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10 ways to help make your emails the most noticed in anyones inbox. Insight & tips from Ulrich Schild - JobSearch & Career Expert from Sydney Australia


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10 sure ways to get your emails noticed


# 1

# 1

Email is not right if your communication:

requires interaction (use the phone, Skype, or a quick in-person meeting)

requires immediate response (use text messages or the phone)

deals with things that are confidential or sensitive (in person is usually best)

requires group collaboration (meeting or a video call is ideal)

is filled with emotion (dont try to express feelings via email - in person is usually the best)

If email passes the Checklist use the next nine techniques to get others

to love your emails.

# 2

# 2

Avoid wimpy or lazy subject lines Its not that hard! Your subject line should match your content. Were all guilty

of hitting the reply button to start an entirely new conversation.

But that is confusing and annoying?

Keeping the subject line current makes life easier for both you and your recipient.

# 3

Bullets & Numbers convert a message into a priority

The business world prefers Facts, Figures & Numbers, so I suggest you keep it simple and reduce it to the max.

Bullets add clarity and make the reader focus on the relevant information.

Items in bulleted lists are also easier to remember.

Use numbers instead of bullets to highlight a chronology

or to show hierarchical importance.

# 3

# 4

# 4

Keep it clean and clear

Effective email writing is about more than just words and it can be a good indicator of your ability to effectively convey your message.

Use formatting tools to visually enhance key points

But ensure to keep it clean and precise.

Avoid verbal overdose and message confetti.

Choose no more than two or three colours and fonts, and please guys, limit the use of bolding, italics, underlining or excessive use of exclamation marks.

# 5

# 5

If you havent already, now is the time to get acquainted with your mobile, iPad, tablet or laptop video features.

If you think email is the way to get to people, but your message requires a more robust medium,

create and send a video.

Video also helps when you want to explain, cut through the clutter, or make a personalised impression.

It is a very effective tool to show off your personality and communication skills.

# 6

# 6

Take a deep breath sit back and reflect.

Dont write emails when youre emotionally charged. Do your venting in a Word document instead.

Wait before responding to anything that requires diplomacy or could

impact careers or relationships.

When you are finished composing that message, walk away from it for a few minutes (or better yet, overnight) and then re-read it (see point 10)

before you hit send.

# 7

# 7

Life is short and time is our most valuable good. Respect it and dont waste it!

When an email or a response requires just a few words, dont waste someone

else's time by making them open the email.

Put your text in the subject line with the letters EOM (or the whole phrase if they are not familiar with this abbreviation).

This tells them what they need to know

without having to click. I know, it sounds a bit much, but many people receive over 100 emails a day, so making it easy counts.

# 8

# 8

Impress - Proof - Deliver

three simple steps to almost anything in life. If you make a statement, battle a complicated case or cause or simply try to sell or convey something, then you

have to ensure to add proof.

This is particularly important for Job Seekers and it includes opening the attachments to make sure youve attached the right documents.

In the email message itself, double-check your spelling and grammar. It seems

like a wasted extra step, but sometimes auto-correct delivers an inappropriate or confusing word that you didnt intend.

# 9

# 9

Tell your recipients what you need them to do and when you need them to do it, and make it easy for them to contact you.

Include complete contact details in your signature. Remember that the

majority of emails are now viewed on mobile devices by including your signature, they can simply hover and click to contact you.

No one buys a complicated story and most people dont like to engage with you if you are too hard to deal with.

# 10

# 10

Before sending your email, read it out loud to see if it accurately conveys your message.

One reason that so many inboxes are overloaded is that it sometimes takes several emails to clear up confusion.

If you make the email precise the first time,

youll please your reader and reduce clutter theirs and yours.

This is especially important for nuanced communications about sensitive or complex topics or for cover letters and selection criteria responses for job applicants.

So, become an email champion and when youre out there, remember to hunt wisely!