10 Things you should (not) do in an interview

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1. 10 things (not) to do in an Interview 2. 1) Dress W(N)isely 3. 2) Smile NiceHave good Eye Contact 4. 3) Always carry your resume along with you. Dont say that you have it online. 5. 4) Go through the companys website Whaaaat? You have a website? 6. 5) Dont jump into discussions on money immediately.Always be open to negotiations. 7. 6) Never backbite about your old firm 8. 7) Ask Sensible Questions How manyHolidays can Itake in a year? 9. 8) Be Confident 10. 9) Listen before you speak 11. 10) Dont try to be over smart 12. Conceived and Birthed By Prason Prason is a creative Presenter and an Online social media expert Write to him atprason@chronicwriter.com