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iOS 7 usage overtook iOS 6 usage in just 72 hours, but most developers are yet to update their apps for iOS 7. After looking at apps designed for iOS 6, running on iOS 7, we can say that things look out of place. Here we present to you a list of 10 apps which make best use of new UI & features of iOS 7. While few developers has used the release of iOS 7 as an opportunity to launch a brand-new version of an app, others took the tried-and-true update approach for their apps. These apps can be used as reference for developers looking to update their apps.


  • 10 Best Apps for iOS 7

  • Apple released iOS 7 on September 18 to general public, and along with it debuted a huge visual overhaul, biggest one
  • 1. ClearClear was denitely one of the favorite iPhone apps of 2012. App won many acclaims for its simple yet eec
  • 2. TiltShi/Gen2

    First TiltShiBGen is considered as one of the best early photo apps for iPhone.

    TiltShiBGen2, created specially for iOS 7, which adds a special distor

  • 3. EvernoteThis app is among the rst apps that does a tremendous job of leveraging the new AirDrop technology in iOS 7 to share notes instantly with people close to the user. This app has received extremely high praise from the users, which features a completely redesigned home screen with update no
  • 4. PayPalThe updated PayPal app gives customers and business owners many features theyve been asking for a while: in-store payments, money transfers to friends, and the opportunity to open up new lines of credit from mobile. Perhaps most interes PayPal

  • 5. PCalcMany of us have no
  • 6. Innity Blade IIIOne of the best tests for the new 64 bit architecture of iOS 7 (on new iPhones) is the graphically intensive game Innity Blade III. Its a 3-D fantasy-bable game in which you ght your way through a mys Infinity Blade III

  • 7. Perfect Weather

    Some weather apps are overloaded with informa Perfect Weather

  • 8. HipmunkWhether you want cheap ights and a perfect hotel room for your vaca
  • 9. Night Sky 2This app truly shows o the geo-loca
  • 10. Cobook ContactsFor those who nd it hard to keep their Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twiber and Apple contacts synced and without duplicates, Cobook Contacts is a great solu
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