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If you're looking to grow your marketing campaign and effectively target your audience, be sure to check out these ten books.


  • 1. 10 Books Every MarketingProfessional Should Readwww.ndashmarketing.com

2. Successfully connecting with your targetaudience can be tricky. You have to figureout what makes them tick.www.ndashmarketing.com 3. There are some amazingbooks that have beenwritten that teach us howto strategize the perfectmarketing campaign andeffectively connect withyour target audience.www.ndashmarketing.com 4. Make the customerthe hero of your storyAnn Handleywww.ndashmarketing.com 5. Content Rules provides an excellent how-to resource forcreating a content strategy and developing content peoplecare about. This book specifically talks about the benefit ofcreating goals for your content strategy.www.ndashmarketing.com 6. When we brand things, ourbrains perceive them asmore special and valuablethan they actually are.Martin Lindstromwww.ndashmarketing.com 7. In Buyology, Martin Lindstrom reveals the results of histhree-year neuro-marketing study. This book gives greatinsight into what actual ads, brands and messagesinfluence us to buy.www.ndashmarketing.com 8. Making things moreobservable makes themeasier to imitate, whichmakes them more likelyto become popular.Jonah Bergerwww.ndashmarketing.com 9. This book studies why certain products or ideas becomepopular, and what makes certain content go viral.Additionally, Jonah Berger provides us with conceptsthat we as marketers can use to craft contagiouscontent.www.ndashmarketing.com 10. Be relevant by doinginteresting things thatpeople want to share,like and comment on.Jeffrey Rohrswww.ndashmarketing.com 11. Rohrs goes into great detail regarding the idea of actuallydeveloping your online audience as a company asset. Insteadof using your marketing to only sell to your audience in theshort term, you can use it to grow the size of your audience.www.ndashmarketing.com 12. Marketing is not an event, but aprocess It has a beginning, amiddle, but never an end, for it is aprocess. You improve it, perfect it,change it, even pause it. But younever stop it completely.Jay Conrad Levinsonwww.ndashmarketing.com 13. Published in 1983, Guerrilla Marketing is a guide for how smallbusinesses can grow their market share without investing toomuch money. This book discusses how podcasting, social mediaand marketing automation can fit into your overall marketingcampaign.www.ndashmarketing.com 14. When content marketing isleveraged well it is adifferentiated approach that isinfused and well integrated intothe broader practice of marketingand communications.Robert Rosewww.ndashmarketing.com 15. If youre looking for an overview of how to develop a contentmarketing strategy, this book it is. Managing Content Marketingdiscusses how to determine the right marketing channels to use,how to create a workflow to organize your company for contentmarketing, and integrate it with your overall marketing plan.www.ndashmarketing.com 16. Marketing is acontest for peoplesattentionSeth Godinwww.ndashmarketing.com 17. This book by Seth Godin really is the one that began the digitalmarketing fad; and this book still continues to be incrediblyinfluential in the strategic planning of connecting with a digitalaudience.www.ndashmarketing.com 18. Often we dont realize that ourattitude toward something hasbeen influenced by the numberof times we have been exposedto it in the past.Robert Cialdiniwww.ndashmarketing.com 19. This classic marketing book discusses the elements involved in theart of persuasion in addition to analyzing what causes a prospectto say yes or no to a product or service that you offer.www.ndashmarketing.com 20. Stop Writing about Everything. So manybrands create content and try to covereverything, instead of focusing on the coreniche that they can position themselves as anexpert around. No one cares about yourspecial recipe... Find your niche, and then goeven more niche."Joe Pulizziwww.ndashmarketing.com 21. Are you looking to develop engaging content? Joe Pulizzi explainshow a company can cut through the noise thats populating theweb and connect with their target audience.www.ndashmarketing.com 22. Companies must tell their storiesand spread their ideas online, atthe precise moment thatpotential buyers are searchingfor answers.David Meerman Scottwww.ndashmarketing.com 23. David Scott provides us with the latest trends in marketing and PR, inaddition to supplying us with an overview of the new tools andtechniques that companies can use to communicate with buyers directly.www.ndashmarketing.com 24. Want to learn moremarketing tips and tricks?Click here.www.ndashmarketing.com 25. Connect with us onAnd tell us what you think!stephanie@ndashmarketing.comwww.ndashmarketing.com