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From the CCCC Conference, September 24 2013


  • 2. Is my org eligible? a) Does your business number end in RR0001? b) Do you have a Letters Patent from Industry Canada? c) Are you incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation with your province? d) Are you a library? You may be eligible to get donations of DONATIONS PROGRAM
  • 3. Microsofts donations & discounts are now open to faith-based nonprofits & charities, including: GOOD NEWS: MICROSOFT DONATIONS!
  • 4. ABOUT ME Community Engagement Manager Online community & resources about nonprofit technology For example the nonprofit tech self-assesment: https://www.techsoupcanada.ca/en/community/blog/are-your-technology-priorities-in-order-take-the-tech-self- assessment @tierneys @techsoupcanada facebook.com/techsoupcanada techsoupcanada.ca/community/blog youtube.com/techsoupcanada slideshare.net/techsoupcanada
  • 5. TOOLS THAT MAKE IT EASY TO W O R K W I T H O T H E R S 1. Schedule meetings 2. Host online meetings 3. Get feedback on documents E N G A G E Y O U R S U P P O R T E R S 8. Make quick videos 9. Email large groups 10. Get input S T AY S A N E & W O R K O N T H E G O 4. Track ideas 5. Track tasks 6. Track expenses 7. Access your files anywhere
  • 6. SCHEDULE MEETINGS Problem: Every time you try to schedule a meeting you have to send 1,000 emails back and forth to find a time that works More people in the meeting means more emails and more confusion
  • 7. DOODLE
  • 8. DOODLE S P E C S Cost: free Platforms: online Mobile: somewhat mobile-friendly website T H I N G S I T W I L L L E T Y O U D O Suggest meeting times and find out when others are available Let others see your calendar and book meetings with you
  • 9. SCHEDULE MEETINGS Other ideas: http://www.smashingapps.com/2011/07/14/five-simply- effortless-tools-for-meeting-and-scheduling.html
  • 10. HOST ONLINE MEETINGS Problem: You need to meet with people who arent physically close by Travel is expensive and time consuming
  • 12. READYTALK S P E C S Cost: $47/year + $9/month for qualified orgs https://www.techsoupcanada.ca/ en/readytalk/product/readytal k-web-meeting-pro-25-1- year-subscription- %E2%80%93-access-to- discounted-rates-0 Platforms: Windows, Mac Mobile: apps for iPhone and iPad T H I N G S I T W I L L L E T Y O U D O Host online meetings of 25 people Web conferencing or audio conferencing (1,000 free minutes/month) Invitees can join via phone or computer headset Share your screen
  • 13. HOST ONLINE MEETINGS Other ideas: Skype (free, up to 10 people) Google+ Hangout (free, up to 10 people, includes video calling) TeamViewer (free for personal use, up to 25 people)
  • 14. GET FEEDBACK ON DOCUMENTS Problem: When you have a document you want feedback on, you email it to several people They respond by editing and updating the version number, or by using Track Changes You have to make sure all the changes get incorporated properly Discussions about the document result in long, unwieldy email threads
  • 15. GOOGLE DOCS http://bit.ly/cccc2013-demo
  • 16. GOOGLE DOCS S P E C S Cost: free (paid if using Google Apps for Business) Platforms: online Mobile: app for Android, iPhone and iPad (Google Drive app), mobile-friendly viewing on all platforms T H I N G S I T W I L L L E T Y O U D O Multiple document editors at the same time Have discussions threads in the comments Go back to a previous version at any time
  • 17. GET FEEDBACK ON DOCUMENTS Other ideas: http://www.techsoupcanada.ca/en/community/blog/jane-vs- tierney/challenge-3-document-collaboration
  • 18. TRACK IDEAS Problem: You have all these great ideas and pieces of info and its all on pieces of paper or you forget How to keep track of all this in an easy, organized way?
  • 19. EVERNOTE
  • 20. EVERNOTE S P E C S Cost: free (upgrade to get more space & collaboration features) Platforms: online, Windows, Mac Mobile: app available on all platforms T H I N G S I T W I L L L E T Y O U D O Create text, picture and audio notes Tag your notes to make it easy to find them Access your notes from anywhere
  • 21. TRACK IDEAS Other ideas: Mind mapping is great if you are a visual person http://spyrestudios.com/15-great-mindmapping-tools-and- apps/
  • 22. TRACK TASKS Problem: You have so many tasks to do that you forget about some of them and they slip through the cracks You arent sure what your team is working on Youre working with an outside consultant and arent sure what they are working on
  • 23. ASANA
  • 24. ASANA S P E C S Cost: free for < 30 people Platforms: online Mobile: app for Android and iPhone T H I N G S I T W I L L L E T Y O U D O Assign tasks to yourself and others on multiple projects Get notified when someone completes or comments on a task
  • 25. TRACK TASKS Other ideas: http://www.tripwiremagazine.com/2010/03/35-very-useful- online-tools-for-improving-your-project-management-and- team-collaboration.html Trello (trello.com)
  • 26. TRACK EXPENSES Problem: Tracking and categorizing all your expenses is tedious and time-consuming You dont have an easy way to find out where youre spending your money and how far along you are with your budget, without talking to your accountant You track your expenses in a spreadsheet, which works but is unwieldy
  • 27. MINT.COM
  • 28. MINT.COM S P E C S Cost: free Platforms: online Mobile: app for Android, iPhone and iPad T H I N G S I T W I L L L E T Y O U D O Connect to your credit card to pull in your transactions Categorize your expenses View graphs of your spending over time
  • 29. TRACK EXPENSES Other ideas: http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9231406/10_smartph one_apps_that_can_help_track_your_expenses
  • 30. ACCESS YOUR FILES ANYWHERE Problem: Your work files are stored on your work computer or server To work at home, you bring your laptop home, put your files on a USB drive or email files to yourself This makes it easy to get confused about the versions of files Its also not secure for example, what happens if you lose your USB stick or your personal email gets hacked?
  • 31. DROPBOX
  • 32. DROPBOX S P E C S Cost: 2GB free (upgrade for more space) Platforms: online, Windows, Mac, Linux Mobile: app for Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry T H I N G S I T W I L L L E T Y O U D O Automatically sync files in the Dropbox folder to anywhere you have Dropbox installed, and online Share folders with others
  • 33. ACCESS YOUR FILES ANYWHERE Other ideas: SkyDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, Box.net http://www.techradar.com/news/internet/best-cloud-storage- dropbox-vs-skydrive-vs-google-drive-vs-icloud-1120024 If all you want to do is email large files, You Send It is a good (free) option
  • 34. MAKE QUICK VIDEOS Problem: You have some great pictures from your program or an event You want to put them together into a short video, but you dont have any video editing programs, or any experience
  • 35. ANIMOTO http://animoto.com/play/nLQm0rVbbuM7ivWjpVN37g