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  • 1 Actively Engaging Physicians in the Planetree Philosophy Robert Devermann, M.D. Aurora System Planetree Physician Champion Cindy Pfaff, Director, Employee & Organizational Development
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  • 2 Objectives- Learn of various strategies used by Aurora Health Care to engage physicians in Planetree. Learn how to develop a successful Physician Advisory Council composed of Physician Planetree advocates. Review our charter for Physician Advisory Council. Learn additional strategies for engaging physicians as developed by this Physician Advisory. Query a panel of Aurora Planetree Physician Champions. Participants will:
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  • 4 About Aurora Health Care 13 Hospitals (building 2) 100+ Clinic locations 10 Dialysis Centers 10 Vision Centers 140 Retail Pharmacies 13 Quick Cares Home Care/Hospice 1200 employed physicians 3,385 physicians on staff 141 Residents & Fellows 4620 RNs 28,000 + care givers
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  • 5 Auroras #1 Priority Our patients deserve the best care. When we achieve top performance in our clinical quality, patient satisfaction and caregiver engagement, patients receive a better care experience than they can get anywhere else.
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  • 6 2001 Opened first hospital 2003 - 2006 Begin conversion of clinics Opened 2 & transformed 6 hospitals 2007 Complete implementation of journey throughout system Clinics Hospitals Pharmacies VNA Business Units System Departments Auroras Planetree History
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  • 7 Aurora Health Care is committed to creating an ubiquitous culture of patient centered care. So here is how we started
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  • 8 The beginning... Physician CME Identified Physician Champions at all sites clinics, hospitals, & home health Created physician web-site Create an 5 part educational module
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  • 9 Establishing Planetree Physician Advisory Council Sought Physician Champions Support Modified name from Champions to Advisors Developed a Charter Agreed to Meeting Frequency Phone conference every other month Face to face meetings once or twice/year
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  • 11 Council Purpose Share experiences and stories. Act as mentors to new physicians. Provide support & guidance to each other. Role model patient-centered behaviors. Act as a resource to employees.
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  • 12 Deliverables For new physicians Patient-centered philosophy orientation at time of hire Patient-centered philosophy at annual new physician orientation Identify strategies to engage physicians in the patient-centered philosophy Identify physician actions that enhance the patient-centered experience
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  • 13 Target/Objectives Help other physicians to understand & develop an active role in patient centered care. Improve Quality of Care through patient centered care initiatives Increase physician patient satisfaction score for question Likelihood to Recommend Increase physician Pulse score for I believe that successfully implementing the Planetree model...
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  • 14 Highlights of Councils Agenda Develop charter Develop Physician Advisor Role Description Shared advisors best practices at individual sites 5-part physician education video modules Enhancing patient education on web site Open medical record pilot Update on Patient-Centered Medical Home Physician Wellness Activities Committee
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  • 15 Councils Workshop Agenda Update on recent activities Patient-Centered Care Its role in AMG by Dr Bailet, MD, President, AMG Work Out Sessions Physician Patient Relationships by Dr Mike Marshall, VP of Medical Operations
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  • 16 Work Out Session 1.Identify strategies to engage physicians in the patient-center philosophy. 2.Identify strategies to train physicians on ideal behaviors and activities that enhance the patient-centered experience.
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  • 17 Strategies to engage physicians Use evidence-based articles. Enhance & encourage the use of the Planetree website resource. Implement Adopt a Doc program.
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  • 18 Build features of patient-centered care into our re-credentialing process at the hospital. Conduct studies to show that patient- centered care results in better outcomes. Demonstrate, through story telling, that we have opportunities to improve patient-centered care. Strategies to engage physicians
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  • 19 Strategies to engage physicians Suggest that physicians see the movie, or clips of, The Doctor. Physician Planetree Advisors need to role model. Find ways to allow patients to be more active participants in their care. Patient-centered care should not take more time.
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  • 20 Strategies to Train Physicians How to give patients options, when possible, & getting the patient buy-in to the treatment plan. How to do more shared decision making between the physician and the patient. Provide a few key specific behavior skill sets for patient interactions.
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  • 21 Strategies to Train Physicians If you cant be empathetic, be polite and courteous Teach physicians to ask their patients for feedback. Videotape physicians with patients and provide feedback to them on ways they can improve.
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  • 22 Strategies to Train Physicians Look at satisfaction data & identify high performers. Be aware of patients, staff, & physician partners generational differences. System Physician leadership development program.
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  • 23 Strategies to Train Physicians Develop a standard whereby physicians routinely schedule a meeting with the patient, nurse, and family members within the first 24 hours of admission to review the care plan for the patient.
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  • 24 Advisory Councils Next Steps Physician Orientation develop a toolkit of 3-5 concepts Adopt A Doc Program Implement 5 Quick Wins
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  • 25 Quick Wins I Encourage physicians to welcome family members or friends to join conversations about their care if desired by the patient. Physician provides patients with written key points of their visit. Provide paper at the front desk for patients to make a list of questions or to take notes.
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  • 26 Quick Wins Increase the utilization of patient educational material provided by physicians Physician should communicate with their hospital patients when they expect to make rounds, and when they are available for questions.
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  • 27 Key to Our Success Find Physicians who are passionate Find Passionate Physician Leaders (who are both) Find Physicians who are leaders
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  • 28 Physician Panel Robert Devermann, MD Vice President, Medical Operations Family Physician Andrea Gavin, MD President of Aurora Sheboygan Clinic President of Wisconsin Chapter of AAFP Family Physician Jeffrey Jordan, MD Program Director, Aurora Health Care Internal Medicine Residency Program Internal Medicine Physician Michael Post, MD Member of Marinette Clinic Management Committee, Planetree Steering Committee Internal Medicine Physician
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  • 29 Contact Information Robert Devermann, MD System Planetree Physician Champion Vice President, Medical Operations robert.devermann@Aurora.org Cindy Pfaff, Director Employee & Organizational Development cindy.pfaff@Aurora.org