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  • Hazard CommunicationRight to Know

  • Hazard CommunicationWhat is the Federal law that authorizes Hazard Communication?Hazard Communication 29 CFR 1910.1200

    What is the State law that authorizes Hazard Communication?Michigan Right to Know Law (Part 92) General Industry

  • Hazard CommunicationWhat are the five elements of the Hazard Communication program?1)Chemical List2)Labels3)Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)4)Written Program5)Training

  • Hazard CommunicationWhat must be included on the Chemical List?Hazardous Materials

    What three items must be included on each label?1)Identity2)Hazard Warning3)Name and Address of Manufacture or Distributor

  • Hazard CommunicationState the three requirements for the Written Program:1)Written in English2)Could be unique to your establishment3)Must be accessible to all employeesWhere should the MSDS be located?Available at your work area

  • TrainingWhen does training take place? -Upon initial hire-Before exposure-New Chemical (Type)

  • MSDSWhat are the eight (8) components of a MSDS?1)Chemical product and Company ID 2)Composition and Hazard Ingredients3)Physical Charactersitics4)Fire Hazard5)Reactivity6)Health Hazard7)Safe Handling8)Control Measures

  • MSDS: Section 1What are the five (5) items that should be listed under Chemical Product and Company ID?1)Name of Chemmical2)Contact Information3)Emergency Contact4)Date Prepared5)Name of Preparer

  • MSDS: Section IIWhat two items should be listed under Composition and Hazard Ingredients?1)Hazard Ingredients2)PELHazardous components exceeding _1_% must be identified.Carcinogens exceeding _.1_% must be identified.What is the definition of PEL? Permissible Exposure Limits (8 hrs. a day-40 hrs. a week)

  • MSDS: Section IIIWhat type of information would be found under Physical Characteristics?1)Appearance and Odor2)Boiling Point3)Vapor Pressure4)Specific Gravity5)Melting Point

  • MSDS: Section IVWhat information would be found under Fire Hazard?1)Extinguishing Media2)Flash Point3)LFL4)UFL5)Special Fire Fighting Methods

  • NFPA LabelWhat are the sections and colors of the NFPA Label?BlueRedYellowWhite

  • Numbering SystemExplain the severity of the numbers:0-Minimal1-Slight2-Moderate3-Serious4-Extreme

  • MSDS: Section VWhat two items would be found under Reactivity Data?1)Stability2)Conditions to Avoid

  • MSDS: Section VIWhat are the five (5) items that would be found under the Health Hazards section?1)Routes of Entry2)Health Hazards3)Carcinogen4)Mutagen5)Teratogen

  • Health HazardsDefine acute: Short term exposure; adverse health effects resulting from brief exposure.

    Define chronic: Long lasting or continuous exposure; long-term adverse health effects resulting from either acute or chronic exposure.

  • MSDS: Section VIWhat are the four routes of entry of hazardous material into the body?1)Ingestion2)Inhalation3)Injection4)Contact/Absorption

  • MSDS: Section VI Define carcinogen:suspected cancer causing substance

    Define mutagen:changes the chromosomes of the fetus

    Define teratogen:changes the integrity of the fetus (alcohol,smoking,drugs)

  • MSDS: Section VIWhat items would be found under the Health Hazards section?1)Signs and Symptoms2)Emergency and First Aid Procedures

  • MSDS: Section VIIWhat three items would be found under the Safe Handling section?1)Spill Procedures2)Waste Disposal3)Storage

  • MSDS: Section VIIIncase of an emergency, what steps should be taken?1)Self Protection -Eyewash -Shower2)Barricade3)MSDS4)Report (Reporting procedures for your facility) ?-911

  • MSDS: Section VIIIWhat are the three Control Measures?1)Respiratory Protection2)Ventilation3)Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    What items are considered PPE? Safety Glasses, Face Shield, Gloves