10 tips for gamifying any experience (including the experience of change)

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Change is hard, but playing games is fun - gaming change is all part of the fun. Use the foundational attributes of highly effective and engaging games to amplify your fun in experiencing change. For a video version of this presentation including a detailed description of each of the 10 attributes for creating highly engaging and affective games, visit: http://tiny.cc/n5qbkx


  • 10 tips to gamify anything Dr. Richard Harmer Ideapreneur www.richardharmer.com (including the experience of change)
  • So what?
  • Gaming [the experience of] change Current Game Different Game
  • Game Attribute #1: Goals
  • Game Attribute #2: Rules
  • Game Attribute #3: Risk
  • Game Attribute #4: Reward
  • Game Attribute #5: Feedback
  • Game Attribute #6: Social Sharing
  • Game Attribute #7: Momentum
  • Game Attribute #8: Challenge
  • Game Attribute #9: Choice (Voluntary Participation)
  • Game Attribute #10: Fun
  • Now what?
  • 1. Define the games primary goal 2. Decide the rules for playing the game 3. Confirm your risk tolerance 4. Create motivating rewards 5. Establish feedback loops 6. Engage in social sharing 7. Maintain momentum 8. Monitor the games challenge 9. Acknowledge your choice to play 10. Amplify FUN!
  • Play A Different Game Dr. Richard Harmer Ideapreneur