1 my yahoo! personalising the web nick cox – product manager may 2007

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  • *My Yahoo! Personalising the Web Nick Cox Product ManagerMay 2007

  • *My Yahoo! Personalising the web

  • *Pipes : What is Pipes?Pipes is an interactive feed aggregator and manipulator. Using Pipes, you can create feeds that are more powerful, useful and relevant.

  • *Pipes : http://pipes.yahoo.com Remix XML structured web content to make useful toolsAs simple to use as clicking create a new pipeEntirely browser based IDEOver 5,000 sample pipes to try or expand on

  • *Pipes : Demo Supporthttp://www.technorati.com/search/apple?language=fr&authority=nhttp://feeds.technorati.com/search/apple?language=fr

  • Yahoo! Developer Networkhttp://developer.yahoo.com *

  • *Yahoo! Developer Network : Missionenable developers, ISVs and partners to rapidly build compelling software services on the Yahoo platform leveraging our platform excellence, highlyscalable infrastructure and social media wealth

  • *Y!DN : Can I make money?Sure! Currently Y! Web Services are available to anyone interested in using Y! products, services, data and content. SOME of our services are only available for use in non-commercial applications

  • *Y!DN : Low barriers to entryYou can use any language you like!

    Our SDK provides libraries and / examples in:ColdFusion C# Flash/Flex (ActionScript) Java JavaScript Lua Perl PHP Python Ruby VB.NET Widgets (JavaScript + XML)

  • *Y!DN : Applications Galleryhttp://gallery.yahoo.comUsers can upload and rate API based applications.600+ apps so far :

    Messenger 30%Maps 20%Search 19%Flickr 15%YUI 6%Music 3%All Others 9%

  • Some Cool APIsYahoo Mail API launched March 2007List Folders Lists all mail folders (total messages and unread message counts etc.)List messages Lists all messages in a folder. Want first X results filtered by unreadGet Message Returns message parts in UTF-8Save Message / Save Raw Message allowing you to build mail import toolsYUI Yahoo User Interface LibraryAnswersFlickr APIGet Interesting Pictures by dateAdd / Delete / Edit / List commentsSearch by tag, date, user etc.Get EXIF / TIFF / GPS tags for a photoSearchTravelQuery Trip Planner content restrict by Geolocation, images, keywords etc.FinanceGet stock quotes for a listed company (http://finance.yahoo.com/rss/headline?s=yhoo)

  • Yahoo! Next Generationhttp://au.alpha.yahoo.com*

  • *Alpha : Personalisation FeaturesSupports 3rd party content:OpenSearch friendly sitesPipes!Customise your viewShare your layout with friends

  • *NextGen Front-pages : http://au.alpha.yahoo.com/

  • NextGen Front-pages : MyYahoohttp://cm.my.yahoo.com Limited live beta

  • *MyYahoo : Personalisation FeaturesChange colours

    Add content Not restricted to Y! content Send modules, pages, or entire layouts to a friend

  • *Dont forget Hack Day : LondonJune 16th and 17th @ Alexandra Palace.

    500 web developers

    Live entertainment from surprise music guest.

    Co-hosted with BBC Backstage

    Yahoo! Developers on hand to help out and answer any questions.


  • QuestionsThanks!*