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How many ways have you used to unblocked the internet censorship and get access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or some other sites blocked in your country or area? I have used a ton, such as Proxy, SSH, VPN and many other anti-censorship tools, since which may be blocked, too, the more you have, the safer you will be. This book will show you over 100 free anti-censorship tools (including VPN, SSH, Proxy and even more) as well as how to use them to get access to those blocked sites in your area.


  • 1. 100+ Free Tools For You To Access Blocked Sites Young, YangCreative Commons - BY -- 2012

2. DedicationThis book is dedicated to my dear mother, who doesnt care about internetfreedom, but only her children and grandchildren, so that I have time towrite.This book is also dedicated to my dear motherland China, where there isGFW which blocks internet freedom, so that I have to write something abouthow to unblock blocked sites. 3. AcknowledgementsAmong all those free anti-censorship tools mentioned in this book, none iscreated by myself, and I just test and share them and tell people how to usethem.So, thanks to the authors who develop and share those free VPN, SSH, Proxyand/or any other anti-censorship tools. 4. Table of ContentsPreface2My Internet Freedom Declaration2Chapter One4Free Online Proxies4Chapter Two 10Free Proxy Softwares10Part One: Ultrasurf 11Part Two: Freegate15Part Three: Tor 20Part Four: GAppProxy25Part Five: Goagent35Part Six: Hyk-proxy 43Part Seven: Snova 52Part Seven Section One: The Easiest Ways To Use Snova 57Part Seven Section Two: How To Use Snova On GAE 60Part Seven Section Three: How To Use Snova On Cloud Foundry 67Part Seven Section Four: How To Use Snova On Heroku 75Part Seven Section Five: How To Use Snova On OpenShift81Part Seven Section Six: How To Use Snova On Jelastic89Part Eight: Best 2 Extensions For You To Manage Network Proxy Settings96Chapter Three 99Free VPN Services 99Part One: Free PPTP VPN Services 100Part Two: Free VPN Softwares 108Part Three: How To Build A VPN 114Part Three Section One: How To Build A PPTP VPN116Part Three Section Two: How To Build A L2TP VPN120Part Three Section Three: How To Build An OpenVPN127Part Four: How To Set Up VPN 133Chapter Four 135Free SSH Services135Part One: Free SSH Tunnels 136Part Two: How To Create A SSH Tunnel 141Part Three: How To Connect To SSH Tunnel 144Chapter Five 147The Differences Among Proxy, SSH And VPN 147Chapter Six150How To Access Blocked Sites With Google Reader 150Chapter Seven153How To Access Blocked Sites With The Hosts File153Chapter Eight157How To Access Blocked Sites Via gogoCLIENT 5. 157Chapter Nine164How To Check If A Site Is Blocked 164Part One: Check If A Site Is Blocked With Anti-censorship Tools 165Part Two: Check If A Site Is Blocked By Pinging It166Part Three: Top 10 Websites For You To Check If A Site Is Blocked 167Part Four: Check If A Site Is Blocked In China With WebSitePulse173Chapter Ten 175Appendix175Part One: Top 10 Websites Blocked in China176Part Two: Countries That Block Facebook 181Subsequent182This Book Is Free 182 6. PrefaceMy Internet Freedom Declaration Preface My Internet Freedom DeclarationWhile there is no definition, someone declares five basic principles of Internet Freedom, which areExpression, Access, Openness, Innovation and Privacy.As a man living in China, I totally agree with those 5 principles and know how import internet freedom willbe, since you might go to jail by a message you posted online, fail to visit Facebook, Twitter, YouTube andmany other websites, get your website shut down because of one criticized post, and even find out that yourprivate chat history were released to the police without any court document, so on and so forth.Sounds horrible, right? But which were all happened in the Chinese internet world.Since 2007, I have fought against the GFW (great firewall) the biggest part of Internet Censorship in China,by testing free anti-censorship tools as many as possible and sharing them on my blogs, both Free Nuts andJing Pin (in Chinese).Up till now, I have tested and introduced over 100 free anti-censorship tools, including VPN, Proxy, SSH andmore, among which, some may be not available any more when you are reading this book, but luckily, therewill be always some new tools, and I will keep an eye on them.1 7. PrefaceMy Internet Freedom DeclarationImage Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/talkradionews/4294790603/ 2 8. Chapter OneFree Online Proxies Chapter OneFree Online ProxiesThe main advantage of online proxy websites (or web proxies) is that you dont need to install anything norto make any configuration, just to look out those pop-up ads.If you can bear those ads, and want to get access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and/or any other websitesthat blocked in your area, or just want to be anonymous, then you can check out the following top 100 freeonline proxies:1. Aniscartujo.comThe Aniscartujo web proxy is workable for both computers and mobile phones.2. Anonproxy.euWith Anonproxy.eu, you can encode URL/page and allow cookies. 