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<ul><li><p> http://afterschool.ae/ </p><p>10 Inexpensive After School Activities For Kids </p><p>Struggling to keep the kids amused after school and on weekends? Try these cheap and </p><p>cheerful ideas for your kids. </p><p>1. Bike Rides </p><p>You dot eed to go far to ejoy a good ike ride. Why ot yle to the loal park equipped with a picnic basket once the kids get back from school? </p><p>Getting out and about on a bike is both great fun and great exercise for you and the kids. </p><p>Introducing your child to the excitement of cycling is a real rite of passage and valuable life skill. </p><p>2. Local Library </p><p>If your little ones love books, find out what activities your local library has organized this year. </p></li><li><p> http://afterschool.ae/ </p><p>Special reading groups, play sessions and story-themed craft events will be happening up and </p><p>down the country so isit your loal authoritys esite for iforatio o hats goig o near you. </p><p>3. CINEMA: Latest Movie Releases </p><p>Feeling tired but want to get out the house? Why not take the kids to see some of the latest </p><p>releases at the cinema?</p><p>Most cinemas will have their own family discounts or special offers for kids. Check your local </p><p>cinema online for ay deals. Dot forget to uy popor ad driks, that should help to keep them happy! </p><p>4. Museums and Galleries </p><p>Share a little koledge. Youll e surprised ho uh your kids ill loe it. Borig is the last thing that comes to mind. </p></li><li><p> http://afterschool.ae/ </p><p>Soe of the outrys ost ipressie useus ad galleries dot harge for etry. So consider taking your children along to see art and exhibitions like the National Portrait Gallery, </p><p>Imperial War Museum, Science Museum, V&amp;A Museum and British Museum. </p><p>5. Arts and Crafts </p><p>Struggling to keep the kids busy after school? </p><p>Grab some brushes and test your kids creativity. Let them go wild and paint pictures of things </p><p>they can find. Keep an eye on them, otherwise you might end up with freshly painted walls. </p><p>Why not cut up some old magazine to make collages, experiment with paper mache, make </p><p>birthday cards, or use unwanted clothes to create a fashion show! </p><p>6. Cooking and Baking </p><p>Fancy a hand in the kitchen?</p></li><li><p> http://afterschool.ae/ </p><p>Cooking with your children can teach them a whole range of skills and give them an </p><p>understanding of food and where it comes from. It is a good way to bond and get them to </p><p>appreciate the effort that goes into cooking. You might even discover a little hidden chef. If you </p><p>dot ko hat to ook, searh olie for e reipes. </p><p>7. National Parks </p><p>Visiting a National Park can make a great day out for the whole faily, ad its free! </p><p>8. Sports Day </p><p>Got a bit of spare room in your garden? Why ot hold your o Sports afteroo? </p><p>If your family like sports, then why not host your own tournament? Use things you can find </p><p>lying around to re-create your kids favourite events. Mark lines for races, get the tape measure </p><p>for long jump. Why not use a frisbee as a discus or tennis ball as a shot put? </p><p>Invite relatives, neighbours or friends around to join in! </p></li><li><p> http://afterschool.ae/ </p><p>9. Eating Out </p><p>Hungry? Forget cooking! </p><p>Why not take the family out to dinner. Before you do, look online for deals and money off. </p><p>There is always a bargain to be had! Many restaurants offer family discounts and sometimes let </p><p>kids eat for free! </p><p>10. Do a Good Deed </p><p>Why not encourage your kids to do a good deed? </p><p>Why not spend the afternoon with the kids sorting out unwanted toys, clothing and </p><p>possessions. Aythig your kids dot at or hae gro out of a e doated to harity for those who are less fortunate. </p></li><li><p> http://afterschool.ae/ </p><p>REF: </p><p>www.netmums.com </p><p>www.andwhosaysyoucant.blogspot.co.uk </p><p>www.which.co.uk/news/2011/07/10-free-and-cheap-activities-for-kids-259657 </p><p>--- </p><p>About the Site </p><p>Afterschool.ae is the largest dedicated provider of quality on-site after school activities, programs, </p><p>tutoring, summer camps, sports and child care services in United Arab Emirates. </p><p>FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please visit http://afterschool.ae/ </p></li></ul>