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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>11 Ways To Kill Eczema ItchesHarrison Li</p> <p>1. Slap It Until It Reddens (Better Overall)</p> <p>2. Punch It Hard (Pain Overrides Itches)</p> <p>3. Press It (Pain Plus Attention Dispersal)</p> <p>Note: The trick is not to clip your nails into the skin, but to first slightly hold the spot and press harder if the itch increases then press deep enough for pain as if it was a pressure point.</p> <p>4. Super-Tense The Adjacent Muscle</p> <p>Example: If your right arm crease itches, then tense your entire right arm as hard as possible.</p> <p>Tip: Swing your arm too, for example. The trick is also to divert attention.</p> <p>5. Pinch (Dont Squeeze Anything Out)</p> <p>6. Ice Compress Tip: Prepare using a Ziploc bag to hold a wet sponge. The sponge absorbs the melting ice so your skin will not get aggravated by water.</p> <p>7. Trim Your Nails Reduce Damage</p> <p>8. Shower (Important: Fast and Cold)</p> <p>9. Minimize Body Wash Use (Chemicals)</p> <p>10. Ban Moisturizers (Unless Organic)</p> <p>Why? 1) Chemical Irritation, 2) Unnecessary Dependence, 3) Temporary Alleviation</p> <p>11. Wear Itch-Protective Clothing</p> <p>Bonus: Use Emergency Itch-Busters</p> <p>Note: Use a topical relief of ingredients that give a soothing and chilling effect:Peppermint oilMenthol oilLavender oilEucalyptus oilAloe veraMentholatumApply and rub.</p> <p>BUT External Relief is Short-Lived!Eczema manifests from multiple factors.</p> <p>I learned how to eliminate my eczema in 2013 (after 10 years of suffering).</p> <p>I want to heal your and yours of eczema.</p> <p>Testimonials (Blog Comments):Before I found your blog, I went through some blogs with eczema stories but all ended up only trying to sell their books about Paleo Diet. I was so glad to finally found your blog, I found it simple, open and to the point. I wrote this to say thank you for your work. Gabriella</p> <p>thanks man your a good person for doing this, im going through a bad flare up on my face right now, had to leave the university and everything, its been a long and depressing year, it came from no where, but i just found out about these diets and ive been on the strict diet for a week, my face went through that terrible phase of getting worse, but i know its normal, but hopefully this thing will get cured, but i promised myself if i get cured by doing this diet, im going to dedicate my life to help people who have skin problems, its just nice to see someone out there doing the same, good stuff man Jonathan</p> <p>Thank you so much for taking time to share all that you have learned. Lilly</p> <p>I am so glad to find your blog. I have a 14 year old son who is currently undergoing extreme eczema pain It would be really encouraging to show him your videos and let him know that there is hope and anyone, just anyone just him can suffer eczema. His is more of a congenital issue, we all know Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and knowledge here. Unlike all other websites who focused on selling the books, you meant well to impart what you have gone through. Lim Mun Yee</p> <p>You are invited to get my freebies (No BS)Grab these:My Crash Course on 5-Step Process To Naturally Eliminate EczemaPrivate content area with 8 articles on eczema (more articles and PDFs coming)Free PDF download on 13 Eczema Questions Youve Always Want Answered TruthfullyPeriodic blog updates on eczema advice you will find nowhere elseFree. There is no catch. Im writing an eczema recovery book. I guarantee no BS. I have 12+ years of experience.</p> <p>Read my full story at:</p> <p>http://cureeczemaslowly.com/my-story/</p>