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  • 1. CommunionPower of Communion Recognizing Jesus Real Presence in the Lords Supper Memorization Verses:Certainly not just eating and drinking doSacrament. Whoever believes these words hasthese things, but the words written here:exactly what they say: "forgiveness of sins.""Given and shed for you for the forgivenessof sins." These words, along with the bodilyeating and drinking, are the main thing in the

2. LSB 634 His very blood for sinners shed.http://www.cyberhymnal.org/htm/d/e/a/de 5 We dare not ask how this can be,atjcol.htmBut simply hold the mystery1 The death of Jesus Christ, our Lord,And trust this word where life begins;We celebrate with one accord; "Given and shed for all your sins."It is our comfort in distress,6 They who this word do not believe,Our hearts sweet joy and happiness.This food unworthily receive,2 He blotted out with His own blood Salvation here will never find--The judgment that against us stood; May we this warning keep in mind!For us He full atonement made,7 But blest is each believing guestAnd all our debt He fully paid. Who in these promises finds rest;3 That this forever true shall be For Jesus shall in love remainHe gives a solemn guarantee:With all who here His grace obtain.In this His holy Supper here8 Help us sincerely to believeWe taste His love so sweet, so near.That we may worthily receive4 His Word proclaims and we believe.Your Supper and in You find rest.That in this Supper we receiveAmen! They who believe are blest.His very body, as He said, 3. Game 4. Pray: 23 Yet he gave a command 29 They ate till they were PRAYER to the skies abovegorgedand opened the doors of the he had given them what they Given and heavens;craved.24 he rained down manna for the 30 But before they turned fromshedpeople to eat,what they craved, Words together he gave them the grain ofeven while the food was stillheaven. in their mouths, Forgiveness, 25 Human beings ate the bread of 38 Yet he was merciful;Life, Salvation angels;he sent them all the food they he forgave their iniquities Righteousness could eat.and did not destroy them. Blessing26 He let loose the east wind Time after time he restrained hisangerfrom the heavensP raise and by his power made the and did not stir up his fullR epentance south wind blow.wrath.39 He remembered that theyA ppreciation 27 He rained meat down on themwere but flesh,Y oulike dust,a passing breeze that does notbirds like sand on theE veryone seashore. return.R esolve28 He made them come downinside their camp,all around their tents. 5. LSB 621 Let all mortal flesh keep silence 2 King of kings yet born of Mary,As of old on earth He stood,Lord of lords, in human vesture,In the body and the blood,He will give to all the faithfulHis own self for heavnly food. 6. Where is God? Where is He? someone behindme asked. ..For more than half an hour the child in the noosestayed there, struggling between life and death,dying in slow agony under our eyes. And we hadto look him full in the face. He was still alivewhen I passed in front of him. His tongue was stillred, his eyes were not yet glazed.Behind me, I heard the same man asking:Where is God now?And I heard a voice within me answer him:Where is He? Here He isHe is hanging here onthis gallows. . . . 7. The world, other religions, and the evilreality of pain, suffering, despair, griefand the Accuser himself want to remindus that: Rituals mean nothing, they are merely symbols that can snap in two in the storm Our faith is wishful thinking, or worship but a pipe dream Our actions are fruitless, our efforts are without merit We are hypocritical, irrational, blind, boring, simple, arrogant, bigoted, unprofitable, inefficient, and insulting. Why, then does God remember us inCommunion: a simple meal of bread andwine?...what power exists? 8. God participates in our communion with Him by: Bringing the body of Christ together with a meal to have fellowship with the body of Christ as we are actively bringing to remembrance the reality of the body of Christ. .Huh? Gods sharing of Himself is not contingent ontime/space. His history is not our history, histime/space, not ours. Therefore all three truths co-exist: 1. so in Christ we, though many, form one body,and each member belongs to all the others.Rom. 12:5 (1 Cor. 10:17) 2. is not the bread that we break a participation inthe body of Christ? 