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1069 NE 39th Ave Offer Instruction Pkg




Seller: SpecializedAssetManagementLLC,8742LucentBlvdSTE575HighlandsRanchCO,80129 Seller`sClosingAgent: SpecializedTitleServicesLLC 8742LucentBlvd.,Ste575HighlandsRanch,CO80129 Tele:(866)6258133 Fax:7202417516 ListingAgent:MichaelA.Hoo Direct:7863677705 TextMessage:7863677705 email:michaelhoo@bargain4homes.com HOA: PortofinoPalmsatWaterstone ContinentalPropertyManagement Address:5805BlueLagoonDr#310MiamiFl33126 PropertyManager:MariaMijares Contact:IvanArguello AdministrativeAssistant WaterstoneII 1355WaterstoneWay H Homestead, d FL33033 email:ivanwaterstone2@gmail.com Tele:3052464927 Master Maintenance MonthlyFee $19.50 $85.50 $105.00

ScopeofCoverage: Coverage ClubHouse, House gate, gate commonareasmaintenance, maintenance InsuranceBoardforBoardMembers&Front&BackLawnmaintenance HOAAPPLICATION:NOAPPROVALREQUIREDFOROWNERS Utilities: CityofHomestead:Water,Garbage,Sewer&Electricity Tele:3052244800







2:CompleteyourOfferwithaFARBARASIScontract,HOA,ChineseDryWall,MoldandifapplicableLeadBaseddisclosure. POFlessthan30days,ArticlesofIncorporationifapplicable.Selleraddendumswillfollowuponcountered orcompleteacceptanceofanoffer.Prequalification/Preapproval/DUFindingsorProofofFundsmustaccompanyalloffers. 3:EarnestMoneyDeposits:Aspermittedbystatelaw,earnestmoneymustbedepositedwithSellersclosingagentwithin seventytwo(72)hoursofamutuallyacceptedcontract.ItistheSellingAgent`sresponsibilitytodeliverwithinthespecified timeframetheescrowdeposittoMAHOORealEstateSolutionsGoup201SW2ndAveUnit#102FloirdaCityFl33034. Intheeventofaforfeitureofanysuchdeposit,theearnestmoneydepositbecomesthesolepropertyofSeller.EMD3%of thepurchasepriceor$1,000,whicheverisgreateronfinancedoffers.Cashoffersrequirea10%escrowdeposit.Allescrow depositsacceptedintheformofaPersonalCheck,CashiersCheckorMoneyOrder. 4 Allproperties 4: i arebeing b i sold ldAs A Is I with i hthe h right i h toinspect, i Inspections I i aretobe b completed l dwithin i hi 7days d (calendar). ( l d ) The Th Sellerwillnotobtainorprovideasurveyforthepropertybeingsold.TheSellerandorListingAgentarenotinpossession ofappropriateapprovalswithassociationinatimelymanner.SellerwillonlyprovidetheBuyer(s)akeytofrontdoorattime offundedclosing.Nootherkeys,remotedevicesorcard/keyswillbeprovided. 5:SelleracquiredthepropertybywayofforeclosureandissellingitinAsIsconditionwithnorecourse,representations orwarrantyofanykindornature,expressedorimpliedshallsurvivetheclosingandtransferoftitle.NeitherSeller noranypersonactingasSellersrepresentativehasoccupiedthepropertyandneitherwarrantsorrepresentsthatthe propertyoranyalterationsoradditionswhichmayhavebeenmadetothepropertyconformtolocalbuildingcodes zoningrequirementsoranyotherapplicablelaws,rulesorregulations.TheBuyer(s)isresponsibleforcorrectinganyandall codeviolations.AdditionallytheBuyer(s)willHoldHarmlessMAHOORealEstateSolutionsGroupinallmattersrelatingto theproperty. 6:Buyer(s)andSellingAgentacknowledgetheyhavereadandunderstandtheInstructions/Disclosures/Releasepriortosigning thecontractandanyorotheraddendatothecontract. 7:aEmailyourofferpackagetooffers@bargain4homes.comorfaxto7866512009 bCopyandpasteinthesubjectline:PropertyID|810423|Address|1069NE39thAveHomesteadFl33033| X__________________________Date____________x______________________________DATE__________ BUYERSIGNATURE BUYERSIGNATURE X__________________________Date_________ SELLINGAGENTSIGNATURE



Specialized Asset Management LLC 8742 Lucent Blvd., Ste. 575 Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80129 866-625-8133 Fax 720-241-7516

SAM Multiple Offer DisclosureDate of Notice PROPERTY ADDRESS

PID 810423, 1069 NE 39th Ave Homestead Fl 33033STATE FL ZIP 33033


If you fail to execute and return this document you will not be permitted to participate in offer negotiations.We have received multiple offers to purchase this property and we are now involved in a multiple offer situation. Specialized Asset Management LLC (SAM) will entertain and consider all offers in the following manner: 1. 2. 3. 4. All offers must be in writing; only written offers will be considered. The Listing Agent must receive your written best offer no later than the close of business The Listing Agent submits all such best offers to my attention no later than the close of business the following day. The following terms and conditions shall be applicable to you and to any offer you wish to submit: a. SAM shall have sole and absolute discretion to accept or reject any offer received. SAM is not required to accept any particular offer, regardless of its terms. SAM has the right and discretion to reject all offers. Subsequent to the receipt of offers, SAM shall have the absolute right to deal with any Buyers Agent and/or one or more Buyers Agents to further negotiate the terms and conditions of any offer. In so doing SAM shall have no obligation to negotiate or communicate with each and every other Buyers Agent or with any of them. In accepting an offer, SAM shall make its decision solely on such lawful factors and criteria as it, in its sole judgment, deems appropriate under the circumstances. Price is but one factor to be considered. Under no circumstances shall verbal communications between a Buyers Agent and SAM or any agent or broker constitute or create an obligation on the part of SAM to sell a property to anyone under any terms. The acceptance of an offer shall be conditioned upon the subsequent execution by Buyer and Seller of a written contract of sale setting forth terms satisfactory to SAM. SAM shall have no obligation to sell the property unless and until such written contract is fully executed.





Please sign below to acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of this process and return this form no later than the time designated above for the transmittal of offers. Failure to transmit such acceptance may prevent us, at our discretion, from considering any offer you may wish to submit. UNDERSTOOD AND AGREED:

Buyers Agent


Failure to execute and return this document will invalidate your offer.


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Summary Details:Folio No.: Property: Mailing Address: 10-7910-031-1070 1069 NE 39 AVE THE BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON C/O BANK OF AMERICA N A 7105 CORPORATE DRIVE PLANO TX 75024-

Property Information:9300 PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENT CLUC: 0005 CLUSTER HOME Beds/Baths: 5/2 Floors: 2 Living Units: 1 Adj Sq Footage: 2,217 Lot Size: 4,591 SQ FT Year Built: 2006 PORTOFINO PALMS PB 164-031 T-22048 LOT 20 Legal BLK 2 LOT SIZE 4591 Description: SQ FT FAU 10-7910000-0097 COC 246364259 06 2006 1 Primary Zone:

Aerial Photography - 2012


114 ft

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$10,615 $10,615 $95,109 $95,109 $105,724 $105,724 $105,724 $105,724

Taxable Value Information:Year: 2012 2011Applied Applied Exemption/ Exemption/ Taxing Authority: Taxable Taxable Value: Value: Regional: $0/$105,724 $0/$105,724 County: $0/$105,724 $0/$105,724 City: $0/$105,724 $0/$105,724 School Board: $0/$105,724 $0/$105,724

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