10 secrets to make your contents go viral crazily

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Content is everywhere. The Internet is full of it. The obvious question arises: How can you make your content stand out and become the most viewed, most shared piece of content on the Internet?



2. CONTENT IS EVERYWHERE The Internet is full of it adamo-studio.com 3. People rarely care about your content They have a lot of other things to think about adamo-studio.com 4. Sometimes they absorb nothing from your content !@#$%^&*@%$# &^&^ What do they mean ? adamo-studio.com 5. Your content soon becomes disappeared from their mind The brain can not remember things that dont stand out adamo-studio.com 6. HOW TO GET RID OF THESE PROBLEMS adamo-studio.com 7. CHOOSE SUITABLE VEHICLES Video,image,presentation,text adamo-studio.com 8. IMAGE VIDEO SLIDE TEXT Best choice if you cant do all (including:photo,illustration,infographic) 9. IMAGE VIDEO SLIDE TEXT It is on the rise withtheexpandingofYoutuberegime 10. IMAGE VIDEO SLIDE TEXT A lot of professionals love this Bestinbusinessandscienceusage 11. IMAGE VIDEO SLIDE TEXT Text only = you lose the game 12. IMAGE VIDEO SLIDE TEXT Use all of them if you can afford 13. ASKING FOR SHARES Politely,ofcourse adamo-studio.com 14. People love to share good contents, before you ask for 15. But if you ask for shares, it will go viral much faster 16. video, image, slide, text Ask people toshare, like, comment atthe end of (Politely, remember!) 17. BECOMING A PURPLE COW Whatonearthisapurplecow? adamo-studio.com 18. Your content must stand out like this in the ocean of information 19. KEY Being the first to present something or presenting it radically different than anyone has done before 20. INTRIGUIING TITLES Chancetodrawattentiononlylasts2seconds adamo-studio.com 21. TOP 3 ATTRACTIVE TITLES Top tips 22. TOP 3 ATTRACTIVE TITLES Top tips How to 23. TOP 3 ATTRACTIVE TITLES Top tips How to (Fill in your ideas here) 24. SHOULD I CHOOSE FULL CONCLUSION ? So,therewillbenospaceforpeopletofillin adamo-studio.com 25. FULL CONCLUSION vs OPEN ENDING 26. Peoplewillturntoother contents,hopethemto rememeryours. Like Comment Share Twitte Retwitte Manypersondie fordoingthese actions FULL CONCLUSION vs OPEN ENDING 27. USE INFOGRAPHICS Imagesthateverybodylovetosee adamo-studio.com 28. THIS IS INFOGRAPHICS 29. Beautiful Easy to view to understand & to share USE IT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE 30. HOW MUCH TO SPEND ON CONTENT? Asyourbestefforts adamo-studio.com 31. vs NO NEED TO GET RUSH All of your effort Maximum value 32. All of your effort Maximum value vs NO NEED TO GET RUSH Get rest when you feel tired, then finish your task, 100% 33. DARE TO AGAINSTTHETIDES Nobodycareaboutmedicrethings adamo-studio.com 34. #1Check out what the majority of people are saying about your particular topic? 35. #2 Contradict them all, while making a solid case, with really grounded arguments. 36. #3 Relax, and see it go viral crazily ! 37. SHOULD I EXPRESS MY PERSONAL VOICE ? Whynot? adamo-studio.com 38. BRAND vs HUMAN Nobodywanttotalkwitha logo 39. BRAND vs HUMAN Everybodylovestosay,hearorreadfrom expertsandpowerful personalities 40. HARMONIZE 9PRECEDINGRULES Atyourbesteffort adamo-studio.com 41. As a good cook 42. You create a delicious meal that could drive people crazy for tasting it 43. Author Steve Nguyen is the founder of Adamo Studio (adamo-studio.com) - A brand on Motion graphic, Presentation & Infographic Design steve.nguyen@skymedia.vn PS: Feel free to share this slide to your friends, some of them may spend a lot of time looking for these secrets