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  • 1. 1001 fortllinger om Danmark 50 temaer 1001 stories 200 experts50 themesMette BomCampaign advisorMinistry of Culture 1Barcelona, spring 2013 Denmark

2. Agenda What is 1001 and why? Our time a shift of paradigms 1001 statistics Campaigning heritage in a socialmedia reality Elements in the 1001-campaign Good advice is free (today) Questions and Answers Things to remember2 3. What is 1001 stories aboutDenmark? 3 4. A place where users tell us new storiesabout places in Denmark The police head quarters -Cph03/27/13 4 5. And develop content..Would it be possible to download the stories aspodcasts? Because then my custermer can listento them all the way from the airportLimousine driver, Cph 5 6. and comment on each others stories6 7. And contribute withpictures of their culturallegacy7 8. User picture from m 8 9. Picture from Jgersborg Animal park9 10. Picture from the food store Irmas coffee roasterfactory, Rdovre 10 11. Picture from the collective Vennelyst 11 12. Picture from Feggeklit and Skarrehagepier work12 13. Why a user driven website? 13 14. Nudging: to move and pushusers and stakeholders14 15. And to: engage young people get out of the museums share data og love boost culture turism engage locals 15 16. And to move ourselves and ourusers from16 17. the traditional approach to heritage 18. to a modern and interactiveapproach18 19. Nudging: so we will move something inour users in order for them to movesomething in us(Danish) cultural heritage 19 20. We wanted to show peoplethat cultural heritage isdiverse- so we adopted a broadheritage understanding.20 21. From the local grill the airportfrom grill bars 03/27/1321 22. To worldheritage22 23. from twin passage graves 24. to Roskilde Festival 25. From industrial culture 26. to hippie communes 27. Social media mark a shift inparadigms 27 28. within communication: from hierarchicalone-way communication 28 03/27/13 29. to a bazaar-like form of communication To the bazaar29 30. in business strategy andcorporate governance:- from companysecrets tocompanysharing30 31. Lego & Starbucks ReBrick is a social media platform whereadults share and communicate about theLEGO they build Starbucks 31.898.834 people talking aboutcoffee and recipes 32. New customer relations and communicationLetter from Alexander Kanto to YouSee (TVstreaming channel):A love letter where Alexander states that he has tobreak up with YouSee because he doesnt feel itanymore and has meet someone else a newstreaming company 33. YouSees answer to AlexanderDear Alexander,Im sad that youve found someoneelse. Im not stupid though, I had seenit coming because lately youveseemed rather unengaged andcareless about us. 34. A shift in paradigms that nobodyknows what is leading to! No one company, no one specialty, no one individual has all the answers to address the fundamental changes taking place. The changes are too sweeping, too fast moving, too complex for anyone to talk in absolutes. Were still in the early stages of a media disruption that affects marketing communications in ways yet be fully understood Chris Perry, Advertising Age 34 35. And a shift in our perception ofdemocracy:Everybody can joinregardless of race,class, sex or politicalstands 35 36. Out reach democracy 8 million people watched Obamas 37 min.speech on race at youtube, 1 mio on his ownpage 7 mio. saw him dance at the Ellen Generesshow36 37. The U.S. presidential election2012 :With 10.3 million tweets in one week, the Denver debatebecame the most discussed political event in U.S. history.- more discussed than the democratic convent (9.5 mill.tweets in one week) and the republican convent (4 mill.tweets in one week) 38. Political nudging:30 percent of registered voters have beenencouraged to vote by their friends and family onsocial networks, while 20 percent of registeredvoters have encouraged others to vote by postingon a social networking site such as Facebook (FB) orTwitter.Pew Research Centers Internet & American Life Project reporton Social Media and Voting, 39. 1001 in numbers Return onOnline Investment? 39 40. What did 1001 cost?website: 985.000 EUR from funding 402.000 EUR to project management 67.000 EUR for beta development 2010App: 47.000 EUR for iPhone og Android app 67.000 EUR for routes 13.500 EUR annual budget 2011 and 2012 40 41. Sitet in numbers user created content +30.000 monthly users (increasing) 2000 new profiles 500 new places/stories 5.000 pictures 3.500 comments (600 valid) 4.700 tags (DK) 4.000 (UK) 3.000 links 9.000 iPhone app + 4.000 Android 1.206 dk Facebookfans, 800 users 8.000 external links 80 active widgets41 42. More platforms Sharing information, experiences and users WWW 1001stories.dk (eng) mobilsite,iPhoneapp+ Android Widgets/iframes Webservices DR,DBC GPS Facebook Newsletter, Rssfeeds, podcast YouTube Google Adwords og 42 42SEO 43. Campaigning heritage in a social media realityTraffic and users dont comeeasy no matter how excitingyour content is 43 44. You have to workfor it! 44 45. Sociale media is A place for grooming (RobinDunbar) A place to be attractive toothers And socialize45 46. Elements in the 1001- campaign: A detailed PR-plan Use celebrities Media campaigns in local andnational media International presentations andPR about the site Post launches ex. newdevelopment (apps, routes) New campaigns New media campaigns46 47. A new campaign European stories 48. Partner collaborations via widgets &webservicesmunicipalitiesVisitDk local sites Danish Broadcasting CooperationMuseums 48 49. SEO and linkbuildingLinks from other sites are vital for yourtraffic!July 2010 - Jan 201290.869 visits from 2.018references!49 50. Where do our userscome from? References has mainly been created via SEO and link building 50 51. Other sites like 1001:www.platsr.se andwww.digitaltfortalt.no 51 52. All over the world the same trend Share, share, shareGoogle art projectEuropeana.org52 53. questions today: Does the digital world promote the most poplarheritage sites? Yes and no What opportunities will online media give for userinvolvement in the determination of pictures? Thedigital media makes it possible to involve citizens What thoughts and visions will the user have whenhe/she upload pictures on the web? Hear me, see me!or hear it see it Where do we want to be visible? Where the others are- in niches Does the digital universe change our perception of thepictures and place? No, I do not think so Who will expose the material? The state? Google?Governmental Culture Agencies? or local institutions?All are co-creators of the history that is the point 53 54. Things to remember 54 55. Use social media to: Communicate directly with your users Increase visibility on many platforms24/7 Fundraise Listen to the grapvine Change attitudes Its easy and cheap 55 56. Dont use social media if you: Close at 5 pm Dont have the time or ressourcesto respond Only want to make smalllike-revolutions are secretive and dont want toshare your knowledge 56 57. Remember humor! 58. Other advice to social media campaigning: make language versions think about your operating budget from thebeginning Use tracking, linkbuilding and SEO make webservices, widget & share, share, share tailor your message & use the press try new stuff - be brave ask and use your users Have fun!58 59. And remember:There aint no such thing as a free lunch 60. Users are nice but needy:Love them, lead them, listen tothem, engage them 60 61. Thank you! See you at: www.1001fortllinger.dk www.1001stories.dk The more you know, the more you care & the more you share.61