11 Ways to Let the Money Flow Into Your Life

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Money Flow Into Your Life


11 Ways To Let The Money Flow Into Your LifeOctober 4, 2010 By Simona Rich There are many reasons why your money flow can be blocked.In this article you will find out what may be stopping you from letting the abundance flow and how to be open to receiving increasingly larger amounts of money.1. Identify limiting beliefs about moneyIf you are not letting the money freely flow into your experience it always means that you have some limiting beliefs about money.You have taken some often repeated statements of your parents and teachers into your subconscious mind and therefore they became beliefs.When you were a child you thought that your parents, teachers and other authority figures were always right, so you never questioned the validity of their opinions and considered all of them to be truth. You took often repeated opinions and phrases into your subconscious and your life experience is reflecting the beliefs that you hold.For you to identify such beliefs you have to remember what opinions your parents used to hold about money when you where a child. Were they critical of wealthy people? Did they often repeat that they cannot afford to buy things? Did they complain about debts and bad financial situation? These can all be possible limited beliefs buried deep into your subconscious mind.It can take some time to uncover such beliefs, but it will be time well spent. Your financial situation depends on it. Uncover them once and you will let the money flow freely into your life.Once you remember such often repeated statements about money write them down and read them aloud. If you get a negative feeling from your stomach or solar plexus in response to some statement that you are reading, it means that you have just uncovered the limiting belief that you hold.Now try to think about that limited belief. Is it useful to hold such belief? Try to understand that this is a useless belief that you are holding which blocks you from the flow of abundance.You should understand that this belief that you are holding was not your belief in the beginning. It was just an opinion of your parents or teachers which you kept hearing and they got accepted into your subconscious mind as a result.You should completely understand that your parents intended only good for you, but they were taught this way by their parents so they thought that they were teaching you right. They did not realize that such statements can make any harm.You should completely forgive your parents for their lack of knowledge in financial abundance. They taught you the best they could so try to be appreciative of all the good lessons your received from them and be understanding of the not-so-good lessons taught.Once you completely forgive and appreciate your parents, you will dissolve that limiting belief forever. Now all you need to do is keep affirming something positive about abundance. Such affirmations can be:Money flows easily and very often into my experience.I am getting money in increasingly larger sums from different sources.Every day I am receiving money making opportunities.It is very easy for me to make money.2. Check your home for money flow blocksThis is a Feng Shui home energy grid.Click on it to enlarge it (it will open in a different window) and see where the money area in your home is.Place this grid from the entrance of your home. The indicator of the entrance shows how to look at this grid in relation to your home.Now you should see that the money area in your house is always in the back left corner. When you stand at the front door looking into the house, check what is in your back left corner of the house.If you do not own a house, but rent a room, the same applies to any space. Stand at the door and look into your room focusing on the back left corner of it. Check to see what this corner contains.If you see a mess in that corner, you should clear it up as soon as possible. Clutter in the money area blocks the money flow.Improve the flow of money in this area by putting some money symbols. Such symbols can be traditional abundance symbols (like Chinese coins or bowl with any coins) or it can be symbols that are personal to you.Fix things that are broken or not working properly. Such things also block the money flow.The money spot is also a great area to put your vision board or pictures of your material desires.Place something of green and purple colors in that space too. It can be purple flowers or purple and green paintings or similar things. Green symbolizes growth and purple symbolizes abundance. Together they symbolize increasing abundance.A great book to read about how to increase your wealth using Feng Shui is Feng Shui And Money.3. Watch your language You should never speak about lack, no matter in what context you would mention it. You should not even joke about it. When you speak of lack, you think of lack and you create a mental image of lack and you have lack as a result.Only speak positively about your financial situation. If you have no money, affirm that the money is coming into your experience and you always have money when you need it.At first it may seem like a lie, but soon you will get used to these much more positive statements about abundance and soon you will experience an increased money flow in your life.4. Exercise selective focusNever look at symbols or manifestations of lack because lack will be reflected in your life. Always look at the symbols of wealth.Focus upon the abundance of flowers in the garden, plenty of stars in the sky, luxury cars or wealthy people. There are plenty of abundance symbols. When you continuously focus on such symbols you will start emitting higher vibration and that in return will be open for a greater money flow.You should completely ignore the symbols of lack. Never pay attention to them and this way you will not invite lack into your experience. In general, focus only on that which you want to see in your life.5. Be around abundant peopleIf all your friends are broke it is no surprise that you also experience financial difficulties. Be only around people that are wealthy or at least do not have any debts. If you have no friends or relatives that fit this description, stay alone until you sort out your finances and then you will start attracting people who will be financially abundant.You may not want to alienate people who are broke, but just think what damage they do by their complaining about the constant lack of money. They are just introducing pictures of lack in your mind and that reflects in your reality.Try to think which is more important to you to become wealthy and set yourself free or to be stuck in a job that you hate with friends that keep complaining? It is entirely your choice.6. Create more money evidence in your environmentGet rid of all the cheap things that you have and leave only good quality products. You should not go shopping often because you will end up buying many cheap things that emanate the energy of lack. Buy less often but more quality products that symbolize wealth.If you have poor opinion about highly priced items, it is time for you to change it. It is not about what those products are but about their intrinsic value, their idea, brand. You are buying a symbol of wealth, and if you have poor opinion of such items, then they will never be affordable to you.7. Get into the vibration of abundanceRaise your vibration so that you would become a vibrational match to the abundance. Focus only on positive things and symbols of abundance, speak positively and never get involved in the thoughts of hatred, envy or powerlessness, because such thoughts will materialize into negative manifestations.8. Feel good about the subject of moneyIf someone brings up the subject of money, how does that make you feel? Do you feel interested to hear about it, eager for it, excited about it? Or do you feel fear, doubt, confusion and disempowerment? These are very different vibrations that tell what your financial point of attraction is.You should not save money for a rainy day because by doing that you are directing very negative energy (of fear and disempowerment) towards money. Put money aside for opportunities instead. This way you will be open to the new opportunities and they will reach you much faster because you will be ready to receive them.Try to approach money from a respectable and positive attitude, and soon you will experience money flow into your life. If you feel that it is hard for you to express such attitude towards money, then it means you still hold some limiting beliefs about this subject. Check the first technique in this article to find and eliminate such beliefs.9. Treat money with respectPick up coins if you see them in the street, sort money neatly in your wallet, dont keep the money scattered in your bag or pocket. Have respect for money and money will flow to you.Pay your bills on time. If you dont return money you owe, you will not get any money in return. If you hoard money, thats all the money you will have.If you give money with love and happiness and faith then you will be open to the money flow.10. Donate moneyGive money away to charities, people that need help and for other good causes. Such money will be returned to you tenfold. This is a universal law.Be grateful for the money and other good things you have in your life because the more grateful you are, the more things of the same nature will start flowing into your experience.11. Be patientEnjoy the process of becoming abundant because then you will become wealthy sooner. However if you keep looking at the evidence that you still do not have money, be sure that the money will flow into your experience very slowly .You should have complete faith that the money will start flowing into your life, even if there is no evidence of it as yet. Try to ignore the absence of money and put all your energy into having faith that the money is coming and it has to come.ConclusionThese 11 techniques of letting the money flow will help you become much more financially abundant. You can try all of the techniques or only the ones that resonate with you. If you follow them with faith and excitement, they must work.However if you start following them with a negative attitude, they will not work because your negative energy will not resonate with the potential benefits of these techniques.Therefore act on these steps with confidence and positivity, and soon you will enjoy constant money flow.