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  2. 2. Safety first is always a crucial motto for your Perth Driving Lesson. Although driving may seem very normal, it can also be very dangerous if youre not paying attention to traffic rules or even when others are not paying attention. Our instructors at Sumit Driving Academy will make defensive driving a priority to ensure you and your passengers stay safe at a Perth Driving Lesson.
  3. 3. During your Driving Lesson Perth try to familiarize yourself with as many road signs as possible and make sure you obey them. OBEY ALLTHE ROAD SIGNS1
  4. 4. It is law in Australia for all drivers and passengers to wear seatbelts. It is also law for children to be in approved child restraints. SEATBELTS AND CHILD RESTRAINTS2
  5. 5. No handheld mobile phone usage is permitted whilst driving or sitting behind the wheel while the engine is running. NO MOBILE PHONES3
  6. 6. A large part of the driving test is based on your knowledge of different road markings. Road markings are just like road signs and must be obeyed. ROAD MARKINGS4
  7. 7. The speed limit is the maximum speed permitted on that road and you must not drive above that speed during your Perth Driving Lesson or at any time. Be especially careful in residential areas and school zones. DRIVE WITHIN SPEED LIMITS5
  8. 8. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is extremely dangerous and there are very serious penalties applying to these offences. ALCOHOL AND DRUGS6
  9. 9. Being aware of weather conditions and planning your trip in advance is always recommended for safe travelling. ROAD CONDITIONS7
  10. 10. Wildlife and grazing cattle on the roadside may cross in front of your vehicle. Travelling at a safe speed and being observant is always recommended on country roads. WILDLIFE AND LIVESTOCK8
  11. 11. Use extreme care when you try to overtake a road train or truck. Ensure the oncoming lane is clear of all traffic for a long distance. It is always much safer to overtake vehicles using the allocated overtaking lanes. ARTICULATEDTRUCKS9
  12. 12. 000 is the contact number for the Police, Ambulance or Fire Brigade EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE10
  13. 13. CONTACT SUMIT DRIVING ACADEMY Address - 23 Altone road, Lockridge, Perth WA 6054 Phone - 0449 255 716 Email - sumitbillag@gmail.com Website - www.sumitdrivingacademy.com.au