10 things you should know before you kill yourself

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  • Hello Sir

    I guess youre pretty serious about committing

    suicide if youre searching for it on the internet.

    Theres a hell of a lot of information out there but I

    wanted to tell you ten things you should know

    before you kill yourself.

  • First of all, I know you are probably a guy. Thats

    because 78% of people who take their own lives are

    male. There are lots of reasons for that, but the

    main one is that you keep everything bottled up

    inside you because youre trying to be there for

    everyone else. You dont have to you know.

    Talking about how youre feeling is the bravest

    thing a man can ever do. But thats not why Im


    Im here to tell you what happens next after you

    decide to end your pain.

  • ONE (1) :

    The person who finds your body is probably your

    wife or one of your kids. You will have chosen a

    method that is violent and the image of your dead

    body with the noose, the gun or the plastic bag will

    be forever etched on the mind of that person who

    finds you.

  • It will be the last thing she sees before she goes to

    sleep and the first image she sees upon waking. It

    will flash into her mind at random moments and

    leave her completely traumatised. She will forever

    associate colours, smells, shapes, and noises with

    that moment when her life was fractured into


  • TWO (2) :

    When the police arrive, they will treat your wife as

    a suspect. Your death will be deemed as

    suspicious and the house will be cordoned off as a

    crime scene. Ambulances, fire-engines and police

    cars will line the street. People will crane their

    necks to see what is going on.

  • Your private decision will become the subject of

    public speculation. The room where you died will

    never be able to be used again. There will be stains

    on the chair, on the carpet, on the walls. Most

    likely, your family will have to move.

  • THREE (3) :

    Your private life will be raked over by the police

    who will go through your wallet, your phone and

    your computer looking for someone to blame for

    your death. All the while, your wife will be unable

    to eat or sleep and her tears will make her beautiful

    eyes haunted and lost.

  • FOUR (4) :

    There will be an autopsy to determine how you

    died. There will be questions about your

    relationship, your job, your finances, your health

    and your drug and alcohol consumption. If youve

    managed to destroy your body in your final act,

    your wife will have to formally identify you.

  • She will no longer remember you as alive and

    breathing, she will only remember you lying still,

    battered and violated on the cold slab of a


    And all the time, the voice in her head will

    scream Why? That voice never stops.

  • FIVE (5) :

    Your wife wont be able to work for a long while

    and the money will run out. It will take months,

    maybe even years for her to get any sort of payout.

    And if you havent left a will, she will have to

    prove to the courts that she is entitled to your

    money. Lawyers will ask if there was another

    woman, other children, another life. She will have

    to prove that she was your wife over and over


  • SIX (6) :

    Your friends and family will find it difficult to

    believe that you did this without provocation. They

    will search for someone to blame. And that person

    will be your wife. They will whisper that she drove

    you to it. They will find it hard to be around her.

    She will have to survive this thing on her own.

  • SEVEN (7) :

    Your wife will blame herself. No matter what the

    circumstances, she will know that she didnt love

    you enough or support you enough to keep you

    alive. Her sense of failure will overwhelm her. She

    will relive the last days and hours before your death

    searching for the moment when she could have

    made a difference.

  • EIGHT (8) :

    If they report your death in the papers, the

    journalist will be deliberately vague. You will join

    the long list of men who have been found dead.

    They will never print the word suicide, but

    everyone will know what happened.

    Smith was found dead at his home in Los

    Angeles. The cause of death has not been

    confirmed, but police have said it did not appear

    to be suspicious. ~ BBC News

  • Even your wife and children will rarely mention the

    word suicide when telling your story. They will

    fabricate a lie to cover their shame and hurt. Saying

    you died of a heart attack is the usual thing.

  • NINE (9) :

    Your son wont have you around to teach him how

    to drive. Your daughter will have no-one to walk

    her down the aisle on her wedding day. Your wife

    wont have a safe place to go when her own pain

    needs soothing. You will miss out on their lives.

  • TEN (10) :

    This pain of losing you doesnt heal. It eventually

    gets numbed by the challenge of getting on with

    life with a part missing, but the thought of you is

    always just below the surface.

  • When you take your life, you take the life of your

    wife, your kids, your parents, your siblings and

    your friends. There is no choice for them. They

    have to live with this burden for the rest of their

    lives. No matter what youve done, no matter

    who you are, no-one will be better off without


    Im not here to tell you what to do with your life.

    Its up to you. All I want to do is tell you what

    really happens to those of us left behind.

  • Sleep on it. Wait until tomorrow. Call someone.


    Stay alive. We need you. We love you more than

    youll ever know.

    If you or someone you know may be at risk of

    suicide contact

    beyondblue 1300 22 46 36, Lifeline 13 11 14

    or Salvo Care Line 1300 36 36 22.



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