13 unbelievably simple ways to get new customers

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Customer Development is a Small business Nightmare when You don't know where to look! This Slideshow is for business owners who need new customers. (Hint, LinkedIn, Blogs, MeetUp and more are represented!)


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2. Coffee ShopGrocery StoreUpset with a locksmith?Left stranded by a taxi?Is your idea for golfers? Boaters? Fitness professionals?Go where they are.Every industry has conferencesCan you get a booth?Can you volunteer? 3. 4. 94% OF ALL FAILURES COME FROM LACK OF INFORMATION, LACK OF NETWORK OR LACK OF EXPOSURE TO A SUCCESSFUL PEER.. ~T. HARV ECKERIf you want collaboration v. competition.If youre willing to bust your @ass. (Sacrifice sleep, sacrifice hanging out, sacrifice Social Media)You have to have a business that youve already invested in. 5. info@goentrepreneurgo.com