1 stephane jouanin 14 décembre 2004 thomson dialog thomson dialog ‘journée juriconnexion’

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1 Stephane JOUANIN Stephane JOUANIN 14 Décembre 2004 14 Décembre 2004 Thomson Dialog Thomson Dialog Journée Juriconnexion’ Journée Juriconnexion’

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  • 1 Stephane JOUANIN 14 Dcembre 2004 Thomson Dialog Thomson Dialog Journe Juriconnexion
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  • 2 Thomson Key Figures 2003 Revenues : $ 8.4 billion Headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Global presence in 40 countries 36,000 employees worldwide 4 business units: Financial Business, Legal and Regulatory Scientific and Healthcare Learning
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  • 3 Thomson - Dialog Created the Online Information Industry Founded in 1972 - Technology project between NASA and LOCKHEED e content / database aggregator from 500 top information providers worldwide More than 900 on-line databases searchable simultaneously. A unique search engine developed and improved continuously in the last 30 years Business (news, directories, Market researches, Patents, Trademarks...), Science (healthcare, pharmacology, energy, chemicals, scientific journals), Philosophy, Literature
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  • 4 Dialog around the World Dialog has representation in 57 countries with a global network of sales, development, consultancy and customer support 4
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  • 5 To act with foresight, the company must act on signals, rather than on pain. Arie de Geus Main clients concern
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  • 6 Porters Model Porters ModelSubstitutes Suppliers Buyers PotentialEntrants Bargaining PowerBargaining Power Power Industry Rivalry Economic & Technical shifts Consumers International shifts Governments
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  • 7 Information Channels Vertical Markets AutomotiveEngineeringFMCGMaterials Chemicals Horizontal Job Function Management Researchers Analysts Sales Competitor Information Market Information Brand Information Buyers/Suppliers Company Information Product Information Intellectual Property Developers
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  • 9 Vertical Market Approach Pharmaceutical Telecommunications Airport & Infrastructure Food & Beverages Etc, Etc..
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  • 10 Pharmaceutical Telecommunications Airport & Infrastructure Food & Beverages Scrip (Cover-to-cover) IMS Market Letter Clinica FDC Reports Target Pharmabusiness Japan Chemical Week International Communication Intelligence Cambridge Telecom Report Electronic Buyers News IEEE Communications Magazine Telecommunications Policy BT Technology Journal International Product Alert Food Institute Report Eurofood Grocer Snack Food Frozen Food Digest Milling and Baking News Transportation Circular Journal of Air Transport Management Civil Engineering Journal of Infrastructures Systems Airport Forum Aviation Engineering Etc, Etc.. Vertical Market Approach
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  • 11 Intellectual Property 17 dedicated patent files 22 dedicated trademark files Dialog standardises Patent and Application numbers across all databases. Multi file searching is possible and duplicates extracted All databases can be searched with the one command language
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  • 12 Trademarks
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  • 13 Patents
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  • 14 Derwent
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  • 15 Examples - 1 - Patents protect but do not reveal A few examples : Original title : CHILD SEAT Original title : AC PLASMA DISPLAY PANEL Original title : USE OF AT LEAST ONE GRAFTED SILICONE POLYMER AS TIGHTENING AGENT Derwent Title : Seat belt locking system for a childs car seat comprises a mechanism to secure the diagonal portion of the car seat belt to the seat upper back rest portion tightened by a lockable lap belt deflector Derwent Title : AC type plasma display panel in TV image receiver, has insulated substrate in which scanning and maintenance electrodes are arranged and data electrode covered by insulator layer protrudes towards scanning electrode Derwent Title : Use of at least one grafted silicone polymer containing polysiloxane and organic non- silicone chain parts as tensing agent in cosmetic compositions for reducing or erasing signs of ageing such as wrinkles
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  • 16 from 41 patent officesDerwent collects the fulltext patents from 41 patent offices around the world Specialised staffSpecialised staff (Scientists, Experts, Engineers, Phds) Teams focusing on specific areas eg biosciences, chemistry, physics 600 staff600 staff reading/indexing patents all day They read, understand & summarise the patents down to 1-2 pages in easy to understand english Derwent have made it easy for users by reading through all the patents and summarising them in easy english. Derwent is a private company in the UK they dont work for free. You wont find Derwents work on the webYou wont find Derwents work on the web Derwent World Patents Index - 351
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  • 17 Most people do not really want to read the complete patent (hundreds of pages) with all its technical and legal jargon, coded in a way thats not easy to understand Summaries are only $6.50 per document and saves you huge amount of time !Summaries are only $6.50 per document and saves you huge amount of time ! Title wont be the original as thats too obscure Abstract is a short summary Also include the Novelty (reason why its new why the patent was granted) After reading the Derwent summary you can then decide if you need/want the fulltext. Derwent World Patents Index - 351
