1 coalition for community schools national forum 2010 learning across the community dave hutchinson,...

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1 Coalition for Community Schools National Forum 2010 Learning Across the Community Dave Hutchinson, Rod Allen, Allen Lefebvre

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  • *Coalition for Community Schools National Forum 2010

    Learning Across the Community

    Dave Hutchinson, Rod Allen, Allen Lefebvre

  • Cornerstones of the Learning ModelProject Based Learning (PBL)Service Based LearningAuthentic Internships & Cognitive Apprenticeships offered through an integrated, inquiry driven curriculum based in the community.

  • Key Structural Philosophies

    Flexible teaching arrangements and instructional groupingsTeacher collaborationInterdisciplinary and inquiry-based teaching and learningInclusive practices

  • Student Progression

    GRADE 9PBLProjects what they are, how theyre doneMove from teacher directed to more student directedSBLDevelop a relationship with our partnersMay be at the low end of SBL i.e. Community Service etc.

  • GRADE 10 - 11PBLProjects become more student initiatedGroup projects have more student individualityDesigned to meet Learning Outcome for creditSBLExpectation to tie at least one project to shared outcomesMore involvement from facility partners More reach (rigour) to projects


    Projects student initiatedDesigned to meet Learning Outcome for creditSBLExpectation to tie to shared outcomesExtended involvement from facility partnersInternshipsGraduation requirementRequirement for Adult 12 students

  • Current Programs

    Grade 9Hip Hop Project U of RMath that Works Business CommunityPaul Martin Entrepreneurship Program Chamber of Commerce / U of R / SIASTPhotojournalism Project SIAST & U of RPathfinders Project Students chose from 6 credit offerings Variety of stakeholders

  • Structures Developed

    Grade 9 - 3 advisors who stay with group all morning. Integrated and flexible groupingsGrade 10 largest and most transient group. 6 advisors, group divided into two teams that are flexible. Transitions are keyGrade 11 2.5 teachers assigned. Integration of Humanities for next yearGrade 12 3 teachers assigned. Continuation of Pathfinders project

  • *The proposed North Central Shared Facility will be a unique facility that will co-locate Scott Collegiate and key community agencies, and integrate programming and operations at an unprecedented level.

    The opportunity exists due to a one-time convergence of needs, opportunity and desire.

  • *The goals of the school have converged with the broad community development goals of the agenciesAnchored in the community vision: By 2020, Regina North Central will be a safe, healthy and caring community and a source of pride for the area's residents. The community wants this!Involves visionary co-operation among community stakeholders and all levels of government Innovative approaches for program deliveryAddresses the unique cultural and physical needs of North CentralLearning Across The Community, focused on partner outcomes

    Key Elements

  • *PartnersCity of ReginaGovernment of Saskatchewan (several Ministries)Government of CanadaFile Hills Qu'Appelle Tribal Council

    Regina Public SchoolsRegina Catholic Schools

    Regina QuAppelle Health RegionTwo Childcare CentresRegina Police Service Regina Public LibraryCommunity Based Organizations

  • *Health, education and safety issues are a complex inter-connected web.

    Solutions require breaking down the silos of traditional services.

  • *Integration: What does it mean?

    More than simple co-locationMerging and sharing of organizational outcomesRelationships are paramount! Action cannot occur without trust, and trust is only built through relationshipsExamples:Combined library: Scott and Albert BranchFood education programs, greenhouseJust getting started ..

  • *Integration: How?

    Understanding each organizations outcomesJoint programming is the default condition: the norm not the exceptionSignificant community involvement in planningRegular and effective environmental scanning enabled through larger critical massJoint communication vehicles (calendars and newsletters, exterior and interior electronic signage)Joint funding applications for integrated programsCreating a joint pool of internal funding for integrated programming. Common services delivered centrally (shipping and receiving, maintenance, marketing & communications, IT) utilizing existing expertise among partners All staff within NCSF support and live within the model and principles, I come to work in this building not just my organizationJoint orientation processes and staff development programs

  • *Site Plan andExisting Buildings

  • *First FloorSecond Floor

  • *www.northcentralsharedfacility.ca