10 ways to make your computer run faster

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10 Ways To Make Your Computer Run Faster

10 Ways To Make Your Computer Run Faster

What if your pc starts running slow? Would you opt to buy a new one? Of course no. In a day to day operations, you may be across this problem several times and you cant keep changing your computer. The frustrating poor performance leaves nothing but a repair service at the nearest technical support service or looking for an answer of how can I fix my computer over the internet?

Uninstalling Useless Programs

This should be in the top of your list of your how can I fix my computer question. Your pc might be having lots of application and software that you may have never used.

For having the best pc support for your device, you need to uninstall these programs, because sometimes they just start in the background and decrease systems efficiency.

Deleting Temporary Files

These are the files which are amassed in your drive when you were browsing the internet or saving the cookies. This may turn out a problem for your systems performance and your pc starts running slow.

This could be solved with no technical support whatsoever. You just need to delete the files present in the temp folder located in your C:\ drive.

Installing SS drive & Expanding the Memory

These are solid state drives, specially designed for fastening the speed of computer. However, they are kind of bit costly, but having these drives installed would surely give the smooth performance. If you are fond of keeping all the files, documents, and movies in your computer and doesnt like to delete them at all, then you better have large storage capacity. Installing hard drives over 1 TB would do the job. You could get this from a laptop repair and computer repair shops.

Preventing Unwanted Start-ups

For preventing unwanted programs to get started, just type run in the search bar of window. Type msconfig into the space provided and click ok. Select start up as an option and you will find a list of programs running. You can choose by right clicking them and then disabling them.

Buying RAM & Defragmentation

You could always buy more RAM that fits your system configuration. Our pc support team would advise you to have the RAM not less 4 GB for the smooth system performance. Get it installed from professional laptop repair and computer repair services.

You could do this by opening the properties of your hard drive (right click on the C:\ drive). The optimization and defragmentation option under the tools would do the job.

Disk Clean-up & Static IP

Disk clean-up option could be find under the same properties of your C:\ drive. Find it under the general option and just click on Disk Cleanup. Your system takes most of the time in searching for IP address. So, if you could provide it with the static IP then it will save much of the time for a network to find the desired IP address. You just need to change the adapter setting by entering the IP address. For finding the right IP, subnet mask, and default gateway just type IPCONFIG/ALL in the command prompt.

Hovering Dust

You can use the hover for cleaning by choosing either the suction mode for taking the dust from the system or reserve mode by blowing air into the system. Just make sure to start the process after switching off the system for about half an hour.

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