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  • 1. Homework Read to the end ofchapter 7. Skimread the novel so far, make notes andcollect quotes for the characters. Jack. Piggy. Simon. Howhave these characters changed between Chapter 1 and Chapter 7?

2. Lord of theFlies: Changesin charactersL.O: To identifyaspects ofcharacter which arechanging. 3. Starter Matchthe vocabulary words from Chapter Seven to their correct definition. 4. As we watch ...49.00 Createdetailed notes about the changing character of the following boys: Ralph Piggy Jack What do they do and say? How do they day it? How do they interact with others? 5. How does your response compare?When the boys get together after the unsuccessful attack on the boar,Jack shows the boys the wound on his arm, Golding describes it as arip; not much, but bloody. Simons reaction to this wound issurprising and offers the reader further insight to his mind, he says:Thats a wound and you ought to suck it. Like BerengariaAt first, this seems like a throwaway comment, but when oneconsiders the symbolism of it, it takes on a whole new meaning.Berengaria was the wife of Richard the Lionheart and when he wasstruck by a poisoned arrow, she saved his life by sucking the poisonout. This suggests to the reader that Simon is thinking that perhapsJack has become poisoned and needs to have the poison removed.Once again, Simon is directing the reader and suggesting how theyshould feel about the characters they are reading about. Simonrealises that Jack is dangerous. 6. Chapter 7: Shadows and Tall Trees What is Ralph thinkingabout at the start ofthis chapter?Then there were his nails Why does he look Ralph turned his hand over around furtivelyand examined them. They wereafter he makes thisbitten down to the quick though statement?he could not remember when hehad resumed this habit nor anytime when he indulged it.Be sucking my thumb next He looked around furtively.Apparently no one had heard. 7. Ralph v Jack Ralph Jackis ready for action is in a verythoughtful and reflective and alert, hunting for themood in this chapterbeast in this chapter Ralph tries to take part in Jack leads the group inthe hunt for the boar hunting for the wild boarbut it doesnt come and is slightly injurednaturally to himby Ralphsthrow Ralph tries to take Jackchallengescharge and worriesRalphs leadershipabout Piggy 8. Golden rules about Simon 1. Nothing he says means nothing! Always look carefully at what Simon says Think about whether he is using metaphors Think about whether he is foreshadowing later events Think about whether he is using symbolism Think about what he is trying to make the reader think about, or realise I may look wimpy and pathetic, but I say and do, lots ofimportant things! 9. 1. Nothing he says means nothing!Berengaria was the Queen of Richard Howdoesthe Lionheart during the Crusades inthis storythe 12th C. King Richard I was hit by alink with thepoisoned arrow and she is reported tohave sucked the poison out and savedaction ofhis life. the novel?Jack, Ralph and the other boys have been huntingthe boar. Ralph has wounded it with his spear.The boar has apparently wounded Jack as he triedto kill it. Simon says: Thats a wound and you ought to suck it.Like Berengaria Jack sucked it. 10. Symbolism of the word woundwoundPhysical woundEmotional woundon S im ? t is ngabrasion ha erriinjuryW inf cutWhy does Simon drawing attention to thewound and refer to Berengaria?Which of the boys would be Richard theLionheart, a fearless warrior? 11. Explaining using PEE structure: Question: Why does Simon draw attention to the wound and referto Berengaria?Point:When the boys get together after the unsuccessful attackon the boar, Jack shows the boys the wound on his arm Evidence:ThatsExplanation:At first, this seems like a throwaway comment, but 12. The boys see the Beast In front of them, only three or four yardsaway, was a rock-like hump where no rockshould be. Ralph could hear a tinychattering noise coming from somewhere perhaps from his own mouth. He boundhimself together with his will, fused his fearand loathing into a hatred, and stood up. Hetook two leaden steps forward. Aaaaaargh! Behind them the sliver of moon haddrawn clear of the horizon. Before the,What is it?something like a great ape was sittingasleep with its head between its knees.Then the wind roared in the forest, therewas confusion in the darkness and thecreature lifted its head, holding towardsthem the ruin of a face. 13. What does the reader know at this point in the novel about Ralph? Jack? Simon? TheBeast? Whether the boys will survive?Explain your ideas in detail, using PEEwherever possible. 14. Exam style question: Planyour response to this essay question. Complete the essay for homework Time limit 45 minutes.How does this part of the novel prepare the reader forevents later on?In your answer, you should comment on: The techniques the writer uses to describe the scene How the characters behave in this scene(27marks)