10 Places Homeschooled Teens Can Find Other Homeschooled Teens

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Post on 10-Aug-2014




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It can be tough to locate other homeschooled teens can't it? They are so busy polishing their spelling bee trophies and building robots out of tin cans. But you CAN find them if you are willing to look in all the right places.


10 Places Teen Homeschoolers Can FindOther Teen Homeschoolers At the annual homeschoolfashion show At the Lord of the RingsCos-play Tryouts In the barn, helping their 18 youngerbrothers and sisters with chores At the Yearly Convention2013 Teen Homeschool Convention Schedule8:00 - Seminar: How To Be Socially Awkward Without Even Trying11:00 - Seminar: Dealing with Bipolar Family Members: Are They Parents orTeachers???Lunch Break and LOTR Book Signing with Tolkein Look-Alike2:00 - Seminar: Building Job Skills as a Minecraft Engineer4:00 - Seminar: Translating 21st century pop culture references into Jane Austen English6:00 - Dinner and Closing Ceremony (please note: this is scheduled to be completed inplenty of time before Breaking Amish airs) Volunteering in their local community At the Tim Tebow Fan ClubHeadquarters At the storage facility, sorting theirschool uniforms At the national debatechampionship At homeschool prom Nah....theyre really all just hanging outat the LetsHsHs.com Student ForumClick to be taken directly to the Homeschool Student Forum