1 Cor. 10:16 3. I have been crucified with Christ and I nolonger live, but Christ lives in me. 9. The power of Communion resides inthe following:1. Bringing about an active redemption to individuals who are resurrected spiritual (cross/conversion) and physically (last day) because of Christs own death and victory.2. Bringing broken and cantankerous people together, despite diversities and cultural practices, customs and languages, politics and education, to a cohesive whole in the supper.3. The bringing to active remembrance that God does hear his people, that he loves them, and has already secured salvation for them. 10. The Hebrew mind is different than the western mind Right thinking vs. Right action 11. To the Jewish mind, theunderstanding of God is notachieved by referring to a Greekway to timeless qualities ofSupreme Being, to ideas ofgoodness and perfection, butrather by sensing the living actsof His concern, to His dynamicattentiveness to man. We speaknot of His goodness in generalbut of His compassion for theindividual man in a particularsituation" 12. To try to distill theBible, which is burstingwith life, drama, andtension, to a series ofprinciples would be liketrying to reduce a livingperson to a diagram 13. "For he hath not despised nor abhorredthe affliction of the afflicted; neither hathhe hid his face from him; but when hecried unto him, he heard." (Psalm 22:24) "The LORD also will be a refuge for theoppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. And they that know thy name will puttheir trust in thee: for thou, LORD, hastnot forsaken them that seek thee." (Psalm9:9-10) "I will be glad and rejoice in thy mercy:for thou hast considered my trouble; thouhast known my soul in adversities;"(Psalm 31:7) "Who remembered us in our lowly state,For His mercy endures forever;" (Psalm 136:23) 14. To Remember (zakar) is not an intellectual or theoreticalpursuit, nor is it a separate event from its source (thatwhich you are remembering), instead: To remember is to bring to completion To remember is to keep it existing To remember is to continue the reality of it (one event, continual benefits and atmosphere) To remember is to DO SOMETHING (living for the event or to keep it mind while working everyday). Just as God remembers the Israelites continually in the midst of suffering, in protection from the angel of death, in the proclamation of true living and right teaching, So also, we remember Him in the Lords suppercontinually: Proclaiming the reality of Christs death once for sins Recognizing the Body of Christ which is both for us, in us, and is us The active unity and doing of true living and right teaching 15. This can be especially important to us as recovering alcoholics. We have felt in the past,and sometimes even now, estranged from the fellowship of believers, and of our local churches.Perhaps we feel especially unworthy of that fellowship. Perhaps some of our more manifest pastsins involved other church members or hurt them (for which we may owe some future amends).Or perhaps we can not help comparing our lack of Christian life with someone elses obviouslyexemplary life and characterwith the result that we become filled with self-hatred and loathing,and begin to be plagued by an accusing conscience.It is just then that we must realize thatcommunion is open to all who confess theirpenitence and in faith look for the assurance of the forgiveness of their sins that is here offered.God does not open Holy Communion up to only those who have reached a certain level ofsanctified life. He says, Take, drink, ye all.., yes, all of you! Come! God does not gradesinfulness (as you and I sometimes do). Very few of us could say that we ever felt better thanthose others who come to the Lords Table. Rather, we have felt that we were the worst whocame (if we did come) because we could not lick our alcoholism and kept repeating the samesinful behaviors over and over, and over again. But we must remember that all come forforgiveness. All are equally in need in Gods sight. All come for the same assurance and thestrengthening necessary to fight against sin (which is indeed the disease that infects us all) 16. URL List from Friday, May. 11 2012 0:29jewish mind on the importance of writing - http://skipmoen.com/tag/remember/ n&sa=N&biw=858&bih=842&tbm= ip/resources/self_made_man.jpgAMGoogle Search isch&tbnid=tUDnBwGyml7IqM:&imgrefurl=http://www.livinglutheran. http://www.google.com/imgres?um=1&hl=ehttps://www.google.com/search?sourceid=ccom/seeds/exploring-evangelical-n&biw=858&bih=842&tbm=isch&t hrome&ie=UTF- What It Is To Remember (and Forget)bnid=BClR-lutheran-worship-To copy this list, type [Ctrl] A, then type8&q=jewish+mind+on+written+wor tZV8rhwPM:&imgrefurl=http://jessz http://www.victorshepherd.on.ca/Sermons/n1.html&docid=DtOMXEAPNIn3CM[Ctrl] C.d#hl=en&sclient=psy- ion001.blogspot.com/2008/03/ameriewpage13.htm&imgurl=http://www.livinglutheran. ab&q=jewish+mind+on+the+import com/seeds/Evangelical-Lutheran- can- ance+of+writing&oq=jewish+mind+Worship-christianity.html&docid=cjN1be2xl0Google Search Results | Essay File on+the+importance+of+writing&aqENTRY.jpg&w=295&h=195&ei=L58oM&imgurl=http://www.lutherse =f&aqi=q- night wiesel god remember - Google Searchm.edu/stewardship/resources/self_mKisT-http://www.wlsessays.net/search/google/pow1&aql=&gs_l=serp.3..33i21.16204 ade_man.jpg&w=320&h=374&ei=F https://www.google.com/search?sourceid=c eWK8fw0gGA972l