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  1. 1. 1 2010 EPA-estimated mpg city/hwy.: 22/25 Transit Connect; 22/27 Ranger 4x2 2.3L 5-speed manual. 2011 Super Duty based on Ford drive-cycle tests of comparably equipped 2011 Ford and 2010 competitive models. 2 Based on vehicle registration data and latest odometer readings available to R. L. Polk & Co. for 1992 and newer model year full-sizePrinted in USA. Please recycle.pickups and vans still on the road in the U.S. as of September 2009. 3 Ford F-150. Based onall-new super duty both NHTSA 5-Star crash test ratings and 2009 IIHS Top Safety Pick. Star ratings are part2010 Ford Motor Company of the U.S. Department of Transportations Safercar.gov program (www.safercar.gov). drive smart. With available exclusives like the latest Ford SYNC and Ford Work Solutions, TM Ford Trucks offer you more innovative technology and productivity tools than ever before. drive green. Ford delivers best-in-class fuel economy from Transit Connect to Ranger and the all-new 2011 Super Duty.1 drive quality. Ford has more trucks on the road with over 250,000 miles than any other brand.2 And Ford F-Series has been Americas best-selling truck for 33 years in a row. drive safe. The maker of Americas safest full-size pickup,3 Ford is continuously improving your safety with available features like Trailer Sway Control, exclusive AdvanceTrac with RSC (Roll Stability ControlTM ) and up to 6 standard airbags.fordvehicles.com Courtesy of Ford Motor Company 00000-0000-CODE-11FSDCAT
  2. 2. 1 F-350 Lariat Crew Cab 4x4 in Dark Blue Pearl/Sterling Grey two-tone with available equipmentthe all-New 2011 Super Duty proudly presented by Ford motor CompanyThats right. ameriCaS moSt CaPaBLe PiCkuP is now even better. Tested-tough new See FeatureS Come to LiFe Watchpowertrains designed, engineered and built by Ford give Super Duty class-leading fuelSuper Duty videos right on your smart phone.economy,1 plus best-in-class horsepower and torque.2 Best-in-class maximum towing and payloadSimply download the free app at gettag.mobicapacities2 get the job done when no one else can. Standard new Trailer Sway Control helps or text SDuty to 4ForD. Then follow theincrease your towing confidence. Its no wonder F-Series has been Americas best-selling directions to snap a photo of this tag (shown left), and you can view a varietytruck for 33 years running. And this rugged workhorse is built to make it a whole lot more.of informative demonstrations.1Based on Ford drive-cycle tests of comparably equipped 2011 Ford and 2010 competitive models.2Class is Full-Size Pickups over 8500 lbs. GVWR. Based on comparison of 2010 MY competitive models. GVWR and GCWR when properly equipped. Standard text messaging and data rates apply.
  3. 3. 3F-350 Lariat Crew Cab 4x4 in Golden Bronze/Pale adobe two-tone with available equipmentAlready proven beyond any other.The all-new Super Duty endured more torturetesting than any Ford Truck before it including over 10 million cumulative mileson the moSt teSteD Power StrokeDieSeL eNGiNe ever. A world-class teamput it through a groundbreaking battery ofcomputer simulations, lab and real-worldtests running it for thouSaNDS oF hourSoN eND. In extreme conditions. Scorchingheat. Bitter cold. Loaded to the max. Up thesteepest grades. All to confirm that thistruck is far more than the sum of its parts.The all-new 2011 Super Duty is built to bethe best bringing you the BeSt DieSeLaND GaS FueL eCoNomy of any truck inits class1 plus lots of other capabilitiesand features only Ford can deliver.Best in ClAss Max. Horsepower and Torque Max. Conventional Towing: 16,000 lbs.2 Max. 5th-Wheel Towing: 24,400 lbs.2 Max. Payload: 6520 lbs.2 Fuel Economy: Diesel and GasClAss exClusives Live-Drive Power TakeOff (PTO)3 Standard Trailer Sway Control 5th-Wheel/Gooseneck Trailer TowPrep Package3 LCD Productivity Screen 3 Standard Safety Canopy System Ford Work SolutionsTM3 Tailgate Step 3 ToughBed Factory-InstalledSpray-In Bedliner 31Class is Full-Size Pickups over 8500 lbs. GVWR. Based on Forddrive-cycle tests of comparably equipped 2011 Ford and 2010competitive models. 2When properly equipped. 24,400 on F-450Pickup. 6520 on F-350 DRW Regular Cab 4x2. 3Optional.
