10 Safe Driving Tips For Truck Drivers

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<ol><li> 1. 5/TRAIVSPOII43'I. 3&gt;.9l){TQ . </li><li> 2. 'c~-1;-24.:I .19-. *.| =1Always have both hands and one foot of both feet and one hand in contact with the equipment when entering or exiting. </li><li> 3. ions. inimum safe following distance ideal condiConsider seven seconds to be the m under </li><li> 4. i'?1f| -+:-I; '~l GI Driving in poorwealher conditions,urban areas or in heavy traffic are all less than ideal conditions in which Cruise control should never be used. </li><li> 5. W {is I}l: . '11.-2 fmar: Keep both hands on the steering wheel T whenever possible in the 9 and 3 o'clock positions. fr </li><li> 6. ('5A. Ft. x-""-. 1 . - $1: I _!~_ '' r| , 3 " I '9 I ' |, is ;_ -. _. I "1' M , I 1_ , :. , D V K,rnmunn '~- sin-.3:-: -Irma 's: ..: $|1:- Slow down to posted speeds when approaching school and construction zones and be prepared to stop. '3i. ~iIII: I _l: |:+. </li><li> 7. ~21 I Keep your headlights and clearance lights on at all timeswhen driving. </li><li> 8. -mi:_o r'. I.= n7~|3 1|2.Is liI| r1Inr| |Lg "1|: ::i: ~-an:Ensure that vehicles and freight are properly secured _ when loading or unloading freight." t '~</li><li> 11. .i| , [3 _::~*. |. ~'. .:1;:Wear sunglasses with polarized lenses that filter glare._.s f I; </li><li> 12. I. USE 3 POINTS OF CONTACT " 2.PRACT| CE SEVEN SECOND FOLLOWING DISTANCE 3.USE CRUISE CONTROL AT APPROPRIATE TIMES 4.AVO| D DISTRACTIONS 5.BEWARE OF THE ZONES G. USE YOUR LIGHTS 7.SAFELY UNLOAD AND LOAD 8.WEAR YOUR SEATBELT 9.REGULATE SPEED TO CONDITIONS IO. WEAR SUNGLASSES</li></ol>