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10 Ways to Stick With Your ExerciseRegimen

If you want to keep fit or lose weight, it all begins with one step; that is convincing yourself there is indeed a need to do so. Then comes the next step, which is finding the way you are going to achieve your goal. Diets and workout regiments are a dime a dozen these days, and they are often a source for much confusion.There is a solution available that will clear up the facts for you. Doctor supervised weight loss programs utilize a medical professionals knowledge of the human body to reach results. What could be better than having a trained professional advising you? Once you begin your program, you want to follow through with it to attain results. Here are 10 ways to help you stick with it:1. Set realistic goals. What usually causes you to lose motivation is losing sight of the goal. Not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Before you start, make sure that your goals are realistic. If you plan to lose 15 pounds in three days, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Make sure that whatever you and your doctor set, you can whole heartedly commit to it.2. Schedule in 30 minutes per day. You should not overwork yourself unless you want to wake up the next day with aches and pains all over your body. You only need 30 minutes of exercise per day and should make it a normal part of your routine. If it is not possible, you can break it into three 10-minute workouts or two 15-minute workouts. Small, manageable changes are key.3. Keep a fitness journal. Another effective way to keep you motivated is to keep a journal of your exercise. Jot down how many minutes you worked out on the treadmill or bike. Indicate how many miles you ran today. You will soon want to be able to write something in every day.4. Find a partner. Not only is another person helpful for spotting you on a bench press, they are a source for motivation and accountability. It is much more difficult to bail on a workout when someone is waiting for you, than when no one is. This is a way you and a partner can positively affect each others lives.5. Keep at it. Do not think of your exercise regimen as just an exercise. You have to make it a habit, and a part of your routine. When you do so, you never have to think about it or schedule it. You will just do it automatically,like brushing your teeth hopefully.6. Start slow and do not push too hard. Doctor weight loss clinics also advise you to start slow. You cannot see signs of your progress overnight. Oftentimes, it takes weeks and months. I heard a quote that said after 4 weeks youll notice a difference, after 8 your friends and family will and after 12, acquaintance will as well.7. Mix it up. Do variations to your exercises. If today you do cardio exercises, then tomorrow you can do exercises that improve your strength.8. Learn to enjoy. As people say, if you love your work, you do not have to work a single day of your life. That saying works the same way when exercising. Listen to your favorite tunes and enjoy doing good for yourself.9. Pace yourself. Let your body take some time to recharge. Do not exhaust it in one exercise session. Make sure you leave some energy for it to sustain the rest of the day.10. Track your progress. Set a day to regular check the scale for progress. Track your progress in your journal. Other than that, you can check and feel how the fit of your clothes changes. Its a good feeling when you have to go shopping to go a size smaller!If you are interested in starting a doctor supervised weight loss program, you can reach out to DocWeightLoss in Jacksonville or Orange Park, Florida. They will get you started on a plan that fits your specific needs and you can stick with it using these 10 tips.For more information please visit: Medical programs jax.