1 st grade science-2nd six weeks unit 2, lesson 1 cscope vocabulary words 2008-2009

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1 st Grade Science-2nd Six Weeks Unit 2, Lesson 1 CScope Vocabulary Words 2008-2009 Slide 2 unit (of measure) a single thing, person, or group that is a part of something larger unidad (de medida) una sola cosa, persona, o grupo que es una parte de algo ms grande Slide 3 property A quality of something. Color, size, shape, and texture are each a property. propiedad fisica La caracterstica de algo. El color, el tamao, la forma y la textura son propiedades. Slide 4 predict to tell in advance something that is going to happen predecir anunciar algo que a de suceder Slide 5 size the physical magnitude of something (how big it is) tamao La magnitud fisica de algo ( lo grande que es) Slide 6 shape exterior figure forma figura exterior rectangular/rectangular Slide 7 color red, green, brown, yellow, color rojo, verde, caf, amarillo Slide 8 texture how something feels textura cmo se siente algo Slide 9 change to make different cambio hacerlo diferente Slide 10 graph a drawing that uses a series of dots, lines, etc., to show how much or how quickly something changes grafica un dibujo que usa puntos,lineas, etc., para ensear que tanto o que rapido algo cambia Slide 11 chart information in the form of a table, diagram, etc. tabla informacin en forma de una tabla, diagrama, etc. Slide 12 compare to look at two or more things and find out they are alike or different comparar observar dos o ms cosas para descubrir diferencias o semejanzas Slide 13 observe to pay close attention observar poner atencin cuidadosamente Slide 14 sort arrange or order by classes or categories clasificar Slide 15 measure to find out the size, length, or amount of (something) medir buscar el tamao,longitud, o cantidad de (algo) Slide 16 length the distance from one end of something to the other end longitud la distancia de una punta de algo a la otra punta Slide 17 mass The amount of matter an object has. You can see how much mass an object has by measuring it on a balance. masa La cantidad de materia que tiene un objeto. Usa una balanza para ver qu cantidad de masa tiene un objeto.