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Collection of short stories created using Bridge 21 collaboration.


  • 101 Short Stories

    Mercy College Sligo Chapel Street, Co. Sligo, Ireland

    www.mercycollegesligo.ie mercycollegesligo@eircom.net

    071-9143476 Teacher: D. Kearins

  • Table of Contents

    Prologue 1

    Chapter 1 Little things by Lana Nevin 3

    Chapter 2 My Paradise by Leah Kelly 5

    Chapter 3 Halloween Horror by Deia Carbonell 9

    Chapter 4 Modern Fairy Tale by Leanne McGoldrick 13

    Chapter 5 Fishy Story by Anastasia Vakhtina 17

    Chapter 6 Disaster by Aoife Kelly 21

    Chapter 7 Bullies Dont Win by Aishling Burke 23

    Chapter 8 Everything Had Changed by Sarah Armstrong 27

    Chapter 9 The Storm by Hannah Monaghan 31

    Chapter 10 The Talking Dog by Chloe McManus 35

    Chapter 11 Davids Dream by Mary Agou 37

    Chapter 12 The Egg by Melissa Cox 39

    Chapter 13 Carpe Diem by Calisha Devaney 43

    Chapter 14 Terror by Danielle Callaghan 45

    Chapter 15 Electric Chair by Grace Filan 49

    Chapter 16 Night I Would Never Forget by Jade Gaffney 53

    Chapter 17 Love Story! by Leah Fox 55

    Chapter 18 Disaster Struck by Tammy McGynne 57

    Chapter 19 Wishes by Mary Stenson 61

    Chapter 20 The End by Amy Conlon 65

    Epilogue 69

  • 2


    We waited for the teacher in the last classroom of the corridor. It was also

    the coldest. I stared around our classroom. There were twenty of us, all

    waiting for English class to begin. I sat rubbing my cold hands. The cold

    draught from the window had banged the classroom door shut. I could

    smell the bar of chocolate as my friend gobbled it quickly. I could almost

    taste it as my stomach rumbled, pleading for food.

    All of a sudden I heard the key being placed in the door. It was the teacher.


    That does not sound normal.

    Damn it, I heard the teacher say. Girls, I will be back in a minute.

    A few minutes later the teacher came back but I could also hear the

    caretakers worried voice.

    Girls I called a friend who can fix this but, for now, you are stuck in the


  • 3

    As I looked around I could see scared faces, worried faces and happy ones.

    Then one of the girls stood up. Her light brown hair fell softly around her

    pale face. Ashling had big blue eyes and rosy cheeks.

    Lets tell some stories to pass the time, Ashling suggested.

    "Ok I will go first," Lana replied.................

  • 4

    Chapter 1

    anas Story

    Little Things

    As I sat in the brightly coloured surgery, it still felt like a dark, dull

    closed in room. The smell of prednisone hung in the air as the white cleaned

    pressed uniform of the medical staff moved around me. With nerves, my

    heart pounded out of my chest, I felt the liquid spurt into my body. It was

    the prednisone. I felt myself plunging deeper into the cold surgical


    I could see the glistening white teeth of the surgeon smile at me. I could lip

    read him saying.

    Itll be fine.

    My eye lids felt like heavy stones as they slowly closed

    and I drifted into a light sleep.

    I dreamt that there was someone who could save me from all this pain and

    sorrow. I needed a superman, a superhuman, someone who would brighten

    my day. Instead of being stuck here, alone, I wish there was someone out

    there who could make me happy. Who could take all this pain away and let

    me live my life instead of being stuck in here?

    I awoke as I heard the crackling sound of the bin bag. I blinked my eyes a

    few time to see Ben, the bin man. Hes short and stubby and I could hear his

    deep jolly laugh.

    Afternoon Ashling!!


  • 5

    I smiled and tried not to make eye contact with his sparking blue eyes that

    you could see for miles. I was so depressed; I didnt even want to talk.

