metallurgist 'G. W. Reese, Jr., Assistant General Superin-

    tendent Melting Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corp., Brackenridge,

    Pa. 0. C. Anderson, Metallurgist

    *V. P. Ardito, Research Metallurgist *R. F. Carlson, Metallurgist *J. C. Fulton, Chief Research Metallurgist *R. H. Henke, Manager Quality Control *D. C. McCarter, Research Metallurgist *R. B. Shaw, General Superintendent, Melt-

    ing *J. L. Watters, Open Hearth Superintendent *W. B. Yerrick, Ceramic Engineer

    Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corp., Pittsburgh, Pa. *G. E. Hilliard, Assistant to Vice President

    Production Altos Hornos de Mexico, Monclova, Coah.,

    Mexico *E. C. Roehill, Chief Metallurgist

    American Brake Shoe Co., Cleveland, Ohio L. A. Harbaugh, Sales Representative

    American Briquet Co., Philadelphia, Pa. *S. A. Gilbert, Metallurgist

    American Chrome Co., Nye, Mont. *M. E. Hertel, Smelter Superintendent

    American Cyanamid Co., New l'ork, N. Y. J. E. Boeheim, Sales Representative

    *P. J. Kondla, Sales Manager


    R. L. Lamberl, Assistant Manager Manufac- turers Chemicals Department

    American Fire Clay Products Co., Canfield, Ohio

    *C. A. Prochaska, Sales Engineer American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical,

    and Petroleum Engineers, Inc., New York, N. Y.

    *H. N. Appleton, Convention Manager *J. J. Burke, Associate Editor, Journal of

    Metals *Ernesl Kirkendall, Secrelary, AIME *T. G. Orme, Eastern Advertising Manager *R. W. Shearman, Secretary, The Metallurgi-

    cal SocieLy of AIME *Bob Wilson, Western Advertising Manager

    American Iron Ore Association, Cleveland, Ohio

    *F. G. Pardee, President American Metallurgical Products Co., Pilts-

    burgh, Pa. *CV. T. Bolkcom, President *P. L. Swoger, Salesman

    American Society for Metals, Cleveland, Ohio *Carl Weymueller, Assistant Editor, Metal

    Progress American Steel Foundries, Granite City, Ill.

    *S. L. Fredericks, Chief Metallurgist American Steel Foundries, East Chicago, Ind.

    *C. G. Mickelson, Asssstant Manager American Steel Foundries, Alliance, Ohio

    G. J. Schwartz, Superintendent Open Hearlh C. A. Stroup, Chief Chemist

    American Steel & Wire Division, U. S. Steel Corp., Worcester, Mass.

    *T. D. Olson, Division Melallurgist American Steel & Wire Division, U. S. Steel

    Corp., Cleveland, Ohio. W. H. Ashton, Director Raw Materials

    *R. H. Farr, Chairman, Open Hearth Com- mittee

    George Morris, Research Metallurgist *H. E. Mueller, Research Metallurgist Stephen Parey, Assistant Purchasing Agent R. R. Snow, Assistant to Vice President.

    S tee1 American Steel & Wire Division, U. S. Steel

    Corp., Donora, Pa. *V. C. Boucek, Steel Division Metallurgist *K. C. Shearer, Division Superinlendent Open

    H e a r ~ h

    A. E. Anderson Construction Corp., Buffalo, N. Y.

    *E. J. Fornes, Vice President Armco International Corp., Middletown, Ohio

    *K. S. Bower, Open Hearth Engineer Armco Steel Co~p., Ashland, Ky.

    *R. H. Gelder, Works Metallurgist *K. C. McCutcheon, Consullant *P. G. Sammett, Superintendent Open Hearth

    Armco Steel Corp., Middlelown, Ohio H. C. Barnes, Consulting Engineer

    *H. P. Gaw, Works Melallurgist *V. W. Jones, Assistanl General Superintend-

    ent *L. F. Reinarlz, Consultant *Macbelh Sample *C. R. Taylor, Supervising Melallurgist

    Armco Steel Corp., Butler, Pa. *W. C. Jack, Senior Metallurgist *H. M. Parker, Open Hearth Superintendent *R. J. Schiebel, Masonry Foreman *Witt Sheakley, Fuel Study Man,

    Armco Steel Corp., Houslon, Texas *G. W. Brooks, Works Metallurgisl *T. R. Scott, Superinlendent Steel Production

    Askania Regulator Co., Chicago, Ill. *H. J. Velten, President

    Askania Regulator Co., Cleveland, Ohio *T. Mr. Lasiewicz, Dislrict Manager

    Askania Regulator Co., Pillsburgh, Pa. *E. K. l':ngstrom, District Manager

    Association of 1:on and Steel Engineers, Pittsburgh, Pa.

    T . J. Ess, Managing Director Babcock & Wicox Co., Augusta, Ga.

