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Startup Camp Montreal 5 keynote presentation by Chris Shipley. See video at www.startupcampmontreal.org


1. 10 Stupid Things Entrepreneurs Do To Mess Up Their Startups* *With apologies to Dr. Laura Schlessinger 2009 Chris Shipley 2. Think Like a Guppy Youre not a little fish; youre a whale thats not yet gotten big. 2009 Chris Shipley 3. Confuse Vision and Focus Dream big, focus tightly. You can eat an elephant one bite at a time. 2009 Chris Shipley 4. Fall in Love with Technology Fall in love with customers and theyll tell you what to make. 2009 Chris Shipley 5. Focus on Fund Raising Instead of Building the Business How will you use your time? What brings more value to the company? 2009 Chris Shipley 6. Let Investors Run the Company Seriously, how much does your investor really think about your business? 2009 Chris Shipley 7. Fail To Measure Where are you going and how fast are you getting there? 2009 Chris Shipley 8. Ignore Yellow Lights Your optimism can not be allowed to trump your reality. 2009 Chris Shipley 9. Hire Good People Founders have got to be the dumbest ones in the room. 2009 Chris Shipley 10. Neglect the Details Pay now or pay a lot more later. 2009 Chris Shipley 11. Lose Site of Values Every company has a culture. Is yours accidental or deliberate? 2009 Chris Shipley 12. Waste Time While youre killing time, time is killing you. 2009 Chris Shipley 13. Chris Shipley Chairman and CEO Guidewire Group, Inc. @cshipley 2009 Chris Shipley