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  • 01.00 Use the touch method in operating the keyboard and numeric keypad

    Objective 1.03 Execute the touch method in operating number and symbol keys

    01.03 6511 Keyboarding

  • Posture and Technique ReviewSit up straightFeet flat on the floorBody centered in front of the computerElbows naturally by sideFingers curvedWrists low, but not touching the keyboardQuick, snappy strokes

    01.03 6511 Keyboarding

  • Quick down and in motion of the thumbRight pinky used for the enter key; other fingers remain on the home rowExamine the number keys carefully to form a mental picture of the layout. Keep your eyes on the copy (what you are typing from, not the keyboard and your fingers)Place your fingers on the center of each key with the fingers slightly curvedStrike keys firmly and release them quickly

    Posture and Technique Review--continued

    01.03 6511 Keyboarding

  • Home Row Keys Review

    01.03 6511 Keyboarding

  • Keyboard Fingering LayoutNumber and Symbol Keys

    01.03 6511 Keyboarding

  • Spacing Around Symbols. (period)space once after when used with abbreviations or initials, space twice after at the end of a sentence, (comma)space once after; (semi-colon)space once after: (colon)space twice after except when stating time? (question mark)space twice after at the end of a sentence* (asterisk)no space between word and symbol! (exclamation point)space twice after at the end of a sentence@ (at)one space before and after except in an email address# (number/pound symbol)no space between figure and symbol$ (dollar sign)no space after (quotation)no space after beginning, one space after ending

    01.03 6511 Keyboarding

  • Spacing--continued- (hyphen)no space before or after (dash)no space before or after/ (slash or diagonal)no space before or after+ (plus)one space before and after> (greater than)no space before or after< (less than)no space before or after( (left parenthesis)no space after) (right parenthesis)no space before, one space after = (equals)space before and after (apostrophe)no space before or after& (ampersand)space once before and after% (percent)no space before

    01.03 6511 Keyboarding