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<ul><li><p>2/7/14 10 Skills IT Pros Need for Cloud Computing | The Path To Open Hybrid Cloud</p><p>www.buildyourbestcloud.com/147/10-skills-it-pros-need-cloud-computing 1/4</p><p>The Path To OpenHybrid Cloud</p><p>Sign Up FreeBloggers Polls Resources Log In</p><p>OpenStack: The key to building an open hybrid cloudSponsored by</p><p>Debra Donston-Miller, November 26, 2013 25 Comments</p><p>10 Skills IT Pros Need for CloudComputing</p><p>5 | Like this post</p><p>IT professionals have to work constantly to ensure that their skills are up to date.</p><p>Today, IT pros must guarantee that their cloud-focused skills are resume-ready. And</p><p>just what are those skills? According to a Forbes.com blog post by contributor Joe</p><p>McKendrick, there are eight key skills. To those, I add two more.</p><p>1. Business and financial skills</p><p>The intersection of business and technology is always an overarching concern, but it</p><p>is especially so when it comes to cloud-based computing.</p><p>2. Technical skills</p><p>With the cloud, organizations can streamline their IT resources, offloading much of</p><p>day-to-day systems and application management. But that doesnt mean IT</p><p>abdicates all responsibility. Theres a need for language skills to build applications</p><p>that can run quickly on the Internet.</p><p>3. Enterprise architecture and business needs analysis</p><p>Cloud computing requires that IT pros cross disciplines, especially where service-</p><p>oriented architecture comes into play.</p><p>4. Project management skills</p><p>Organizations must not let the flexibility of the cloud lead to missed deadlines or</p><p>amorphous goals. That could negate the cloud cost advantage.</p><p>5. Contract and vendor negotiation skills</p><p>To deal with service-level agreementsand the problems involved when those</p><p>SLAs are breachedIT pros need experience with contract and vendor</p><p>Resources View All Resources</p><p>Openstack: The Platform of Choice</p><p>This infographic is the outcome of an IDG Connect</p><p>survey of 200 US enterprise decision makers that</p><p>includes adoption plans...</p><p>Enterprise Grade Management for Open Stack</p><p>In this technical detail, we describe how CloudForms</p><p>offers you a unified management framework with</p><p>advanced life cycle...</p><p>Video: Your IT Journey to the Cloud</p><p>Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure enables your</p><p>organization to move from traditional to cloud</p><p>enabled workload models, and to IT...</p><p>Whitepaper: Cloud infrastructure for the Real World</p><p>Cloud adoption is an evolutionary process that has</p><p>been leading to hybrid cloudspecifically, open</p><p>hybrid clouds that...</p><p>Whitepaper: OpenStack and Red Hat: IDC White</p><p>paper</p><p>OpenStack is an open source cloud system software</p><p>project that has broad participation from the IT</p><p>Industry. In this IDC...</p><p>Most Commented onCommunity</p><p>POLL</p><p>Are you using any public cloudservices within your organization?</p><p> Yes</p><p> No</p><p> Planning to within the next 12-18 months</p><p>Submit</p></li><li><p>2/7/14 10 Skills IT Pros Need for Cloud Computing | The Path To Open Hybrid Cloud</p><p>www.buildyourbestcloud.com/147/10-skills-it-pros-need-cloud-computing 2/4</p><p>negotiations.</p><p>6. Security and compliance</p><p>IT professionals dealing with the cloud must have a firm grasp of security protocols</p><p>and the regulatory mandates related to their industries, both within and without the</p><p>United States.</p><p>7. Data integration and analysis skills</p><p>IT pros may not be data scientists, but to take advantage of big data, they do need to</p><p>help data scientists hook up big data, internal ERP, data warehouse and other data</p><p>systems, and work with the business side to make effective use of big data.</p><p>8. Mobile app development and management</p><p>Organizations need to think about what kind of mobile experience they are offering</p><p>to customers via the cloud and how they would like to improve that down the line.</p><p>As enterprise cloud computing evolves, it is important to add two more skills to the</p><p>list:</p><p>9. Knowledge of open hybrid clouds</p><p>IT is not homogeneous, and neither should your cloud computing model be. IT pros</p><p>need to understand how to build and extend their companies cloud computing</p><p>infrastructure in a way that is open.</p><p>10. Understanding of OpenStack</p><p>In order to build the kind of flexible, secure, interoperable cloud infrastructure</p><p>mentioned above, IT pros must have a strong understanding of the technology</p><p>required to make it so. OpenStack is a key component. OpenStack, a collaboration</p><p>of developers and cloud computing technologists, comprises a series of projects</p><p>delivering various components for a cloud infrastructure solution.</p><p>What other skills do IT professionals need to have in order to enable their</p><p>organizations to successfully tap into the benefits of cloud computing? Are there any</p><p>IT skills that the cloud is making obsolete? We welcome your insight in the</p><p>comments section.</p><p>Debra Donston-Miller</p><p>View all contributions by Debra Donston-Miller</p><p>Tags: cloud IaaS OpenStack PaaS</p><p>Like us on Facebook</p></li><li><p>2/7/14 10 Skills IT Pros Need for Cloud Computing | The Path To Open Hybrid Cloud</p><p>www.buildyourbestcloud.com/147/10-skills-it-pros-need-cloud-computing 3/4</p><p>PREVIOUS:</p><p>Cloud Goals: Agility Tops Cost</p><p>NEXT:</p><p>Cloud 101 - Glossary of the Cloud</p><p>4 Comments</p><p>8 Comments</p><p>8 Comments</p><p>32 Comments</p><p>17 Comments</p><p>Recent posts by Debra</p><p>5 Things to Look for in an OpenStack Implementation</p><p> September 10, 2013</p><p>Key Cloud Platform Criterion: Partner Ecosystem</p><p> September 24, 2013</p><p>Why Companies Need An Open Mind About OpenStack</p><p> September 26, 2013</p><p>How Hybrid Clouds Upend Cloud Security Concerns</p><p> October 23, 2013</p><p>Cloud Spending To Climb in 2014</p><p> December 13, 2013</p><p>evanschuman Ahhhhh, I remember the days tracking that story. The issuerelated to incorrect realtime inventory stats. (Note: If anyone ever tries to sell yourealtime inventory, it's helpful to know that it doesn't exist. At best, it's a matter ofhow little delay they experience. No one delivers zero delay.) ...</p><p>petebart A new wrinkle for this discussion: news reports now tie the Target databreach to network credentials obtained from an HVAC contractor who was tied intoTarget's network. After much speculation that they were monitoring IP embeddeddevices, the company issued a statement...</p><p>disqus_xdrq9EaNKo Evan, on Point 3, many of these attacks are automated,so the fact that the Phil's House of Pizza is not that rich a target doesn't reallymatter. It's a volume game, and 100 SMBs can be just as lucrative, and much easierto penetrate, than one enterprise. but you will never read about the SMB hacks...</p><p>browndamon Exactly. 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