    As he left the room I was aware of what was going on around me. I saw

    buildings from a distance through the small window in my room. I also

    spotted a bunch of needles in a cup filled with all the drugs to keep alive. A

    mad notation went through my head. I could grab a needle and stick it in to

    my vein. Then I could grab two more with my sweaty shaking hands and

    stick them in. All of a sudden I felt weak and dreary. I was thinking of


    Suddenly I heard a jolly laugh coming from the hallway. Then I saw the

    handle of the door press down as Ben walk in. He didnt notice anything as

    he continued with a joke he came in to tell me. He was laughing so much I

    couldnt understand what he was saying but all of a sudden I burst into tears

    of laughter. I realised straight away as Ben left the room that he was hero.

    I know it might sound silly but Ben comes into me every day and talks and

    smiles and never has a sad face. Even when I ignore him, he still comes in

    and empties the dirty bin and tells me a joke. I realised that I might have a

    bad life but Ben has a bad job. Yet he still manages to make my day just by

    having a big smile on his face and getting on with his life. Things may be

    hard and things may get harder but all these little things get me through the

    day. Sometimes supermen or superheroes are the people we see every day.

    Lana Nevin

  • 6

    Chapter 2

    Leahs Story

    My Paradise

    The crowd hushed. The silence was defining. I delicately placed the

    ball on the penalty spot. I took exactly five steps back. Then I slowly walked

    up and hit the shiny, almost spotless new Nike football. The silence was

    eerie. 50,000 people stared at me but I could almost hear a seagull cawing

    high in the June sky. The blinding yellow sun blazed its heat down upon my

    sweating head. The Nike football seemed to move in slow motion from my

    foot. It was as if time had stood still. The noise from the crowd went from

    silence to an almost deafening crescendo. It was as if a God had suddenly

    turned the volume for planet Earth from 0-maximum. I looked at the goal

    hoping the ball would beat the keeper and put us 2:1 up.

    It all started when I was ten years old and I joined Strand Celtic. I loved it

    and I gradually got better and better. Then as

    I got older I got to play in a more central role.

    I was inspired by many people who had gone

    on and played on Ireland squads and it was

    always my dream. Then one day I was asked

    to go to an Ireland trial and I couldnt miss

    out on an opportunity like this. The trial was

    in Dublin on a lovely summers day. The car journey up was unpleasant at

    best. I was very nervous and, when I began playing at the trial, I wasnt

    playing as I used to. However I hoped I would get better and they would pick


  • 7

    me. It was a nervous wait as I waited for the call that would pronounce me

    an Ireland player.

    Two years later I was not only an Ireland player, I was also playing for

    Liverpool (my favourite team since I was a child.) I was playing with players

    who played in Champions League Finals and probably even World Cups.

    It was the day before the Champions League Final. We were doing intense

    training. We would be playing Man United, the hardest opposition in our

    league. I didnt know whether or not I would be playing. The wait for the

    game was agonising and I found it hard to even eat.

    Finally the day was here. The game would start at eight oclock. It was all

    over the news. People were coming from all over the world to see it. But I

    was not thinking about the big shiny trophy you got if you won and the big

    parties after the game. I was thinking about the big opportunity this was

    and how, if I played well, I would become a regular starter for the team.

    The game was getting closer and closer and the nerves were building. We

    were in the dressing room waiting for Brendon Rodgers to come in and

    announce the starting eleven. My yellow Predator boots lay on the ground

    and I hoped that they would get an opportunity to play in this very famous

    Aviva Stadium. Rodgers named the team but unfortunately I wasnt starting.

    However I knew that I would play for some of the match.

    As the game went on you could see we were struggling in the right midfield

    position but the game stood at 1:1 at half time. We listened to Brendon

    Rodgers summarise the first half.

    Then I heard Leah warm up, youll be going on in right midfield.

    I was delighted and I ran onto the pitch with a smile that went from ear to


  • 8

    The second half began and we had all the possession but we just couldnt

    seem to find the target. I feared that Man United would score a goal against

    the run of play but the game stayed at 1:1 with only minor chances for each

    side. Then on the ninetieth minute, I was running up the field with only the

    keeper to beat. I did a step over and tried to take the ball past the keeper

    but I was tripped up. I fell dramatically to the ground. I looked at the

    referee hoping he would award a penalty. He pointed to the spot. I jumped

    up with delight.

    I know it seemed antitheses but the shiny almost spotless Nike ball flew like

    a rocket in slow motion towards the top right hand corner of the net. I had