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  • 18 Derwent World Patents Index - 351 26 million patent documentsExcellent source of general subject matter access to information from more than 26 million patent documents Pharmaceutical records from 1963 all technologies from 1974 Covers all technologies from 1974 41 countries/bodiesSourced from 41 countries/bodies plus a Derwent abstract & Title for each recordBibliographic records, plus a Derwent abstract & Title for each record Highly indexed records Updated weeklyUpdated weekly (Derwent week) Includes: Examiners Cited patents Many records contain images -1 per record Electrical and engineering drawings back to 1988 Chemical structure drawings back to 1992 From 1999 Novelty field with non-obvious improvements over previous technology
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  • 19 Derwent Patent Index First View - 331 companion fileA companion file to Derwent World Patent Index view of all the published patent documents beforeIt provide a complete view of all the published patent documents before their inclusion in DWPI The 2 files should be searched together to get a more comprehensive view of their area of interest. A record enters the First View file and remains there until all the value-add Derwent abstracting and indexing has been created by Derwent Analysts After the record has been abstracted and indexed by Derwent it is then added to DWPI (file 351/352) and removed from the Derwent Patent Index First View (file 331).
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  • 20 Derwent Citation Index - 342 6 major patent authoritiesSourced from 6 major patent authorities patent & literature citations for over 1 millionContains patent & literature citations for over 1 million patent families Records contain both Cited and Citing referencesRecords contain both Cited and Citing references For some years inventors citations are included, which expands the country coverage to anywhere. Updates weekly
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  • 21 Pfizer as a Patent Assignee Pfizer citing himself Pfizer citing SCHERING
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  • 22 Inpadoc
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  • 23 Inpadoc, Family & Legal Status - 345 Gives you the status of the Application as it goes through the process of being submitted by the Inventor to the patent office Every step of the relationship between the Inventor & the Examiner is monitored Patent Families are included (all countries that you applied for the patent to cover) One record contains Basic patent details plus all Equivalents (countries) for one invention Each family record is bibliographic - no abstracts sourced from 66 countries Most comprehensive coverage - sourced from 66 countries Legal status information for 27 countries Derwent Accession Number Updates weekly
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  • 24 IMS Patent Focus
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  • 25 IMS Patent Focus - 447 Produced by IMS Health includes evaluated product patent family data for pharmaceuticals worldwide. Contains product patent family data for over 1,000 commercially significant drugs Unique in linking the patent to the generic name and tradename of the drug Gives details of drug name, therapeutic class, registry numbers and patent data including estimated expiry dates, priority details, originator and originator country IPIP is compiled from IMS databases e.g. R&D Focus and MIDAS, original patent specifications, Patent Office journals, and various sources of patent and chemical information. Updates monthly
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  • 26 IMS Patent Focus - 447 Patent title includes the generic name of the drug and the type of patent. Patent types include; Certificate of Invention Composition Equivalent to Composition Equivalent to Process Equivalent to Product Equivalent to Use Method of Use Patent of Addition Patent of Importation Process Product Product by Process Utility Model
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  • 27 Searching on Dialog
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  • 28 Dialog1
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  • 29
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  • 32 Expert mode : Choosing a database
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  • 33 Choosing a database
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  • 34 SYNONYMS : This is a key issue when patents are searched
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  • 35 Patent Assignee sorting : RANK Instant snapshot of Who is investing in the same Market/Technology Use the Patent Assignee field Rank PA : Rank S11/Paname
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  • 36 Patent Assignee searching Use the Patent Assignee field S PA= Expand to see all nomenclatures of an Assignee E PA=
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  • 37 Pfizer as a Patent Assignee RANKING companies which are cited by PFIZER Ranking Companies cited by PFIZER
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  • 39 The Dialog Advantage Only combined source for Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights Ability to search hundreds of databases at one time, in one place, using one interface Excellent for Prior Art Powerful Search Engines for expert and novice users Choose appropriate interface to reflect users experience Extensive collection of patent files - 17 files & 44 million patents Dialog standardises Patent and Application numbers across all databases. Multi file searching is possible Duplicates identified and removed Many Patent records go back to 1970
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  • 40 Accessing and sharing key information
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  • 41 Intranet Delivery
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  • 45 Merci [email protected] 01 55 23 52 37