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10 tips to get more fromSage CRM

sagecrm.comsagecrm.com01Do you thrive on social media?sagecrm.comInside Sage CRM you can leverageTwitter, YammerFacebook & LinkedIn

sagecrm.com02Do you know where your customers are?sagecrm.comSet up Google Alerts for information about customers and display this as an RSS feed on your dashboardsagecrm.com03Do you find reports useful?sagecrm.comSuit your business needs by creating a custom report

sagecrm.com04Do you live inOutlook?sagecrm.comYou can synchroniseSage CRM with Outlook emails & contacts sagecrm.com

Ready for a break?Visit the Sage Community community.sagecrm.com


sagecrm.comsagecrm.com05Are yourcontactscurrent?sagecrm.comSage CRM works better when you update or delete old contactssagecrm.com06Does your data live in more than one place?sagecrm.comSage CRM works best when it holds all of your customer data

sagecrm.com07Are KPIs important to you?sagecrm.comIn Sage CRM, you can set and manage Key Performance Indicators


Are you running a marketing or sales campaign?sagecrm.comConsider matching revenue to a campaign and tracking ROIsagecrm.com09Do you like to listen to yourcustomers?sagecrm.comIn Sage CRM, you can store information on customer conversationssagecrm.com10

Need help?sagecrm.comYou can watch tutorial videos, read FAQs and speak to ourcommunity

sagecrm.comAccelerate your business success with Sage CRMwww.sagecrm.comGet Social with Sage CRM & stay up to date