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  • 1.11 WAYS TO BOOST YOUR SALES Start writing blogs related to your store or industry.Social media marketing in the recent past has been considered the best way to promote product and services. It helps in reaching the mass audience within few clicks of time. The cost to promote product and services is also minimum. Writing blogs helps in connecting with the customer and informing them about new

2. Pick the slowest day of the week to hold a one day saleIn slowest day of the week sales are less because of which profit decreases. Planning a one day sale will help people hit the shop and will lead to increase in sales. Due to increase in sales profit increases and inventory level decreases. People visiting the shop will also inform others about the sales and will lead to more traffic. So a one day sale plan should be executed on the slowest day of the week 3. Place advertisement in local newspaper, trade journal or other publications.Advertising works on the fundamental of building trust and confidence with the readers. people read newspapers, trade journals, publications for relaxation and when they do that, they love to browse through advertisements and if for nothing else but for the sake of curiosity. So even if they don't want to buy a product at a particular point of time . This will help your customer to remember you and when they need product you. This will also help in building relationship with customer. 4. Donate your product or service to a charitySocial service activities plays a important role in creating a brand image of the company in the minds of the customer. Customer prefer those companies which are more socially responsible. Companies undertaking social activities gains customer trust and confidence and also develops a positive image of the company in the minds of the customer. Benefits are:1)Attracting, retaining and developing motivated and committed employees. 2)Winning and retaining consumers and business customers. 3)Improving business reputation and positive publicity 5. Create a calendar for customers with your shop's name and address on it.Customer relationship is the building block of successful business. Good service helps in building a life long relation with customer. By providing free calendar with the shop name and address on it helps customer remember you. Whenever he/she sees the calendar they find your name and address. This technique helps in building life long relationship. 6. Provide toll-free phone number service.Getting a toll free number is probably the best strategy you can do for your growing business. Certain benefits are:1)Increased sales 2)Enhanced corporate image 3)Easy access 4)Growth 5)Better customer support service. 7. Provide free t-shirts with your logo to staff members.Logo of company on t-shirts of employee helps other people to recognize company name when employees of the company are on field and off field. This is a good advertisement strategy with minimal cost. People recognizing your company name will visit your store and this will lead to increase in sales and will also help in building customer relation. 8. Create a decent welcoming waiting area for your customers.A decent waiting area creates a positive image of the company. Customer feels happy to visit the place again. A good ambience creates positive mood and positive mood helps to boost sales as customers don't feel tired of shooping. This leads to maximization of profit and increment of sales. Customer will also pass on the information to others will will lead to word of mouth promotion. 9. Offer discounts to your customer during festival season, store anniversary, weekends, birthdays.Special offers excites new customers to try out your products and services and give you the chance to develop a customer-business relationship. Offers and discounts during festival season helps in fast sales of goods and services. Offer a special onetime discount or gift for new customers who come to your store and buy. The customer will visit your store again and again and will also recommend their friends, relatives, neighbors to visit your store. 10. Pair up slow moving items with related products and repack it.Pairing up products helps in selling the slow moving items effectively and efficiently. It the common feature used in many competitive market. Firms like telecommunication, financial services, health care, gaming industry, information industry frequently offer product in bundle. This strategy helps in clearing the old stock and brings liquidity to the firm. Product bundling is most successful where the marginal cost of bundling are low and where the customer acquisition cost are high. 11. Create window displays in locations away from your shop.Window displays are the fastest technique of driving clients into the shop. An attractive and nicely executed window display will generate interest to anyone who passes by the store. Well planned display will bring in more number of clients and will also increase your sales at the same time. When the customer passes or comes into your store they are first going to notice the window display.