10 Simple Ways to Create Conscious Wealth and Freedom In Your Life

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Conscious Wealth is a state of mind. This presentation gives you 10 simple things you can do every day to create health, wealth, happiness and freedom. By changing your mindset to one of expecting and deserving you can have everything your heart desires.


<ul><li> 1. 10 Simple Ways To CreateMore Conscious Wealth InYour Life</li></ul> <p> 2. To experience more health, wealth, happiness &amp; freedomyou must change your thoughts, feelings &amp; actions.Click this link to discover simple and effective ways totransform your wealth consciousness quickly. 3. Tip #1 FOCUS ON ABUNDANCEIts a well know factthat you get what youfocus on. So if you areconstantly focusing onwhat you donthave, you willexperience more lack.Focus instead on all the abundance that you havealready and it will transfer that abundance to allareas of your life. 4. Tip #2 TREAT MONEY AS IF ITWERE YOUR LOVERIf you treat and speakabout the person youlove with disrespect orcontempt, with theystick around?Probably not.Money is the same.Speak of it and treat it with love, respect andjoy and it will be stick to you like bees to honey. 5. Tip #3 PLENTY MORE WHERETHAT CAME FROMDo you feel a sinkingfeeling every time a billcomes in or you need topay for your groceries?Change your vibration byimmediately connecting tothe thought:Theres plenty more where that came from.Doing this consistently will flip your subconsciousprogramming from lack to abundance. 6. Tip #4 GIVE, GIVE, GIVEMost people postponegiving until they receive.This is the reverse of howthe Law of Reciprocityworks. Tithing is one of thefundamental principals ofcreating wealth.Consistent giving, even if its just a smallamount, to someone who needs it more than youwill transform your wealth consciousness quickly. 7. Tip #5 ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDEWhat you appreciate appreciates!Be grateful everyday for all the blessingsin your life and you will attract more andmore things to be grateful for. 8. Tip #6 LOVE YOURSELFWhen you lovesomeone, you only wantthe best for them. Andthe same goes for you!The more you learn tolove yourself, the moreyou will open up thedoors to receivingeverything your heartdesires. 9. Tip #7 EXPECT MIRACLESWealthy andsuccessful peopleexpect good things tohappen to them andfor everything towork out.Miracles happen for those who believe. 10. Tip #8 BE MINDFUL WHATYOU PUT IN YOUR WALLETYour wallet or purse isintended to keepmoney. By puttingbills and receipts inthere you are sendingmixed messages tothe Universe.And always keep a certain amount of money inyour wallet. Opening a wallet that always hassome cash sends a very different message to yoursubconscious than one thats empty. 11. Tip #9 MAKE AN AGREEMENTWITH ABUNDANCEFrom a very earlyage, most of us areconditioned to make anagreement withlack, believing thattheres never enough.Make an agreement with abundance instead andbe confident there is more than enough foreveryone, INCLUDING YOU! 12. Tip #10 - SMILEWhen you smile, youstimulate a flood ofgood feeling chemicalsthat lift your vibrationand make you magneticto people, events andmiracles that will helpyou create the life ofyour dreams. 13. For more tips, techniques and guidance tocreating health, wealth, happiness and freedom,please click this link to visit theConscious Wealth Institute. </p>