3 9. Chapter OneFree Online Proxies3. Btunnel.comThe Btunnel.com web proxy is available for you to delete cookies, to remove scripts, and to hide referrers,but there will be a boring pop-up ad on the homepage.4. Daveproxy.co.ukA UK web proxy which supports JavaScript well.5. Dtunnel.comNearly same as Btunnel.com.6. Free-web-proxy.deThis web proxy allows you to watch YouTube videos as well as to download them in MP4 files.7. Fproxy.nlNearly same as Anonproxy.eu.8. Goodproxy.euGoodproxy.eu is powered by Glype, but not available for you to visit the YouTube website.9. Hidemyass.comThe Hide My Ass web proxy is available for you to enable SSL security, to disable flash & Javascript, or toselect encrypted URL obfuscation.10. Kproxy.comHttps protocol is supported and downloads are allowed by Kproxy.com.11. Megaproxy.com/freesurfThe Magaproxy free version is free of pop-up ads.12. Peacefire.org/circumventorOn the website, you will get one URL of a web proxy, if which is blocked, you can subscribe to its lists formore.4 10. Chapter OneFree Online Proxies13. Polysolve.comNearly same as Btunnel.com.14. Proxyweb.com.esThe input box is between 2 large ad banners.15. Safeforwork.netWith SafeForWork.net, you can remove cookies/scripts, hide referrers and show entry form.16. Shieldproxy.comThis web proxy is very simple with just an address box in its homepage.17. Smscut.com/onlinesonicOnline Sonic will translate the languages of the target websites into French.18. Surfagain.comSurfagain.com is available for you to watch YouTube videos.19. Surfinweb.tkSurfinweb.tk is available for you to watch YouTube videos, too.20. TryCatchMe.comThe effect of TryCatchMe is nearly same as Daveproxy.21. Vtunnel.comNearly same as Btunnel.com.22-41 Aproxy.org (20)The Aproxy.org website offers tens of links to different free online proxies, among which, the following 20are the workable and best during my test: Dxyh.com 5 11. Chapter OneFree Online Proxies Fubian.com Isityet.net Lovetogetby.com Ninjacloak.com Proxy-free.org Proxy4surf.info Proxypolice.com Proxyhasty.com Renewmyip.com Resellerzone.us Surfnewip.com Super-affiliate.in Theninjacloak.com Topbits.us Unblock-internet.ws Vvwa.com Vectroproxy.com Web4surf.com Web4proxy.org42-60. Centurian.org (19)The Centurian.org website offers about 100 proxies, among which, the following 19 are the best andworkable during my test: 0010site.info 00011site.info 7us.info Free-pro.info Iweb20.info Justbrowse.info Longbuluo.info Luispro.com Microxy.com Myservus.info Mywebproxy.net newsurf.info Proxy2free.net School-proxy.us Stripcomprox.info Unblockwebsite.org Usaproxies.com 6 12. Chapter OneFree Online Proxies Vectrotunnel.com Xeronet-proxy.com61-100. Proxymeup.com (40)There are over 50 workable web proxy tools on the proxymeup.com website, and the following 40 are thebest up till now: 007007007.eu 123proxy.eu 2fastproxy.tk Aaaproxy.eu Awesomeproxy.eu Bypassme.in Crochetheart.com Devilproxy.eu Hideproxy.eu Homeproxy.com Healthycheapeating.com Iwebproxy.net Iunblock.in Myproxy2day.info Manghun.com Mydoggieneeds.com My-proxy.olympe.in Newenergytomorrow.info Newtattooonline.com Olympicproxy.net Ondrej.me Proxy000.eu Proxy007.eu Proxy-fre.com Proxytools.info Proxme.net Proxy4you.eu Proxyforfree.eu Proxy-ss.olympe.in Proxymonkey.org Proxy-best.com Rockvideo.cz Securewebproxy.net Spem.at 7 13. Chapter OneFree Online Proxies Unblocker4u.com Usawebproxy.net Ultimateformalwear.com Websurf.in Workproxy.net Yellowproxy.netTo use any of the above 100 free online proxies, you can enter the URL of a blocked site in the input box,and press the Enter key or click on the "Go" button, then you can unblock and visit the site.Among the above 100 free online proxies, some of them may be blocked in your area (such as China) whenyou read this e-book, but luckily, some of them will be still workable, too. 8 14. Chapter TwoFree Proxy SoftwaresChapter TwoFree Proxy SoftwaresAlthough both are proxies, desktop softwares are different from online websites.While online proxies are full of ads, there are less or even no ads for proxy desktop softwares; while you canuse online proxies directly, you need to download and install their clients before you can use those proxysoftwares.If the websites of those proxy softwares are blocked in your area (such as China), it is a good idea for you touse free online proxies to visit them.Among those free proxy softwares, the following 7 are the best:1. Ultrasurf;2. Freegate;3. Tor;4. GappProxy;5. Goagent;6. Hyk-proxy;7. Snova.9 15. Chapter TwoPart One: Ultrasurf Part One: UltrasurfAs one of the best proxy softwares, Ultrasurf is very easy to use without any installation.The following will show you how to use it in 3 steps:1. Download UltrasurfOpen the Ultrasurf.us site, and click on the "FREE DOWNLOAD" button on the right top, then you candownload the Ultrasurf client as a ZIP file.In case the Ultrasurf.us site is blocked in your area (such as China), you can use some other proxies, SSHtunnels or VPN services to unblock it.2. Run Ultrasurf10 16. Chapter TwoPart One: UltrasurfAfter download, extract the ZIP file, then you can get an EXE file, open which, you can run Ultrasurfdirectly.In case you come across with a Windows Security Alert, such as what you can see from the following image:11 17. Chapter TwoPart One: UltrasurfJust click on the "Allow access" button, then