10+ Activities to Do Around the School Ground

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  • ShellyTerrell.com/webinars 10+ School Ground Activities
  • Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners. - John Holt
  • Outdoor board game challenges!
  • Jump rope! Photo by amslerPIX, flic.kr/p/kHEtrJ
  • A my name is ALICE, my brother/ sister's name is AL, we live in ALABAMA and we bring back APPLES. B my name is B___, my brother/ sister's name is B___, we live in B___ and we bring back B___.
  • Hide N Seek Tag
  • Ball games!
  • Play sports! • Host a field day or an Olympics games day! • Teach them a sport from various countries. • Have them teach the class a sport they enjoy! • Have them invent a sport then play it!
  • Fun with chalk
  • Vocabulary challengesFun with chalk Draw relays Positive messages Win, Lose, or Draw Hopscotch Add to my scene
  • QR Code= Quick Response Barcode
  • QuickMark I-nigma SparQcode.com QR CodeWiz QRidee Unitaglive.com Visualead.com Suggested QR Code Apps/ Tools
  • Scavenger Hunts Schooltechnology.org, Photo by Lexie Flickinger, Flickr
  • Schooltechnology.org, Photo by Lexie Flickinger, Flickr Examples:   Mission:  Snap  a  photo  of  graffi-  you  consider  art.   Explain  why?   Points:  10  pts.  photo  &  wri>en  reasons,  20pts.   with  mul-media  app  (Thinglink,  Buncee,   Audioboo),  30pts.  app  +  posted  on  your  blog   Mission:  Snap  photos  of  5  substances  in  your   surroundings.  Post  their  chemical  formulas.     Mission:  Snap  a  photo  that  represents  a  frac-on.   Create  a  word  problem.    
  • InstaCC App- Instagram Calendar & Challenges
  • Create a Scavenger Hunt 20 20 10 90
  • • An  object  from  home   • In  their  textbooks   • Around  the  school   • That  represents  a   math,  science,  or   grammar  concept  
  • Image from questgarden.com
  • Budding  Photographer  by  Dinuraj  K,  Flickr   Nature Scrapbooks
  • BookCreator iOS/Android App Redjumper.net/bookcreator • Easiest way to create multimedia books & publish to iBook or Google Play store • Include audio, music, videos, images
  • Collages, Text, Magazines, Calendars & More! Frame  Ar-st   Pic-­‐Collage  IOS/   Android   You  Doodle   Image  Chef  
  • Popplet.com & iOS app
  • Create Interactive Image Posters Thinglink.com Buncee
  • Ecobugs App
  • Have a First Aid Kit! Image by Noelle Noble, Flic.kr/p/bnGchz
  • Bit.ly/eltlinks Bit.ly/ShellTerrell T: @ShellTerrell ShellyTerrell.com/webinars Facebook.com/ShellyTerrell Google.com/+ShellySanchezTerrell