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  1. 1. 10 easy ways to get classic cottage styleHere's to barefoot days and long, easy evenings - carefree summer style at its best! From pastel- painted furniture to delicately stitched bed linens, here are our favourite ways to inject classic cottage style. 10 easy ways to get classic cottage style Slideshow 10 easy ways to get classic cottage style Reinvent furniture Transform time-worn furnishings with a few coats of pastel-hued paint. To add a well-used cottagey patina after painting, lightly rub the edges with a piece of fine-grit sandpaper.
  2. 2. Layer in some loveliness Customize an inexpensive mirror by spraying on a lacy pattern. Now, it's a romantic addition to a cottage-style bedroom or bathroom. Find the DIY here.
  3. 3. Decorate the beds Make beds look inviting by layering linens that have detailed stitching and embroidered edges.
  4. 4. Contain your collectibles
  5. 5. Store seashells and other treasures in vintage glass preserving jars. They're right at home on a counter or shelf and even make delightful doorstops. Stick with pale paints Use soft colours - such as seafoam green and cotton candy - to make rooms look and feel soothing.
  6. 6. Make an artistic statement & add some sparkle
  7. 7. Choose flea market paintings with weathered frames to provide contrast in a traditional room. A simple floral still life looks like a million bucks over a formal fireplace mantel. Create a sense of occasion with the addition of a stunning chandelier and crystal candle holders. In a grand dining room, there's no such things as too much glitter.
  8. 8. Put personal items on display
  9. 9. Hang jewellery and scarves from furniture pulls on doorknobs - classic cottage style celebrates easygoing creativity. Embrace flower power Forget crystal vases and perfectly composed arrangements. Fresh-cut flowers are charmingly informal when placed in a ceramic jug and set atop a stack of books.
  10. 10. Clean up your laundry
  11. 11. Craft a cute laundry-sorting system with a store-bought drapery panel and just a few stitches.
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