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For More Information Visit Our Page:- http://www.greenlivingbees.com/10-easy-ways-to-go-green-at-home/ A lot of people are open to the idea of doing something to help save the environment but some may feel that it’s too difficult. But you might say, “Go green at home? That could be such a hassle.” I used to feel the same way a few years ago, before I started on this green lifestyle. In fact, I was a bit hesitant to go green because I thought that it was going to make life more difficult.


  • 1.10 Easy Ways to Go Green at Home A lot of people are open to theidea of doing something to helpsave the environment but somemay feel that its too difficult. Butyou might say, Go green athome? That could be such ahassle. I used to feel the sameway a few years ago, before Istarted on this green lifestyle.Click Here for More Details

2. 10 Easy Ways to Go Green at Home Do you throw out old batteries inthe trash bin? We used to butnot anymore. We all know thatbatteries contain harmfulchemicals which should havedangerous effects to health andthe environment. But all toooften, we forget where we put oldstuff until it ends up in the trash.Click Here for More Details 3. 10 Easy Ways to Go Green at Home If the door is not sealed tightly,air can leak out, making yourfridge work harder to staycold. As a result, your energyconsumption is bound to go upby 25%. Now it may not soundlike much money but imaginesaving 25% on your annualelectricity bill.Click Here for More Details 4. 10 Easy Ways to Go Green at Home Another small step that can go along way is placing yourrefrigerator in a shadedarea. Make sure that yourrefrigerator is out of sunlightsreach. This is because the heatfrom the sun forces thecompressor to work double timeto maintain the cold temperatureinside.Click Here for More Details 5. 10 Easy Ways to Go Green at Home In our house, we double checkour toilet bowl at least once amonth to make sure that thewater is not leaking from thetank. What I do is pour foodcoloring in the water tank and if Isee a stain of color in thebowl, then Id know that theres aleak and it needs to be repairedquickly.Click Here for More Details 6. 10 Easy Ways to Go Green at Home If you are planning to purchase anew appliance, opt for one thatenables you to conserve moreenergy. True, you may need tospend a little more on an energysaver device but you will be ableto save a lot more money if yourelectricity bills will be muchlower each month.Click Here for More Details 7. 10 Easy Ways to Go Green at Home Do you let the faucet runcontinuously as you brush yourteeth? I always tell my kids to use atumbler when they brush. Ourdentist recommends spending atleast five minutes to make sure thatthe mouth is clean but if the faucetis left open as you brush, we wouldbe wasting up to a gallon of water oreven more than that in the process.Click Here for More Details 8. 10 Easy Ways to Go Green at Home During the winter season, wewould turn down the thermostatby at least one degree while stillkeeping warm by wearingwarmer clothing instead. Heresan FYI that you might want toknow: adjusting the heatertemperature even by just onedegree can make a hugedifference in saving energy.Click Here for More Details 9. 10 Easy Ways to Go Green at Home Dont throw away that peanutbutter jar or that coffee containerin the trash bin just yet. Thesecontainers can still be re-used asflower vases, pen or pencilholders, soap dispenser,etc. We use plastic ice creamtumblers in the kids room fortoys and other what-knots tokeep clutter out of sight.Click Here for More Details 10. 10 Easy Ways to Go Green at Home You can help in reducing the use ofnon-biodegradable plastic bags bybringing your own recyclableshopping bags to the supermarket,thrift shops and malls. There are somany different designs and colorsto choose from so youll look morefashionable carrying recyclabletotes or bags than unsightly plasticbags.Click Here for More Details 11. 10 Easy Ways to Go Green at Home We are lucky to have a front yardwhere we can grow a garden. Butwho says you cant have a gardenif you dont have a spaciousbackyard? A lot of people wholive in apartments or in houseswith limited outdoor area havesuccessfully created a greenspace at home by growing plantsin pots.Click Here for More Details 12. For More Information Visit Our Websitehttp://www.greenlivingbees.com