  4. 4. 5 BC6.7L v8 DieSeL PerFormaNCeD The all-new 6.7L V8 Turbo Diesel delivers 11%more Peak hP and 12% more Peak torque,at lower rpm, than its predecessor. a 800735 600390Torque (lb.-ft.) 400Horsepower 200 1000 200030004000Engine speed (rpm)a aLumiNum CyLiNDer heaDS withprecision dual water jackets reduce weightand improve cooling.B CLaSS-exCLuSive iNBoarD exhauStaND outBoarD air iNDuCtioN architecturehelps reduce turbo lag.C New CommoN-raiL FueL iNjeCtioNSyStem, operating at nearly 30,000 psi,uses precise control to provide optimumpower, efficiency and noise, vibration andharshness (NVH) performance.D CLaSS-exCLuSive SiNGLe-SequeNtiaLturBoCharGer uses the compact, efficientdesign of a dual-sided compressor wheel tohelp deliver maximum power quickly.eNGiNe-exhauSt BrakiNG helps provide better grade descent control with less brakeAll-new Ford 6.7l Power stroke v8 turbo Diesel. and transmission wear and tear. Fully integrated with Tow/Haul Mode, it provides increased engine braking at higher engine speeds.Designed, engineered and built by Ford, this all-new diesel helps Super Duty deliver up to an 18% imProvemeNt iN FueL eCoNomy over the previousLoweSt Nvh iN the CLaSS with a notablymodel, making it the best in its class. It also gives you best-in-class horsepower 1 quieter, more refined sound than ever before and torque. Were talking 390 hP and a massive 735 LB.-Ft. oF torque. Thats the result of meticulous attention paid to the designs of the combustion system, the enginea game-changing combination. And even though this B20-CaPaBLe engine is block and the turbocharger.new to the lineup, its already proven itself in over 10 million miles of cumulativetesting. Its the moSt teSteD Power Stroke DieSeL eNGiNe ever.CLeaNeSt SuPer Duty DieSeL ever reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) levels by morewatCh the 6.7L DieSeL eNGiNe Come aLive. mobile video instructions on page 1.than 80% compared to last year. Learn more about the new exhaust system on page 36.1Based on Ford drive-cycle tests of comparably equipped 2011 Ford and 2010 competitive models.testeD tOuGHSee more at fordvehicles.com/2011superduty.Controlled testing shown.Do not attempt to replicate. Computer simulations proved the120F. extreme DuSt.DeeP thermaL ShoCk: Cold-start testing proved itll turbocharger handles over 150k rPm.Wide-open throttle. No sweat. 250 temp. swing in < 1 min. Fire riGht uP even at 40F.
  5. 5. 7C6.2L v8 GaS PerFormaNCeThe all-new 6.2L V8 generates 28% moreStaNDarD hP and 11% more StaNDarDtorque than its predecessor.4051 3851400300Torque (lb.-ft.)200Horsepower100 1000300050007000All-new Ford 6.2l v8 Gas engine. Engine speed (rpm) As the new standard engine, this free-breathing Certified to SAE J1349.Ford-built machine helps Super Duty achieve up to15% Better FueL eCoNomy than the previousa DuaL-equaL variaBLe Cam timiNGbase engine, making it the best in its class.2phases the intake- and exhaust-valveIt also delivers best-in-class 385 horSePoweropening and closing events simultaneously and 405 LB.-Ft.1 oF torque. The new designto optimize fuel economy, low-end torqueand peak horsepower.features large valves and a large-bore, shorter- a stroke approach proven technologies inspired byB 2 SPark PLuGS Per CyLiNDer burn theFord racing that help improve its breathing.fuel-air mixture more efficiently for better fueleconomy and increased engine torque.And you can rest assured this all-new e85-CaPaBLe engine is ready to get to work.C StiFF SohC vaLvetraiN with roller-rockerThe Ford powertrain team designed, engineered,shafts and optimized camshaft-lift profilesproduces significant low-rpm torque and built and torture-tested it themselves.enables an intake- and exhaust-port layoutthat leads to better breathing. See the 6.2L GaS eNGiNeS iNNer workS. B mobile video instructions on page 1.D CyLiNDer BLoCk DeSiGN is specificallyengineered to optimize the efficiency of D2Based on Ford drive-cycle tests of comparably equipped2011 Ford and 2010 competitive models.crankcase airflow, resulting in improved torqueat higher engine speeds; cast-iron engine blockand 4-bolt main bearing caps, with 2 additionalcross bolts, provide extreme durability.PiStoN-CooLiNG jetS spray oil directly on the underside of the cast-aluminum pistons to keep them cool under extreme operating conditions; they also contribute to increased overall efficiency.1 405 lb.-ft. of torque and 385 hp under 10K GVWR. 397 lb.-ft. of torque and 316 hp over 10K GVWR.See more at fordvehicles.com/2011superduty.testeD tOuGHControlled testing shown.Do not attempt to replicate. Simulated combustion events drove eaCh ComPoNeNt Ran at peak hp and peak torque. Proven in touGheSt more eFFiCieNt performance. tortured, scrutinized and refined. 20+ DayS. NoN-StoP. reaL-worLD CoNDitioNS.
  6. 6. 9a aLL-New torque CoNverter withlow-speed lockup capability (downto 900 rpm) enables the engine to runefficiently at lower rpm for improvedafuel economy.B exCLuSive Live-Drive PowertakeoFF (Pto) ProviSioN, availableon the 6.7L Power Stroke diesel, isthe only one in the class that uses anoutput gear linked directly to the engineBCcrankshaft to power upfits anytime All-new Ford torqshift 6-speed selectshift Automatic.tMthe engines running, whether yourein motion or at a stop.Blending the control of a manual with theC hiGh-eNerGy FriCtioN PLateS are convenience of an automatic, the newengineered with fluid lube paths to helpSelectShift Automatic allows you to use itsimprove cooling and wear resistanceFuLL maNuaL moDe to lock the torquewhile minimizing torque loss.converter and hold your chosen gear. Or utilizeD BiGGer aND StroNGer GearSthe ProGreSSive raNGe SeLeCt modehave a lower 1st-gear ratio for to lock out upper gears when the truck isimproved launch perf