    C. L. Akin, Development Engineer Babcock & Wilcox Co., Chicago, Ill.

    *R. H. ForsyLh, District Sales Manager Babcock & Wilcox Co., Detroit, Mich.

    *F. B. Cornell, Sales Engineer Babcock & Wilcox Co., New York, N. Y.

    *R. P . Siuntz, Assistant Sales Manager Babcock & Wilcox Co., Cleveland, Ohio

    W. F. Creson, Dislrict Sales Manager Babcock & Wilcox Co., Philadelphia, Pa.

    *C. A. Heller, Sales Engineer Babcock & Wilcox Co., Pittsburgh, Pa .

    R. C. Shehane, Sales Engineer Bailey Meter Co., Cleveland, Ohio

    W. Tuinenga, Sales Engineer

    * Member AIRIIE. ~ 8 0


    R. R. Swain, Manager Iron and Steel Division

    W. M. Bailey Co., Hubbard, Ohio *D. P. Cromwell, Sales Manager Ohio

    The J. E. Baker Co., York, Pa. *W. W. Erdman, Sales Manager *H. J. Hofmann, Service Manager

    Banks Morton Co., Pittsburgh, Pa. G. A. Andrews, Jr., Vice President

    Basic Inc., Hammond, Ind. *T. P. Stanton, District Sales Manager

    Basic Inc., Cleveland, Ohio *H. N. Barrett, Jr., Vice President Sales *G. W. Edwards, District Sales Manager Hugh George, Assistant to Vice President

    Sales *C. R. Heilig, District Sales Manager *J. P. Holt, Executive Assistant Vice Presi-

    dent Sales *H. C. Lee *E. P. Pearson, Assistant Technical Direclor Bill Winters

    Basic Inc., Fosloria, Ohio *E. M. Addis

    Basic Inc., Pittshurgh, Pa. *T. R. Lally, Sales R. D. Bates Co., East Paterson, N. J.

    R. D. Bales, Owner BatteUe Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio

    *N. H. Keyser, Metallurgist *C. E. Sims, Technical Director *John Varga, Jr., Research Engineer

    Beeman Sales & Manufacturing Co., Detroit, Mich.

    E. A. Beeman, Secretary-Treasurer S. H. Bell Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.

    W. N. Brand, Sales Walter C. Best, Inc., Chardon, Ohio

    *Wayne Johnson, Assistant to President Bethlehem Pacific Coast Steel Corp., San

    Francisco, Calif. E . H. Swett, Assistant to Open Hearth

    Superintendent G. W. Teskey, Jr., Open Hearth Superin-

    tendent Bethlehem Steel Co., Sparrows Point, Md.

    F. J. Broglie, Assistant to Superintendent Open Hearth

    J. A. Brookes, General Foreman, Masonry J. T. Clisham, Assistant Superintendent

    Open Hearth

    * Member AIME.

    W. A. Dickinson, Comhustion Engineer R. J. Harkel, Chief Observer J. A. Kirk, General Foreman R. F. Urban, Ceramic Engineer

    Bethlehem Steel Co., Lackawanna, N. Y. *J. E. Braunberns, Metallurgical Supervisor L. I. Dickinson, Fuel Engineer

    *E. A. Gielzen, Assistant Chief Metallurgist *F. G. Gregory, Open Hearth Superintend-

    ent C. N. Jewart, Ceramic Engineer R.' M. Jordan, Assistant Division Superin-

    tendent Open Hearths *J. J. McLaughlin

    Bethlehem Steel Co., Bethlehem, Pa. Pat Adams, General Foreman D. F. Brion, Research Engineer W. M. Cline, Jr., Fuel Engineer

    *Henry Epstein, Blast Furnace Practice Engineer

    R . E. Hauser, Ceramic Engineer M. V. Herasimchuk, Metallurgical Super-

    visor *W. P. Hill, Assistant to Vice President R. H. Jones 111, Engineer Research D. W. Kern, Engineer V. A. Knipe, Assistant Fuel Engineer

    *H. M. Kraner, Division Head, Ceramics *H. C. Larson, Metallurgical Engineer C. L. Meloy, Engineer

    *D. W. Murphy, Technical Advisor R. C. Padfield, Ceramic Engineer R. J. Speer, Salesman

    *C. R. Thurner, Engineer *T. B. Wainwright, Practice Engineer, Steel-

    making *T. B. Winkler, Division Head, Research

    Department Bethlehem Steel Co., Johnstown, Pa.

    *J. W. Colhert, Superintendent Mechanical Department

    *Fred Daggett, Superintendent *F. R. Pullen, Fuel Engineer *E. W. Stotz, Assistant Chief Metallurgist *J. L. Walton, Assistant General Manager

    Bethlehem Steel Co., Steelton, Pa. * J. E . Deegan, Ceramic Eng